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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Documents Where Charles F. True Jr. Signed N.H. Gov't Papers; ETC:

Document 3: Allan Martell, President of the Incoporation calling itself the "Abenaki Indian Center" of Manchester, N.H. created another Incorporation calling itself "Ndakinna Incorporated" of which he also was "President" of, or Chairman of this Incorporation.
Charles Francis True, Jr. signed as Vice-President of this Ndakinna Inc. (Sub-Chief?), and Brian S. Blanchard also signed on the dotted line as one of the Board of Directors of this Incorporation. Sherry Gould is a sibling of Brian Blanchard. When Allan J. Martell "got into a altercation" with the late Homer St. Francis, he packed the boxes in his vehicle and took the boxes of papers to Charles True's home in Epping, N.H. and thus begat Charles F. True taking on the role of "Speaker" for this Incorporation. Early on in this blog I spoke of what was told to me from Sherry Gould and from Charles Francis True himself about what happened regarding the Abenaki Indian Center and this Abenaki Nation of New Hampshire, and Ndakinna Inc.

The point is, IF the children of the Abenaki need not have a "Card" to know and to express who they are, nor do they need to seek out the New Hampshire or Vermont Government, then why is it that these documents show the alleged Abenaki adults having scrambbled and ran to the Government of both of these Commonwealths to express who they are?!

Just my thoughts on the matter.

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