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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

March 10, 1993 Decision Re: Mr. Lyn C. Sherman Et Al vs. The Centraleastern Woodland Sokoki Band (Inter-Tribal) Corporation:

Just in case readers of this blog wonder WHY it is that I have used the word descriptions "deceit, lies, manipulation etc., as one can obviously see and review for
themselves, The Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Office of the Secretary of State,
sent this decision of March 10, 1993 to not only Mr. Arthur Marchand of 126 Sterling Street in Worcester, Massachusetts 01610, but also to a list of the "complainants".
Mr. Lyn C. Sherman
Howard F. Knight, Jr. (husband of Minnie nee: Davidson, and grandfather to Matthew R. Knight whom he adopted)
Robert Maynard
Jennifer Freerksen
Lori Jefferson
Minnie Knight (wife of Howard F. Knight Jr.)
Matthew R. Knight (grandson to Howard & Minnie Knight, who adopted him). Matthew R. Knight was born in 1990. Therefore at the time of this decision he would have been merely (3) three years old!
Roger Deshanais
Paul Pouliot
Why is it that Matthew R. Knight is listed on this document by the Secretary of State of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts UNLESS Howard Franklin Knight, Jr. himself insinuated that his adopted grandson was of legal (over 18 years) age? I doubt very very much that a young male child of the age 3 approximately such as Matthew R. Knight was, at the time of this Corporation Protest Hearing of January 26, 1993 was held, was even aware of what the Hearing was about, let alone protest Arthur Marchand's created "incorporation" of December 16, 1992.
Again these "groups" used "historical treaty records" in which to convince the Hearing Officer, that they were genuine and legitimate descendants of the Sokoki/Missisquoi/Coos/Cowasuck Abenaki People. But no one bothered to review these complainants genealogical historical records to establish that they were indeed from and of ANY Abenaki ancestor(s).

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