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Monday, July 20, 2009

A Simple and Plain Address to the Commentary on the "other" Blog:

I'll let some of MY ancestor's documentary evidence speak for itself.
Secondly, if indeed I were a "kitchen table" (computer) genealogical researcher, then the question begs to be asked as to why am I so buried in genealogical evidence/paperwork in this apartment, when I have never owned a printer?!
Thirdly, if anyone out there in the Public can't tell when the truth is being told to him or her, and or when they are being lied to, or that the truth is being "added to"/twisted then perhaps they are liars themselves and can't tell the difference, in the first place! But I betcha dollars to donuts, the PUBLIC can tell the difference between FACTUAL RECORDS and lies the like that have been put on this "other" blog about my person and ancestors by someone who obviously doesn't have the integrity or the honesty to show their REAL HONEST idenitifying birth-given name!
As for being "a real genealogist".....apparently y'all haven't figured out that a "Certified" genealogist is simply someone who chooses to get a Certificate to hang on the wall, by going through the "incorporated" Training of some Genealogical Society/Organization, such as the Mormon Church out in Salt Lake City, Utah. That person who chooses this route, takes a so-called "moral oath" to "protect" and withhold certain genealogical information" from the Public, etc. I choose not to go that route simply because it goes against my integrity of having to make "an oath" to anyone, or anything. "Protecting" one's genealogical work, now that is a hoot. If I "protected" or kept in secret files, my research findings/documents, then I would never have found out anything more on my ancestors or who they allied with, as quickly as I did over the years previous, and on various families!!!! Genealogical Research is meant to be SHARED, not "protected" or hid away in some vault, like what the so-called genealogical/ethonological historian John Moody does. Who knows what he has, if at all much of anything. There is MUCH I have not put on the Internet nor will I, but rest be assured I have shared it with others, to get such documentations to where they needed to go, and be used/shared with others, so lies can be discerned from truths!
Concerning "Morningstar" or as she is called, that being Jeanne Lincoln - Kent, of Winsted, Connecticut....well she obviously has never followed her own advise, (repeatedly) but boy, does she like to give it. Her words mean nothing to me! I've told her before, "Medicine Wheels" are NOT part of Wabanaki Culture nor is it of OUR heritage. She chooses to have a thing as a Medicine Wheel made of rocks etc., out in her dooryard, and work with such ideas and or tools, and that is her choice to make; but it is NOT ABENAKI in origin. It is NOT from her alleged Abenaki ancestors either! Indeed I have been to several Native People's Communities whose community members are legitimate and honestly historical, cohesive, and continous; UNLIKE those "incorporations" that have been made in Vermont and New Hampshire since the mid to late 1970's!
There have been NO legitimate historical cohesive continous "Abenaki" Communities or "enclaves of people of Abenaki descendants" since ca. 1900 or even perhaps before 1840. There have been "families" directly or indirectly connected to one another, such as the Lampman's etc, or the Phillips, Sweetser's, Way's, and Woodward's; etc. who are in Vermont etc. Are they "Abenaki". Perhaps. Perhaps not. The documentation put on the table, given time and further research will yield the answers to that very question. Anyone proclaiming to be from a historical Tribe or Band is full of b.s. to my thinking, and they are decieving themselves and others whom they proclaim this to, UNLESS they have clear and convincing evidence they can SHOW and PROVIDE that PROVES the merits of their statements. Simply said, WE did NOT live in isolation, and we were NEVER "hiding" in plain sight, from the Eugenics Program or the otherwise, either in Vermont or New Hampshire, to my thinking. The Watso's NEVER hid in Claremont, N.H., the O'bomsawin's NEVER hid on Thompson's Point, the Laurent's NEVER hid in Intervale, N.H., the Masta's NEVER hid in Barton, Vermont, etc., and so on down the line with other known and documented Abenaki families. Those families and or persons that were not documented are usually almost always surrounded by those that were. ONLY these people who "hide" their genealogical records and social historical record documentations, and continue to seemingly decieve and and lie to themselves and others about their own truthful genealogical backgrounds proclaim that they were all "hiding in plain sight" (no disrespect towards the Bruchac's for using this "coin-phrase" either, kindly said) for fear of the Eugenic's, the Ku-Klux-Clan; etc. Yet obviously, the Eugenics were very specific as to whom they were researching. Obviously NOT everyone was caught up in the Eugenic's era and "sterilized" either in one family or another, including my own Woodward family of both Vermont and New Hampshire!
So, I just thought I would respond to this "b.s." coming from this unidentified "idiot" out there who decided to post on this other blog as to my person and my family ancestry. Stupidity seems to be contagious. What I have shown here in this post is SOME of what I have in my possession on my family ancestors documentarily. This "comment" from this other person, "that I alleged have NOTHING documentarily from my ancestors and or their descendants that shows Indian on it", is simply absurd and yet just another "example" of another smear campaign and whats been going here in N'dakinna towards people who seek out the TRUTH and then try to SHOW whats been REALLY going on here in Vermont and New Hampshire with all of these people claiming to be Abenakis without a shred of documentary evidence in hand. Conclusion: I have to laugh.
Indeed what goes around, does come around. Apparently this unidentified person (and Jeanne Lincoln-Kent herself) who put this b.s. out there on this other blog about me, has been proven to be exactly who they are. NOTHING.
Anonymous said....
Is Doug Buchholz Abenaki?
July 7, 2009 8:39 PM

Anonymous said...
depends on the day. As you can see in many of his rantings on the internet he uses Abenaki Child as a handle, claims he has genealogy that proves he is abenaki however it is his long winded story with no documents that show Indian on them. there are few documents that would say that due to census laws years ago, no reservations that have enrollment list like out west etc etc. Basically Douglas is a kitchen table genealogist who does some good research but with all the twisted lies he adds onto facts who to heck would know what is true and not true on any subject! A real genealogist takes an oath that their work will be protected. As you can see what ever Douglas finds ( fact or fiction) he posts. do a www search and find out for yourself all the nutty things that are out there....


July 17, 2009 8:39 AM

Anonymous said...
Kwai, WalillakYour posts are good and true. It is sad that people do not understand that what they put on the wheel will come back to them. It might take a while, but sooner or later, Creator takes care of all things. I am surprised that Salmon who has visited many different tribal and Band groups, has not learned this fundamental truth.Morningstar
July 19, 2009 8:50 PM

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