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Monday, December 21, 2009

Recent Developments Within Vermont and New Hamsphire Regarding These Alleged And Reinvented Abenaki Groups:

DOCUMENT 01: Cross-reference the various Newspaper Articles (that have been posted in this blog!) from the mid-1970's on forward with these Incorporation's into the contemporary timeframe. Also pay attention to the names of the parties in each Inc.
File Name ~Organization Name ~ Registered Agent ~Officers ~State of Vermont

N-00020-0 11/02/1976 Abenaki Self-Help Association, Inc. April Merrill. Officers: Brenda Gagne, Rachel May-Whitebear, Felicia Gagne, Peter Ebare, Jeffrey Benay, Kenneth Maskell, Dave Skings. Terminated: 11/22/2000. Reinstated: 02/20/2008.**

N-00021-0 07/11/1977 Abenaki Land Trust. R. Kent Ouimette. V. Jean Ouimette. Last Biennial Report filed: 12/31/1978. Terminated: 06/23/1989.**

N-00017-0 05/22/1978 Abenaki Educational Development Corp. April A. Rushlow. Officers: Homer St. Francis Sr., April A. Rushlow, Carol Delorme, Debra Bergeron, Harlan LaFrance, Anna Louko.**

N-02011-0 07/17/1978 Kdakinna Pobatamwogan Medicine Society. Duane Ouimette. **

N-01198-0 12/26/1979 Eastern Woodlands Band of the Abenaki Nation.
Carmen G. Allen, Richard Phillips, Emerson Garfield, Clifford Phillips. Terminated 06/23/1989.**

N-00019-0 02/08/1980 Abenaki Nation/ Vermont -Kdakinna Pobatamwogan Medicine Society. Terminated 06/23/1989. Officers: Arthur W. Seymore, Wayne J. Hoague, Richard Phillips. Terminated 06/23/1989.**

N-00018-0 03/18/1981 Abenaki Housing Cooperative. April A. Rushlow. Officers: Carol Delorme, Debra Bergeron, Homer St. Francis II, Rhonda Miller.

V-31127-0 10/26/1982 Abenaki Endeavors, Inc. Kittell Branagan and Sargent. Officers: (President) Homer W. St. Francis, (Secretary) Michael A. Delaney, (Director1) John Churchill, (Director2) Bernard Robtoy.

N-07484-0 12/16/1991 Abenaki Tribal Land Trust. Homer St. Francis. Officers: Harlan LaFrance, April Rushlow, Carol Delorme, Burton DeCarr.

N-07485-0 12/16/1991 Abenaki Development Corporation. Homer St. Francis. Officers: Peter Pelissier, Amie Hakey, Carol Delorme, Jeff Sise.

N-08024-0 04/16/1993 Odanak Abenakis of Vermont, Inc. Richard R. Bernier. Officers: (Officer1) Richard R. Bernier, (Officer2) Tina Delabruere, (officer3) Stacie Lee Baker, (Officer4) Richard R. Bernier. Tradename.***

Document 02:
N-09089-0 01/12/1996 Traditional Abenaki of Mazipskwik and Related Bands. Ina Delaney. Officers: (Officer1) Claude Bake, (Officer2) Catherine Westhaven, (Officer3) Ina Delaney, (Officer3) Ina Delaney. Last Biennial Report filed: 02/28/2002. Terminated: 06/25/2004. Reinstated: 08/07/1998.

0104915 02/08/1996 Abenaki Construction-Missisquoi Masonry. Charles Delaney II-Megeso.

N-09217-0 05/15/1996 Abenaki Resource Management, Inc. Homer St. Francis. Officers: (Officer1) Homer W. St. Francis, (Officer2) April A. Rushlow, (Officer3)Carol Delorme, (Officer4) Carol Delorme, (Officer5) Jeff Sose, (Officer6) Donna Roberts, (Officer7) April A. Rushlow. Terminated: 11/22/2000.*

N-09257-0 07/16/1996 Winter Center for Indigenous Traditions. John Moody. Officers: (Officer1) Donna Roberts Moody, (Officer2)?, (Officer3) Wanda Pockette, (Officer4) Wanda Pockette, (Officer5) Donna Roberts Moody, (Oficer6) Wanda Pockette. Last Biennial Report filed: 04/30/2008. Terminated: 11/22/2000. Reinstated: 09/30/2002.

N-09373-0 11/20/1996 Alnobak Nebeskiak, Inc. Bea Nelson.

V-59450-0 11/07/1997 Abenaki Natural Beverage, Inc. April A. Rushlow. Officers: (President) Frederick Wiseman, (Vice President) Roy Bergeron, (Secretary) Jane Kiser, (Treasurer) Anna Louko, (Director1) April A. Rushlow, (Director2) Harlan LaFrance, (Director3) Anna Roy.

N-10074-0 10/20/1998 The Abenaki Nation of Vermont, Inc. Bruce Delorme. Officers: Paul W. Pouliot, Gail Demers, Denise K. Pouliot, Rene Blanchette, Arlene Andresen.*

N-11065-0 04/11/2001 Clan of the Hawk, Inc. Andrew Swett. Officers: (Officer1) Ralph Swett, (Officer2) Andrew Swett, (Officer3) Gail Ruggles, (Officer4) Ralph Swett, (Officer5) Ralph Swett, (Officer6) Andrew Swett, (Officer7) Gail Ruggles.*

N-11748-0 12/13/2002 Gedakina, Inc. Judy Dow. Officers: (Officer1) Rick Pouliot, (Officer2) Judy Dow, (Officer3) Melinda Neff, (Officer4) Susan Soctomah, (Officer6) Natalie Michell, (Officer7) Cathleen Wilson.

