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Sunday, December 27, 2009

A Response from Lynn Menard - Mathieson dated Dec. 27, 2009:

VT and NH bills to make Natives and gain state recognition dated Sunday, December 27, 2009 1:02 PM

Hello all,
There are groups there that badly want State recognition. Vermont has had several bills and has 3 now on the table. New Hampshire has a bill of their own in which at least one group involved in the Vermont bills is also included in the New Hampshire one. I understand the Cowasuck Band has not given up in Massachusetts yet either. What is happening that groups have interests in several states? As I understand it they have not proven their genealogy and don't intend to either. This is my biggest objection to all of this. I have nothing against commissions or people being recognized. HOWEVER be prepared to back up your claims especially when there are some of us out here that have these peoples genealogy and are not seeing what they are trying to get the State legislatures to believe!

The New Hampshire bill comes up in January 2010, (NEXT MONTH). I am sick of seeing these attempts year after year and overwhelmed by trying to get the information out and writing letters (These "groups" of alleged and reinvented Abenaki of NH and VT hope we will become so overwhlemed that we give up and shut up). Eventually I suppose they will get what they want since no sooner is a bill shot down, they are crafting a new one to take its place. If you can help please do so!

A bill so the VT commission on Native affairs can recognize "natives" as tribes and bands?

Sponsor(s): Consejo, Michel Mrowicki, Michael Savage, Brian Young, Jeffrey
Request: 09-0367
Drafter: Sumner
An if that isn't enough.. let's get the fox to protect the henhouse.


General Status:

Bill: S. 222
Sponsor(s): Hinda Miller, Diane Snelling, William Carris
Request: 10-0092
Drafter: Sumner
S.222 Page 1
1 S.222
2 Introduced by Senators Miller, Snelling and Carris

BILL AS INTRODUCED S.222 2010 Page 6

identified in subsection (e) of this section, provided the tribe demonstrates
compliance with all the following: (1) Has a tribal council = Incorporation, a constitution = Incorporation By-Laws, and a chief = Incorporation President. (2) Owns land in Vermont or provides historic records that document that the tribe has had an historic presence in Vermont.
These Incorporation's can claim they are "Tribes" or "bands" and point to historical Maps and Historical Documents and claim that those records pertain to their "groups" ~ but NO GENEALOGICAL EVIDENCE HAS BEEN OR IS REQUIRED TO PROVE THEIR CLAIMS AND PROCLAIMATIONS (3) Is recognized by other Native American communities. These "groups" merely "slap each other on the backside, approving of one another. The alleged and reinvented Cowasuck of North America, Inc. led by Paul Wilson Pouliot is allegedly recognized by another "group" up in Lower Quebec, Canada led by Yannick Manidowijw Mercier calling itself the Mena’sen. Secondly, recently, December 2009 this Koasek, Inc. "group" led by Brian Chenevert and Paul Bunnell claim to be now recognized by another Metis "group" up in Quebec calling itself the Native Nation Antaya at St. Georges de Beauce, Quebec, Canada (that appeared and or recently came into being about two years ago led by "Chief" Dominique Cote).

VT LEG 250410.1





AN ACT establishing a New Hampshire commission on Native American affairs and recognizing the Abenaki and other American Indian residents as a minority population in the state of New Hampshire.

SPONSORS: Rep. Carr, Ches 4; Rep. Cushing, Rock 15; Rep. Watters, Straf 4; Rep. Charron, Rock 7; Rep. Lindsey, Ches 3; Sen. Fuller Clark, Dist 24; Sen. Kelly, Dist 10

COMMITTEE: State-Federal Relations and Veteran's Affairs
FY 2010 and each year thereafter.

BTW, The Koasek Traditional Band of the Abenaki Nation of the Koa that you read about in the Vermont bills is also involved in this one for New Hampshire.

Federal Art and Crafts bill


1/27/2009: Introduced

1/27/2009: Referred to House Judiciary Committee

1/27/2009: Referred to House Natural Resources Committee

12/2/2009: Hearing Held by House Natural Resources Committee

12/16/2009: Mark up in the House Natural Resources Committee

12/16/2009: Ordered to be reported House Natural Resources Committee


This bill, identical to H.R. 7024 and S. 1255 in the 110th Congress and S. 151 in the current Congress, reduces penalties for some violations of the prohibition on misrepresenting goods for sale as having been produced by Native Americans. Under current law, knowing violations are punishable by criminal fines of up to $250,000 and imprisonment of up to five years for a first offense, and by criminal fines of up to $1,000,000 and imprisonment of up to 15 years for subsequent offenses. This legislation would change the penalty structure in two ways. First offenses concerning goods worth less than $1,000 would be punishable by fines of up to $25,000 and imprisonment of up to a year, and fines for subsequent offenses would be calculated under Title 18 rather than set in the specific provision.

Is anyone aware that in the Vermont and New Hampshire there are groups of people claiming to be Abenaki Indians and wanting State recognition so they can sell their arts and crafts as Native made yet they will not provide the genealogy proving their claims? I understand that the Vermont Commission on Native American Affairs has worked with Federal Arts and Crafts board to get to this desired end. Shouldn't people have to prove who they are first?

http://vcnaa.com/native/content/view/786/38/ This new bill opens with: Statement of purpose: This bill proposes to recognize certain bands within the

8 Abenaki Nation as the original Native American tribes residing in Vermont, to

9 give the Vermont commission on Native American affairs the authority to

10 recognize other tribes and bands of Native Americans, and to set out the

11 procedures and criteria for granting recognition.

How can a commission have the authority to recognize "tribes and bands" within the State as Vermont is trying for? One of these "tribes" the St Francis Sokoki has already been denied by the BIA: http://www.abenakination.org/BIA.pdf and Vermont's State's Attorney also weighed in against them in his report: http://www.abenakination.org/STATE.pdf

Paul Pouliot moved to New Hampshire 2 years ago.... historic and cultural contributions to the state? I guess you would have to be familiar with his particular brand of bullsh** to know better.

For those who are not familiar with this blog: http://reinventedvermontabenaki.blogspot.com/ it is a culmination of 15 years of the blog owner's collection of documents, newspaper clippings, and opinions. He arrived from Washington State as an approved St Francis Sokoki member, and has lived on this coast ever since, through the dramas and pettiness, keeping a detailed account until he finally posted this blog. Though no longer a member of any group for many years, he has kept up on the personalities and claims being made within the communities. A very interesting read. A blog you should take the time to go through.

I was a member of the Cowasuck Band of the Pennacook Abenaki. Once elected to council it only took 2 years for those in "command" to decide that I was not going to be bought off and had to be gotten rid off.. I was the genealogist, an elder, a sub Chief, CT State business agent, and sat on the board of directors for their real objective, the 501 non profit business, Cowass North America. The criteria for genealogy varied depending on who you were and what you did for the "tribe", leaving all others to abide by the rules agreed on. I believe they (Mr & Mrs Pouliot) felt I needed to be removed when I objected to this, a year into my stellar position. However they let me finish the genealogy compilations for them first and for free on my part. I kept a copy of all I did which is why I am disturbed by their aspirations. Some time later, when I asked about financial documents on the non profit, I was refused. This is not the way a legitimate business is conducted and I could only assume the worse. There are many other instances that I could talk about having been close enough to their "council fire" to get burned but will not bother to go into it here. The point is, I know the Pouliot's and am not sorry I resigned at all. The sad part is that there are those who are not involved with the group, only belong for the privilege of holding an ID card, and think the group is legitimate and going to get BIA status. So they keep sending them money for newsletter subscriptions. A newsletter written, edited, and compiled solely by Paul Pouliot.

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