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Friday, January 1, 2010

May 08, 1993 ~ September 01, 1993 ~ November 28, 1992 ~ June 27, 1994 ~ July 08, 1994 Documents Regarding Paul Pouliot and Howard F. Knight Jr., Etc:

Document 01: Northeastern Woodlands Coos (Cowasuck) Band - Pisowakamigw Wobanakiak - Abenaki Nation, Office of the TRIBAL JUDGE - Robert Maynard at P.O. Box 485 in Worcester, Massachusetts 01613 Tel: (508) 799-4552. Dated May 08, 1993 to Paul Pouliot 160 Dailey Street in Franklin, MA 02038. "I Spirit Wind Maynard, now Chief Judge of all the Kowasuck bands in these United States and Quebec, by the authority vested in me by the Grand Council of the Kowasuck bands, do now hereby revoke your Chieftainship immediately of all the Southern Coos in Massachusetts. You shall forthwith cease all activities in the office of Chief of the Southern Coos in Massachusetts, and all those appointments that you have ordained are as of now terminated, to include the office of Tribal mother. All agreements as of this date made by you with others as of now is terminated.
If the other parties (or you yourself) should desire to reinstate these agreements, then they/you shall then make arrangements to meet with the Chief/Spokesman of all the Kawasuck (Coos) in these United States and Quebec, Canada, Chief Howard Knight, Jr. (Rushing Water). You shall also make appropriate arrangements to transfer all real property, all monies, all books pertaining to tribal business and agreements, and all local, state and federal documents and records immediately, without hesitation, and send to the Kowasuck Counsil of the Elders, and to the Grand Council of the Kowasuck Abenaki bands.
Chief Knight shall, at his discretion and with the Grand Council, choose another to serve as temporary spokesman for the Coos of Southern New England. Chief Knight and the Grand Council of the Kowasuck shall consider and decide the future of the Southern Coos (that is Coos in name only).
After all this, if you are desirous of remaining in the Kawasuck, then you will re-establish yourselves in the office of Clan Chief/Spokesman for the Hawk Clan. You shall then contact Chief (Knight) of all the Coos in the United States and Quebec, Canada, and place all your requests with him for consideration by him and his advisors. Further, if you are desirous to sit on the Council of Elders representing your clan, then also make this known to Chief Knight. Chief Knight has recieved all authority and power from the Abenaki in Vermont, New Hampshire and Massachusetts. He shall very soon start to work with his legal team of experienced professionals. Also, he will have the help of on-site government agency people. Each one will have an area of work, neither.....(continued in Document 02 of this posting).

Document 02: Page 02 of Robert "Spirit Wind" Maynard's May 08, 1993 Letter to Paul Wilson Pouliot: ....overlapping the other. The government agency's agents will reconstruct all Abenaki bands, setting them up as our history tells us they once were. The legal team will investigate, correct and assemble all evidence necessary for our recognition within a very, very short time.
You, Paul Pouliot, shall not resist or dispute these orders. You cannot go very far for very long, alone. If you do resist or dispute these lawful order, then the Grand Council of the Kowasuck and the legal team shall take appropriate action as they deem necessary. Signed: His Honor, Robert Spirit Wind Maynard, Chief Judge of All the Cowasuck bands of the United States and Quebec, Canada.
cc. Chief Knight
Slow Turtle, Commissioner of Indian Affairs
Grand Council of the Kowasuck
The Kowasuck Council of Elders
Raymond Looking Glass Lussier
Emissary Roland Demers

Then personally appeared before me Debra L. Mattress, a Notary Public the above signed Robert Maynard who swears that his statement above is true to the best of his knowledge and belief at Worcester, Mass. on May 12, 1993. Signed: Debra L. Mattress. My Commission Expires October 10, 1997.

LINK: http://reinventedvermontabenaki.blogspot.com/2009/10/paul-pouliots-newsletter-of-september.html CROSS-REFERENCE REVIEW AND EVALUATE THE INFORMATION BETWEEN THESE TWO POSTINGS.

Document 03: Sovereign Abenaki Nation Coos - Cowasuck Band / Office of the Tribal Council 160 Dailey Drive in Franklin, MA 02038-2951 (508) 528-7629. Dated September 01, 1993 to Paul R. Tamburro at 2406 South 38th. Street in Yakima, WA 98903. Letter of Introduction and Authority. To All People, Be it known to all people, the Tribal Council of the Coos - Cowasuck Band of the Abenaki Nation of Peoples, has authorized Paul R. Tamburro to act as an Emissary and Tribal Representative in the states of California, Oregon, and Washington.
Paul Tamburro is authorized to communicate with other tribal leaders and organizations representing native peoples. he has been given the responsibility to notify these other parties of our activities and to develop correspondence and communication between us.
We extend our best wishes and desires to all, please accept Paul Tamburro as an official representative of Our People. May the Creator bring all native People together in peace. Gici Oliwni, Paul W. Pouliot, Council Chief - Cowasuck Band, Abenaki Nation.

