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Sunday, November 15, 2009

A Walk Down The Little Yellow Brick Road of the Reinvented Alleged Abenaki of Vermont and New Hampshire:

Document 01: From the Nashua Telegraph, Wednesday, January 28, 1976. "Official Russell Canns, 30 years old, who works for the Indian Manpower Office, an agency of the U.S. Department of Labor, in St. Albans, Vermont attempted to get the State of Vermont to give fishing and hunting rights to the Indians in the Swanton and Highgate, Vermont towns in northwestern Vermont near the Missisquoi river." "But so far no evidence has been turned up of any treaty between white settlers and the Abenakis."
Therefore there was NO TRUST RELATIONSHIP with the Abenakis within Vermont. Remember this last sentence as it will come back into further submitted documentation regarding Howard Franklin Knight Jr. and his activities in Vermont, Massachusetts, and California, as we go down this little yellow brick road.....

Document 02: Kennebec Journal, August, Maine of June 28, 1976. "Indians demand rights." "The tribal council and Native American Solidarity Committee which drafted the petitions said the Abenakis do not demand the right to do largescale commercial hunting or fishing." Guess they were tired of shopping at the local Grand Union of Swanton? When they bagged a bullpout or horned pout, eel, or trout, they didn't have to be asked "paper or plastic?".

Ok, now for another step forward down the yellow brick road of these Alleged Abenakis, who have Reinvented themselves in the State's of Vermont ~and~ New Hampshire.....this is going to be a posting leads into another....document to document. Then at the end, one will finally realize the point of all of this blog.

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