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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Step 23 Forward Along The Yellow Brick Road Of The Reinvented Abenakis Of Vermont And New Hampshire; Etc:

Document 01: Exhibit #13. St. Francis Sokoki Band Check Book. PO Box 276 Swanton, Vermont 05488 "Void" Check number 1276. Chittenden Band, Swanton Vermont.
Document 02: Exhibit 14. Money Reciept dated June 03, 1992. Received of Francis Sokoki Band in the sum of Fifteen and no/100 Dollars for Check lis - votee. $15.00. Cora Baker. Tops Form 4161
Document 03: Exhibit #15. MAP ~ WABANAKI COUNTRY ~MICMAC TRIBAL NAMES. The Wabanaki and their Native American Neighbors ~ From ancient times to the early 18th century. Cartography By: Stacy Morin. Country Rds, Inc., Orington, ME. This Map of "Wabanakik" must have either came from Joseph Bruchac's book "The Wind Eagle" published in 1984, or Joseph Bruchac's book "The Faithful Hunter, Abenaki Stories" which was published in 1988. The Map is just before the Introduction in the book "The Faithful Hunter."

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