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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Step 22 Forward Along The Yellow Brick Road Of The Reinvented Abenakis of Vermont And New Hampshire

Documents 01-02-03: Exhibit #11 of the January 26, 1993 Corporation "Protest" Hearing in Boston, MA regarding Arthur Marchand vs. Howard Franklin Knight Jr./ Paul Wilson Pouoliot/ Homer St. Francis Sr. This Exhibit #11 (or A) is in regards to Treaties allegedly pertaining to "Abenaki" Ancestors whose alleged descendants were the above mentioned persons/ alleged "Abenaki" Representatives. This Treaty was called the "Treaty of Portsmouth" dated 1713. In this particular book that these parties allegedly sourced this information from, they used/manipulated/distorted pages 250, 251, 253 and 254. At least that is what it appears to me to have happened. Do the comparative review and conclude as one will about these documents.

This Treaty can be found in the Dawnland Encounters: Indians and Europeans in Northern New England By Colin G. Calloway, on Page 107 through 110.
As one can discern, and review for themselves, the Native Signatories were alleged:
Qualedeenewes/ Winnepesaukess ~
Warrakansit = Sokoki/ Sokowakis (Old Days?) ~
Bomoseen = St. Francis/ St. Francis Abenaki (Old Name) ~
Wedaranaquin = Coos/ Cowasucks (Cowass) ~
Eneas = Woronokes ~
Iteansis = Penacooks.
Someone applied/ wrote the alleged "tribal affiliations" to these Native signers of this 1713 Portmouth Treaty.

Documents 04-05-06-07:  These pages are of the actual Portsmouth Treaty of 1713. Of course, I do have to mention that on Page 110 of Colin G. Calloway's afore mentioned book Dawnland Encounters it states (and I quote), "Whereof, we whose names are hereunto subscribed, delegates for the several tribes of the Indians, belonging unto the River of the Kenybeck (Kennebec), Amarascogen (Androscoggin), St. Johns, Saco, Merrimac, and parts adjacent....." "This treaty to be humbly laid before Her Majesty, for her ratification and further orders. In witness whereof, we, the delegates aforesaid, by name Kireberuit, Iteansis, and Jackoit for Penobscot; Joseph and Eneas for St. Johns; Waracansit, Wedaranaquin, and Bomoseen for Kennebeck, have hereunto set out hands and seals, the day and year above written.

Seems to me, that these Native People's historical representatives of July 1713 were speaking and representing on the behalf of Penobscot's (Eastern Abenakis) and other Native Eastern People's in area's along the coastal shores of Maine; not (Western) Abenakis/ Coos and or St. Francis. Then again, this is "my own interpretation" of the historical social events of the time ca. 1713.

Howard Franklin Knight Jr., Homer St. Francis Sr., or Paul Wilson Pouliot "used" this 1713 Portsmouth Treaty and attempted "to imply" by these fraudulant "additions" of "Tribal Affiliation" to the Native Signatories of this Treaty, that this Treaty applied to them as alleged Abenaki descendants i.e. Homer St. Francis' group, that it applied to Howard Knight Jr.' group, and by alleged election, that group which became Paul Wilson Pouliot's when Howard Knight alleged "retired". All three "groups" of alleged self-proclaiming "Abenaki descendants" never had to show or provide ANY GENEALOGICAL EVIDENCE that in FACT, they were descendants of the Abenakis at all, during this Corporation "Protest" Hearing of January 26, 1993 in Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts.

Document 08-09: Exhibit #12. Map Page 02 from The Identity Of The Saint Francis Indians by Dr. Gordon M. Day, National Museum of Man, Mercury Series ISSN 0316-1854 Paper No. 71 ISSN 0316-1862 Dossier 71. Ottawa 1981.

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