Document 04: Coos - Cowasuck Band - Abenaki Nation - Tribal Leadership Approved 11/28/93 (November 28, 1993). Band Matriarch: Jacqueline A. Emerton. Council Chief: Paul W. Pouliot. Council Sub-Chief: Philip L. Martin. Tribal Judge and Genealogist: Raymond P. Lussier. Quebec Representative: Roland Demers. West Coast Matriarch: Doris A. Nickles. West Coast Representative: Paul Tamburro.
COWASS North America Incorporated President: Paul W. Pouliot. Clerk: Raymond P. Lussier. Treasurer: Linda A. Pouliot. Now isn't that interesting, that Paul Pouliot would be President of the COWASS North America, Inc. ~and~ his wife Linda A. Pouliot would be the Treasurer?! Today, in Dec. 2010, Paul Pouliot is still President of this Inc. and his wife Denise (Beauregard) Pouliot is the Treasurer of this COWASS North America, Inc.

Document 05: Sovereign Abenaki Nation Coos - Cowasuck Band / Office of the Tribal Council 160 Dailey Drive in Franklin, MA 02038-2951 (508) 528-7629. Cowasuck Band Tribal Statement: At the national unity meeting held at Highgate, Vermont on May 07, 1994, the Cowasuck Band of Abenaki People as led and represented by Paul Pouliot, acknowledged Chief Homer St. Francis as our grand chief. This acknowledgement was made in a Coos-Cowasuck (Northeastern Woodlands) tribal declaration in 1992, (December 2nd, 1992) LINK: http://reinventedvermontabenaki.blogspot.com/2009/12/step-33-forward-along-yellow-brick-road.html REVIEW THIS DOCUMENTATION AND COMMENTARY ~ COMPARE THE DATES, NAMES and EVENTS.
copies of which were forwarded at that time to the Missisquoi tribal headquarters and were also made public to various tribal groups.
It was also agreed at the meeting to review the national constitution to determine if the Cowasuck Band could accept the constitution as our national governing document. A FAX copy of the document was recieved by Paul Pouliot so that he and Raymond Lussier, the Cowasuck Band Tribal Judge, could review the document prior to formal council meetings that were scheduled for this purpose.
Two Cowasuck Band Tribal Council meetings were held to discuss ongoing business and national unity issues. The first meeting was held on May 22 in Charlemont, Massachusetts and the second was on June 05 in Franklin, Massachusetts.
The constitution was reviewed and discussed. The consensus was that there were no adverse issues preventing our acceptance of the constitution. The general opinion was that the document needed to be revised to some extent to address the acknowledgment and acceptance of all the Abenaki Nation's individual tribal councils, bands, and groups.
Furthermore, the rights of individual tribal members and their representation by a tribal council of their choice needs to be resolved.
Telephone conversations were also made with several of our distance family groups to get their input to these issues. The directives given were to proceed with the unity negotiations using our best judgement on these matters.
Overall, the consensus was to go forward, to negotiate the unity of all our bands, councils, and tribal groups into one Nation of Abenaki People, and to secure the mutual acknowledgement and autonomy between all of them and the Cowasuck Band Tribal Council.
We of the Cowasuck Band of Abenaki People look foward to our mutual acknowledgement as one People united as the Abenaki Nation.
It was agreed to make this written statement and to proceed to the next national unity meeting which is scheduled to be held at Littleton, New Hampshire during the Abenaki gathering on July 16-17 (1994, of which was Nancy Millette - Cruger - Lyons - Doucet's Pow-wow at Remick Park in Littleton, New Hampshire, wherein Paul Pouliot was "un-invited" due to alleged altercations).
This Tribal Statement was made and signed by: Paul W. Pouliot, Cowasuck Band Tribal Council Chief and Speaker on June 27, 1994. Signature: Paul W. Pouliot.

Document 06: TOP SECRET. Offices of the Grand Council Territorial headquarters. Cowasuck of North America, Republic of the Sovereign Abenaki Nation at R.R. #2, Box 530-A in Newport, Vermont 05855 (Geesh, I wonder who resides at that address?! Answer: Howard Franklin Knight Jr.) (802) 334-5306. Dated July 08, 1994. TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: Recently, Grand Chief Homer St. Francis has not been feeling well. As a result, some people are clearly concerned that the movement and momentum for a Unified Abenaki Nation could suffer a severe setback if something were to happen to the Grand Chief. Out of that concern of a potential severe set-back if the Grand Chief were to pass away, some people have been calling to ask me if the Grand Chief were to expire and I was nominated to replace him, or to take the office of the Associate Grand Chief, would I consider accepting either office. Their rational for my accepting either office was that I was one of only a handful who, in the Abenaki Nation, understands the "nuts and bolts of the dream of a Unified Abenaki Nation. They feel that I do, like the Grand Chief.
Of course...its called COLLUSION
As I told the various callers, and as I wish to state for the record, here and now; If such an event were to occur in regards to Grand Chief Homer St. Francis, I state the following; I, Howard F. Knight, Jr. (aka Rushing Water) have not sought nor do I seek, nor will I seek either the offices of the Grand Chief or of the Associate Grand Chief of the Republic of the Sovereign Abenaki Nation.
I personally believe that there are others who I personally consider to be much more, and better, qualified then I am to lead this Nation, and I will support that person if it comes to it at that point. Respectfully Yours in Brotherhood, Howard F. Knight, Jr. AKA Rushing Water, Chief-Grand Council, Cowasuck of North America.
cc: Grand Chief Homer St. Francis
Assoc. Grand Chief Walter Watso
Chief Judge Michael Delaney
Amb. Mollie Keating
Amb. Darrell R. Larocque
Assoc. Chief Cindy "Loon Caller" Shover
Council Judge Chuck "Lightfeather" Labor
Secretary-Grand Council, Cowasuck of North America



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