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Monday, July 20, 2009

Howard F. Knight Jr. Land Dispute Case of Sept. 2001 to June 2005.

This is an interesting article which I found on google.com sometime ago regarding Anthony Tanguay vs. Howard Knight Jr. and his 2nd wife Ann Cojubar Coblai (Howard Knight's Russian wife) and all persons in possession of 1608 Alderbrook Road, Coventry, Vermont.
Seems Mr. Howard F. Knight Jr. attempted to say he had not received notice that the land/property was being sold for lack of taxes being paid on it, when in fact he had signed a Return Receipt himself, making it definitve that indeed he had recieved and acknowledged the fact, that the property was being sold.
To my thinking, this proves he was lying right to the Judge of Orleans County, Vermont. Makes me wonder what else he's been lying about, in the name of the Abenaki ancestors?!!!! Amazing he didn't try to claim "that it was ceremonial Abenaki Land" that belonged to the Abenaki People, like the late "Chief" Homer St. Francis Sr. did up there in Berkshire, Vermont over that application for Food Stamps eh! (I posted that "business" earlier on this blogspot.com site.

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