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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Step 16 Forward Along The Yellow Brick Road Of The Reinvented Abenakis Of Vermont and New Hampshire; etc:

Document 01: Exhibit #3 Dated on December 31, 1992 Letter of Protest against Arthur J. Marchaud by Robert (a.k.a. "Spirit Wind") Maynard, Abenaki (Associate Tribal Judge) of the Northeast Woodlands - Coos Band, Inc. "I, Spirit Wind, Associate Tribal Judge in the Northeast Woodland Coos in the Abenaki Republic/ Nation, consiting of the Missisquoi, Sokoki, Coos, St. Francis bands, Algonquin Confederation, with our reservations in Becancour (Wolinak), and Odanak in Quebec, Canada......"

When did Robert Maynard legally and legitimately become the Spokesperson for Canadian Abenaki "Reserve" Communities?

Document 04: Page 04 of this particular document state's, and I quote from Howard Knight Jr.'s appointed Associate Tribal Judge Robert Maynard, "These conspirators seek to bring dishonor upon each one of our Abenaki heads, to create an unquenchable agony in our lives, especially upon our honorable high hereditary chief, Chief Homer Saint Francis, chief of all Abenakis from coast to coast in all these United States, and our retiring Coos Chief, Howard Knight, Jr., and those other of the Abenakis hierarchy.

Indeed factually and documentarily shown and provided through these Massachusetts State Secretary of State Corporation Hearing documents that Howard Franklin Knight Jr. went from being an alleged Coos Abenaki Chief, to being an alleged "Retired Chief" to being an alleged  "Senior Advisor".....

Hmmmm, let's take a "little mental trip down memory lane" to August 06, 1992. Per these documents that are being posted on this blog, Howard F. Knight Jr. recieved from Homer St. Francis Sr, the document signed by Odanak Abenaki Community resident and Chief Walter Watso on August 20, 1976 and rec'd by Homer St. Francis on Aug 27, 1976 which Homer St. Francis had notarized on August 30, 1976 in Swanton, Vermont (See: Posting on this blog "Step 06" January 03, 1977 Apendix C of Haviland and Powers Book The Original Vermonters). This Document will be Exhibit #22 of which I just made mention of.
Then in September of 1992, Roger "Running Elk" Deshanais and Howard F. Knight Jr. went to El Dorado County, California regarding one Sherrie DeVee - Jinks Child Custody Case involving Child Protective Services and the California Judicial Court Systems. Claiming that the "group" led by Howard Franklin Knight, Jr. was allegedly B.I.A. (Bureau of Indian Affairs) Recognized, they attempted to B.S. the State of California, with the Indian Child Welfare Act of 1978, and that Howard F. Knight Jr. as Chief and "Tribal Judge" made the decision that Sherrie DeVee's children needed to stay with the tribe (and with in her custody). She had gone to Massachusetts to obtain this alleged Tribal Decision signed by Howard Knight Jr., etc), then she "hid out" with her two children ages 10 and 12 with another woman with six children on the Rosebud, South Dakota Native Lakota Community until they overstayed their welcome.

This is what caused Howard Franklin Knight Jr. to allegedly "retire" as "Chief" of the Incorporation called the Northeast Woodlands - Coos Abenaki group. The Fed's were just itching to fry his backside I am sure. He was legal HOT water and someone was getting ready to boil him! So he allegedly held "an Council of Elders" election and his home on December 02, 1992 to shed himself of any official "title's", responsibility, or accountability for his or his "follower's" actions and words in California or elsewhere. He "re-invented" himself. So did Paul Wilson Pouliot by being allegedly elected as "Chief" of the alleged Abenaki of Coosisak. Howard Franklin Knight, Jr. even got so desperate as to try and give the Incorporation Northeast Woodlands - Coos Band Inc. to Homer St. Francis Sr.!

But I digress here, the Sherrie DeVee situation articles of September 1992 through January 1993, will be posted in due time on this blog.

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