0007395 04/24/2003 Abenaki Group, Inc.Vicki Soutiere Expiration Date: 08/24/2003.

N-24884-0 08/25/2004 Nulhegan Band of the Coosuk-Abenaki People, Inc. Nancy Cote-Rolls. (Officer5) Luke Willard, (Officer6), Nancy Cote-Rolls, (Officer7), Dawn Macie. Wit/Dissolve: 10/25/2004.

N-25547-0 02/15/2006 Nulhegan Band of the Coosuk-Abenaki People, Inc. Dawn Macie. (Officer1) Dawn Macie, (Officer2) Luke Willard, (Officer3) Nancy Cote. Terminated 06/06/2008.

Document 03:
0146594 03/02/2006 Cowasuck-Horicon Traditional Council of the Sovereign Abenaki. Member 1: Howard F. Knight Jr. Member 2: Emerson Garfield. Member 3: Brian Chenevert. Cessated on: 05/02/2006. Status: Inactive. Tradename. ***

N-25565-0 03/02/2006 AHA “Abenaki Helping Abenaki, Inc.” Dawn Macie. Officers: (Officer1) Luke Willard, (Officer2) Dawn Macie (?), (Officer3) Billie Largy, (Officer4) Doug Iverson, (Officer5) Dawn Macie, (Officer6) Luke Willard, (Officer7) Billie Largy. Last Biennial Report filed: 06/30/2008. Terminated: 06/06/2008. Reinstated: 07/09/2008.

0104915 04/05/2006 Abenaki Construction-Missisquoi Masonry. Charles Delaney II-Megeso. Tradename.

N-25641-0 05/02/2006 Cowasuck-Horicon Council of the Abenaki in Vermont, Inc. Sachem Emerson “Spirit Bear” Garfield. Officers: (Officer1) Emerson Garfield, (Officer2-3) Kimberly Merriam, (Officer5) Emerson Garfield, (Officer6) Kimberly Merriam, (Officer7) Ashley Alexander.**

0156264 06/24/2008 White Pine Association. Nancy Millette. Officers: Peggy Fullerton, Colleen Chase, Mike Fenn.

0157824 12/23/2008 Koasek Traditional Band of the Koas Abenaki Nation. John Prescott – Nancy Millette – Shirley Hook. Tradename.

N-30389-0 04/07/2009 Cowasuck of North America, Inc. Howard F. Knight Jr. Officers: (Officer5) Nathan Pero, (Officer6) Matthew R. Knight, (Officer7) Morris Pero.*

GO TO: http://www.sec.state.vt.us/corps/index.htm for any verification of these above named Incorporations and or Tradename Entities.

REMEMBER: ALL of the Information, Dates, Names, etc. you can cross-reference from within this blog's documents that are posted, and also within the Document Commentary.

For Example: CLICK ON THIS LINK http://reinventedvermontabenaki.blogspot.com/search?q=%22Richard+Phillips%22 Go down below the Incorporation and Trade Name List to the second Posting and begin to cross-reference the historical events; the dates; the names. Review the Names, the Date's, and realize that the COLLUSION was going on years ago ca. 1976 up into the early 1980's, and even up into 2006; etc.

These "groups" of alleged and reinvented Abenakis in Vermont and New Hampshire (including Massachusetts) were "pushing" and "influencing" Political Agents/ Legislative Representatives of Vermont and New Hampshire to BELIEVE that these "groups" were legitimately genealogically and historically from the Abenaki People's......but genealogically and historically it is proven that they are NOT from the Abenaki People's nor connected to the Abenaki Ancestors.

Today, in December 2009, these Alleged and Reinvented "Abenaki" "groups" calling themselves Missisquoi/St. Francis - Sokoki, Koasek, Cowasuck, Coos, Nulhegan, etc etc, having incorporated in either VT or NH, and or multiple States such as CA, WA, RI, MA, etc. these Representive's of the various "groups" are again "pressuring" "deceiving" "manipulating" and out-right lying" to the Governmental Legislative Representatives who stupidly sympathize with these "groups" to give these "groups" of supposed "Abenakis" Official State Recognition. Refusing to SHOW and PROVIDE the documentary evidence from outside and from within their perspective groups and families, that they are indeed truthfully descended from the Abenaki People!

When it is SHOWN and PROVIDED that these "groups" of alleged "Abenakis" cannot and will not SHOW and PROVIDE to the Legislature for adequate review and evaluation the merits and foundations of their proclamations and self proclaimed Abenaki Identity, these "groups" and their "Chiefs" or "Representatives" scream "paper geneocide", "we were in the Eugenics", or "we were hiding in plain sight".

Far from telling the honest truth about their ancestral connections, they will "hide" the truth, just as they have tried to "hide" every document thats on this blog from the Public and from the Legislature's in Vermont and or New Hampshire.

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