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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Koasek Newsletter December 2009 Pages 14 through 16; Etc:

Document 01: Page 14 of the Koasek Inc. Newsletter dated December 2009 received by Douglas Lloyd Buchholz via email attachment from Eric Floyd of Pittsfield, Massachusetts. "NH Bill to Create a NA Affairs Commission. Two weeks ago, I (Paul Bunnell Co-Chief or Sub-Chief of this Koasek Inc. "group") attended a meeting of the New Hampshire Native American Intertribal Affairs hosted by Bill and Sherry Gould at their home to promote a united front for the support of Representative Carr's Bill to create a Native American Commission for the State of New Hampshire. Others in attendance were, Peter Newell performing the outreach, Liz Charlebois (who rents from and lives adjacent to Bill and Sherry Gould), Denise and Paul Pouliot (who reside not even a half an hour away from Bill and Sherry Gould's home and also Denise has been learning Ash and Sweetgrass Basketmaking from Sherry Gould via a Grant recently). Other New Hampshire groups will be notified and asked for their support of the worthwhile Bill. The New Hampshire Native American Intertribal Council has supported this goal for at least ten years. The March 2007 meeting with Gov. Lynch (Nancy Millette-Doucet has often talked of this March 2007 Meeting) to try and create an order to form a commission on Native American affairs. I have copies of these minutes if anyone wants to see them."

Document 03: Page 16 of the Koasek Inc. Newsletter December 2009. "Recognition by the Native Nation Antaya. We are extremely proud of our new relationship with our cousins in the north from the citizens of the Native Nation Antaya at St. Georges de Beauce, Quebec. Chief Dominique Cote has many genealogical lines the same as many our......" (Eric Floyd of Pittsfield, Massachusetts did not send me Pages 17 onward of this particular Koasek Newsletter but suffice it to say that I have further documents on this particular Mr. Eric Floyd who was also created and promoted by Howard Franklin Knight Jr. as being a "Chief" Runningdeer, and Chief of the alleged Deer Clan; etc.)

Document 04 and 05: Some attachments that were sent to me by an Anonymous Email Sender. I have much more on this Koasek Incorporated "group" that I will be putting on the blog, both in email format and of genealogically sourced records. By the way, Elwin "Joe" Pero was not his real birth given name. It was Elwin Merle Pero. Again, this "group" is NOT a Band, NOR a Tribe. They, like all of them in Vermont and or New Hampshire are merely I-N-C-O-R-P-O-R-A-T-I-O-N-S. Nothing more than that.
Genealogically speaking, I will be putting on this Blog the documentations from Vermont Vital Records, etc. as time allows. Which I have ALOT of time......

Again, this alleged and reinvented "Abenaki Corn" is fake, fraudulant and manipulated. 300 years and allegedly NO Abenaki that is documented has retained, obtained or grown this alleged Abenaki corn (?) and now since 2006 it suddenly re-appears out of nowhere, with the likes of Nancy Millette-Doucet smiling for the camera's, Etc.

I do not buy into this Koasek Corn Hole-O of the Koasek "story".

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