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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Step 15 Forward Along The Yellow Brick Road Of The Reinvented Abenakis Of Vermont and New Hampshire:

Document 03: Notice that Paul Wilson Pouliot is signing on the Sign-In Sheet as "Chief" Pouliot under "Witness" #1. Also notice to the right on the page document that it reads "FEDERALLY RECOGNIZED  BIA (BUREAU OF INDIAN AFFAIRS) Really?

#3. PAUL POULIOT - COOS CHIEF/ ABENAKI NATION  Cross-examined by Marchand + Atty. Hulburt

Now do the comparative between this posting's "Document 03" (the Sign-In Sheet of January 26, 1993) wherein it shows documentarily and definitively that Paul Wilson Pouliot was identifying himself as the alleged Coos/ Cowass/ Cowasuck/ Koasek "Chief" of which Howard Franklin Knight Jr. was also in this same Corporation Protest Meeting against Arthur J. Marchaud and this created Inc. called The Centraleastern Woodland Sokoki Band (Inter-Tribal).

Can anyone review these documents and find ANY EVIDENCE of Howard Franklin Knight Jr. "protesting, whining, bitching, complaining, screaming, ranting, or objecting (within this Corporations Division Hearing against Arthur J. Marchand on January 26, 1993)against the factual reality that Paul W. Pouliot was representing himself as the alleged Abenaki Coos Chief illegally as as a fraudulantly using that "title"?
Does it seem reasonable and plausible to any sensible person, Abenaki or not, that Howard F. Knight Jr. (who was factually in the same Hearing Room with Pouliot on January 26, 1993) did in FACT accept Paul Wilson Pouliot ~ not only as a "Member/ Citizen" of Knight's alleged Coos Abenaki group (calling itself the Northeast Woodland - Coos Band-Pisowakamigw Wobanakiak - Western Abenaki Alliance -Abenaki Reublic - The People of The Dawn - The Algonquin Confederation of Indigenous Peoples ") but also that Pouliot was the "Chief" of this group?

Now take a step back to Step 13 Posting on this blog; and reread the 7th paragraph of that lengthy "mouthy" letter of Howard Franklin Knight Jr.'s; and stupidly tell me I am wrong in my conclusions.

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