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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

February-March 1993 Volume 93 Issue 2 Alnobadwa National News Newsletter:

1st document: Again, in this so-called "newsletter" on January 30, 1993 an un-named so-called "Council of Elders" of the alleged Coos (Cowasuck) Band was held. Council Chief Paul Wilson Pouliot a.k.a. Spirit Hawk presided over the council meeting.
A Corporation protest hearing was held on January 26, 1993 by the Massachusetts Secretary of State. The alleged Abenaki Nation was represented by the alleged Coos Council Chief Paul Pouliot a.k.a. Spirit Hawk, alleged Coos Tribal Judge Robert Maynard a.k.a. Spirit Wind, and the alleged "Abenaki Ambassador" of the alleged Missisquoi-Sokoki who was Roger Desharnais a.k.a. Running Elk. They were there to alleged protect the tribal name of the Abenaki Sokoki band and to establish that a corporation could not alleged be formed to "create" a tribe. Though all of these alleged Abenaki Groups in Vermont and New Hampshire did it anyway. Treaty documents between the Abenaki Nation and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts from the 1790's were shown to be signed by the Coos (Cowasuck), Missisquoi, and Sokoki bands. Was any of those in attendence to this Corporation Protest Hearing genealogically descendants of those 1790's Treaty document signers?! I very well doubt it.

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