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Friday, December 18, 2009

Step 34 Foward Along the Yellow Brick Road of the Reinvented Abenakis of Vermont and New Hampshire; Etc:

Document 01: Sherrie Ann DeVee-Jinks-Labat's Renewal for Membership/Citizenship Application Information to Paul Wilson Pouliot's Cowasuck North America, Incoporated "group" of alleged and reinvented Cowasuck Abenakis dated January 08, 2008. The genealogical information on this document reads, "Ida (nee; Graham) Tinker 1879 Delafield, Waukesha County, Wisconsin ~ Walter Chares 1817 1817 (Casper crossed out) arrow pointing to Ancestry ID #26. Eugene Joseph (?) ID #112 or 712. Genevieve Pearl ID #27. Gladys Naomi Ancestry ID #16 4/14/187(?). Phillipina Schaffer Casper - born 1858. Eisenman-married Cornplanter Indian of the Seneca tribe Page 17. Eisenman married a Cornplanter Indian of the Seneca Tribe told to us (?) by Philomena Rita Eisenman (born) 1915 - (died) 2002.
This document (handwritten) on http://www.seroquel.com/. Interesting that this is a medication used to treat depressive episodes in bipolar, manic or mixed episodes in bipolar disorder and schizophrenia.
Underneath this handwritten document is what appears to be a genealogical descendancy chart created by Family Tree Maker on the Eisenman descendants.
Obviously, a Seneca descendant does not make a person an Abenaki, a Cowasuck nor a Pennacook descendant. So what does this say about Sherrie Ann DeVee's merits and foundation of applying to Howard Franklin Knight Jr's group in July of 1992 or that of Paul Wilson Pouliot's group, after having been allegedly having her genealogy reviewed, evaluated, and subsequently having been accepted into that alleged Cowasuck group from 1992 throughout until 2008? Is Sherie DeVee - Labat a descendant of the Seneca or that of the Cowasuck Abenaki here in the Northeast?

Document 02: Sherrie Ann (nee: DeVee) Jinks - Labat's actual Membership/ Citizenship Application dated January 08, 2008. Notice the address for Paul Wilson Pouliot is his HOME ADDRESS in which Paul W. Pouliot refers to as the "Tribal Headquarters" ~ as if it is allegedly seperate from his private personal residence. Oh, and they (these "groups" of alleged and reinvented Abenakis of Vermont , New Hampshire and Massachusetts) almost always have a P.O. Box too.
IF Sherrie Ann Devee - Jinks - Labat is a Seneca descendant, does it not read on this very document that, "I certify that I am of Pennacook - Abenaki (Wabanaki) Native American Indian descent. I understand that my application will be carefully reviewed, along with supporting documents, and approved by Band Authorities." ~AND~ down at the lower portion of this Application for Membership-Citizenship it reads, "ALL APPLICANTS MUST SUBMIT CLEAR AND CONVINCING PROOF OF PENNACOOK - ABENAKI (WABANAKI) NATIVE AMERICAN INDIAN DESCENT TO BAND AUTHORITIES. Hmmmmmmm. I don't see ANY evidence of Sherrie Ann Devee-Jinks-Labat showing and providing ANY documentation whatsoever that she is Abenaki, Cowasuck, Pennacook, Wabanaki at all. What I see is a possible alleged Seneca ancestral connection. Is not the Seneca a Native Nation People who are a part of the Iroquoian People's?!

Document 03: Paul Wilson Pouliot's Membership/ Citizenship Application dated July 08, 1992. (Remember that Sherrie Ann DeVee - Jinks - Labat first applied too on July 22, 1992, as did the Labat family members). This "group" that Paul Wilson Pouliot applied to gain membership/citizenship into was Howard Franklin Knight's group, "The Northeast Woodlands - Coos Band of the Abenaki Republic - Alogonquin Confederation". Yet, another Incorporated "group" of alleged self-proclaiming "Abenakis of Vermont". Again, PAY ATTENTION to the FACT that Paul Wilson Pouliot of 160 Dailey Drive in Franklin, Massachusetts had applied for Membership/ Citizenship as a "LAURENTIAN IROQUOI". Not as an "Abenaki", a "Pennacook" or as a "Wabanaki". So again, THINK ABOUT IT.

