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Thursday, December 31, 2009

August 01, 1996 Fax'd Communication of Darrell R. Larocque Regarding Harry and Cindy Shover:

Document 01: Fax document from Darrell R. Larocque, Chief Diplomatic Ambassador, Chief of Security SUPREME COUNCIL - National Federation of the Sovereign Republic of the Abenaki Nation at 8625 Cedarbrook Drive in Charlotte, N.C. 28215 Tel. (Telephone) #(704)-568-7803 Fax #(704) 568-7803. Date: August 1, 1996. Please deliver the following to: All Councils in Unity. From Chief of Security, Darrell R. Larocque. Message/ Instructions: See attached Letter to Cindy and Harry Shover dated July 31, 1996. We are sending (2) pape(s) including the cover page. If you do not receive all pages, please call as soon as possible and we will transmit. LIST c/c
Grand Chief Walter Watso Fax #514-568-6876
Chief Emerson Garfield AKA Spirit Bear
Chief Roland Demers Fax #819-565-7858 AKA Wisdom (?)
Chief Louis Annance
Chief Ray Lussier Fax #508-761-5237 AKA Looking Glass
Chief of White Bison Council (Nancy Millette-Lyons-Doucet) through Diplomatic Ambassador Rick Hunt Fax #603-444-0145
Chief Pierre Richards Fax #514-747-0079
Chief Ralph Swett AKA Spirit Water Fax No. 802-754-2954
Chief Michol Moisan AKA Dark Wolf
Retired Chief Howard F. Knight Jr. AKA Rushin Water

So, one can see that in the Incorporation documents of the Association Articles of the Cowasuck North America, Inc. N-8024 (in the previous posting) regarding Cindy and Harry Shover of Orleans, Vermont....that for whatever reason(s) it would seem that Harry and Cindy Shover were resigning from this Inc. on September 04, 1996 because of a "smear campaign" that involved Howard F. Knight, Jr. and Darrell R. Larocque, who was associated quite closely with "Chief" Homer Walter St. Francis Sr. and "Grand Chief" Walter Watso, etc.

This "List c/c" is quite revealing too. Interesting that they did not include Paul Wilson Pouliot's name to the bunch.

In the next following post, I think the "reason" why Paul Pouliot was NOT included on this "LIST" compiled by Darrell R. Larocque will be explained in the next document. Of course, perhaps the "LIST" extended onto the 2nd page (of which sadly I do not have) may have had Paul Pouliot's name listed; but obviously these "Chief's" (especially Howard F. Knight Jr. in particular) that are listed on this document, were actively doing a "smear campaign" against Mr. Pouliot's early 1993 created Cowass North America, Inc. "group" for various reason(s).

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