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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Cowass North America, Incorporated:

LOOK AT THE DATE OF INCORPORATION. It is February 26, 1993, a matter of  1 month and 19 days from the time that Howard Franklin Knight, Jr. wrote that January 07, 1993 letter to Paul Wilson Pouliot declaring that Paul was the new proud owner of the Incorporation "Abenaki Nation of Vermont, Inc." (that was created and Incorporated on August 14, 1979 as afore mentioned) and that Paul W. Pouliot was alleged "elected" as New Chief of the organization. So let's see here, Paul Wilson Pouliot claims to be "Laurentian Iroquois" on his application into this group calling inself the "Northeast Woodlands - Coos Band of the AbenakiRepublic - Algonkian Condeferation" led by Howard F. Knight, Jr. on July 08, 1992, then in December 1992, after some "situation"/"altercation" with the late Homer St. Francis, Sr., Howard then makes Paul alleged by election, a "Council Chief", and in January 1993 Howard write up this letter in which he gives Paul Pouliot this Incorporation "Abenaki Nation of Vermont, Inc. and 1 month and 19 days later Paul Wilson Pouliot created his own Incorporation calling itself the Cowass North American, Inc., and later develops the Franklin Food Pantry, Inc. as well.
So, is this group a bonefide legitimate group of Abenaki People who have genealogical kinship, historical ties to an Abenaki community, and has historical social histories that they can show and provide? Does any of these various groups? Or are they just merely an Incorporated bunch of people, whose memberships are elusive and evasive? It does make one wonder, considering how many States this Paul Wilson Pouliot has "incorporated" in. I guess the readers of this blog and the general Public might be deceived and might have to conclude their own conclusions on the matter. I think this group, just like the one's up in Vermont, are nothing more than Incorporated deceptive groups of persons, who very likely have little or no connections genealogically to the legitimate Abenaki People's. Of course, I beg to be proven wrong with documentary evidence. Not just them getting 1790's treaties, and pointing as historical maps they got from Dartmouth or some other museum(s).

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