Document 04: Lynn Menard-Mathieson's Membership/ Citizenship Application dated September 11, 2008 in which she also re-applied and renewed her application into Paul Wilson Pouliot's "group" of alleged and reinvented Cowasuck Abenakis. AGAIN, Marie Kakesik8k8e Mite8ameg8k8e aki. Mitcominqui born about 1631 and who married to Pierre Couc dit LaFleur on April 16, 1657 in Trois Rivieres, Quebec, Canada DOES NOT make an "Abenaki", a "Pennacook", nor a "Wabanaki". Marie Mite8ameg8k8e or Mitcominqui was allegedly the daughter of Stephane Etienne Magouch of Nipissiriniensem, Nipissing Nation and his wife Mararetam Tchi8ant8ke of 8sagahigananirine8ensem (Ousagahiganiriniouan). HURONIAN ? Obviously, this was OK'd by Paul Wilson Pouliot and Co. (His Band Council/ Incorporation) even though it contradicted his own created Membersip/Application that He Himself could not abide by. Paul Wilson Pouliot claimed to be a descendant of the Laurentian Iroquois, not an Abenaki, Pennacook or Wabanaki.

Paul Wilson Pouliot and Denise began to find out, that because there was a LACK OF GENEALOGICAL EVIDENCE, for themselves and others, that Lynn Menard-Mathieson was becoming a THREAT to them and their alleged and reinvented Cowasuck Abenaki, Inc.

SO, now we see and have the physical documentation of (3) Three persons within this "group" of alleged and reinvented Abenakis claiming to be Cowasuck/Coos/ Koasek/ Pennacook/Wabanaki and YET, none of them had shown and provided any documentary evidence that their ancestors came from Vermont, New Hampshire, or Massachusetts. Their ancestors are either Huron, Alogonquin (from the Ottawa River/Nipissing area) or Laurentian Iroquois.
Lynn Menard-Mathison of Griswold, Connecticut WAS (Past-Tense) Paul Wilson Pouliot's "War Chief" and His Genealogist (as was Jeanne nee: Lalime - Lincoln - Kent and Norman Lavaillee). When Lynn Menard-Mathieson began to review this "group's" genealogical merits and foundations (including her own), she began to refuse renewal of Membership/ Citizenship into this "group" of alleged and reinvented Cowasuck/ Pennacook Abenakis because these Members/ Citizens of this "group" led/ controlled by Paul Wilson Pouliot (previously created and led/ controlled by Howard Franklin Knight Jr.) DID NOT HAVE ANY DOCUMENTARY EVIDENCE OR CONNECTION TO THE ABENAKI/ PENNACOOK/ WABANAKI. So, Paul Wilson Pouliot and Co. decided to begin "a lengthy smear campaign" against Lynn Menard-Mathieson and her husband David Mathieson in order to remove them from the group. Because, obviously there were Lies, Deceit, Deception, etc., to HIDE from the public. Jeanne Lincoln-Kent and Norman Levaillee both also removed themselves from Paul Wilson Pouliot's "group" as well retropsectively-speaking. WHY?  Perspective Members/ Citizen's would be denied ENTRY into this "group" and that meant loss of $$$$, because "Membership and or Citizenship Cards" and mailed out Newsletters at a subscription rate of $20.00 dollars a person or family would be lost. Naturally Paul Wilson Pouliot and his wife Denise did not want to loose $money$ in their scheme. So, they had to "get rid of Lynn Menard-Mathieson" somehow and in some way ASAP. While still maintaining their allegedly good image to the public and to their membership group. Lynn Menard-Mathieson finally figured out what was really going on inside and outside of this "group" of alleged and reinvented Cowasuck Abenakis, and resigned on July 03, 2009.

So, (add 1 + 1 =  and 2 + 2 = ) one can now see a alleged Seneca, an alleged Laurentian Iroquois, and a Algonquin/Huron or Nipissing descendant. But not Abenaki, Pennacook, or Wabanaki.
How many more Members or Citizens within Paul Wilson Pouliot's "group" are continuing to self-proclaim and self-identify as "Abenaki" or "Cowasuck" and YET, have absolutely not a damned shred of convincing documentary evidence inside or outside of their families ancestries, that they can have in their hand, to show and provide, to the future generations that what they self-proclaim and self identify as, is actually the truth of their ancestors?! I suspect quite strongly all of them are being deceptive and dishonest about their truthful ancestral connections based on the documents I have placed on this blog thus far of their so-called historical records.

IF it is happening in one "group" of alleged and reinvented Abenaki, its more than likely happening in all of them "groups" here in Vermont, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts. Perhaps even up in Quebec as well.


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