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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Step 12 Foward Along The Yellow Brick Road of the Reinvented Abenakis of Vermont and New Hampshire, Massachusetts ~and~ California:

Early 1992: "In mid-1992, it was decided that the Northeast Woodlands - Coos Tribal Band - Abenaki Republic "group" would attempt a more accelerated growth in membership and in the process, we would make sure that our people would not be overlooked any more, and that we would declare a Sovereign suzerain Trust Republic per the Treaties, Article 6 of the U.S. Constitution, PL100-606 (also known as Chapter 50A, the Proxmire Act), the Human Rights Declaration of 1948, to which the U.S. is a signatory and other applicable laws, which the Reconstructed Council of the Coos Tribal Band, now known as the Council of Elders, accomplished on 13 June 1992, at Coventry, Orleans County, Vermont on the edge of the old Coos territory and jurisdictional area." On this date of June 13, 1992 Howard Franklin Knight Jr of RFD #2 530-A on Alderbrook Road in Newport, Orleans County, Vermont "Reaffirmed" (Re-Approved) himself, via his "Council of Elders" Card Number #0001 ~and~ his "Clan" was (Green) Turtle. His relative Katelynn M. Knight c/o D.S.S.-C.P.S. (Children's Protective Services of Kingston, Ulster County, New York) Card #0006 "Clan" Turtle also applied for membership, which was allegedly reviewed and accepted on June 13, 1992 ~ and her membership was reaffirmed allegedly by Howard F. Knight Jr.'s "Council of Elders" on the same date of June 13, 1992! I will be placing this documentation on the blog in the near future.

Document 01: Paul Wilson Pouliot's Application to the Northeast Woodlands-Coos Band of the Abenaki Republic-Algonquin Confederation dated July 08, 1992. Paul Wilson Pouliot (at least on this document) was claiming to be or was given the "Clan" of the Hawk. Chief/Peace?. This document/Application for Membership/Citizenship was signed by Paul W. Pouliot of 160 Dailey Drive in Franklin, Massachusetts 02038-2951. He was claiming to be a descendant of an Indian relative "LAURENTIAN IROQUOIS". Membership Application Approved: DATE: July 15, 1992 Tribal Judge/Representative: Robert Maynard. Tribal Chief; Howard F. Knight (Rushing Water). I placed this Paul Pouliot Application document previously on this blog (No, I am not losing mind or my marbles); yet "chronologically" this particular document IS pertaining to the "documentation" and "connections" I want people (who read and review this blog and its content) to go, connecting the documents and information together. Much like "stacking" bricks, until one has built walls and roof. Eventually one can step back and find that a house has been built.

July 22, 1992: On this date, Sherrie Ann DeVee (formerly married to Stephen or Steven Jinks) applied for Membership into the Northeast Woodlands-Coos Band of the Abenaki Republic-Algonquin Confederation. Her genealogical records were allegedly recieved, reviewed and was acceptable. Subsequently on that same date of July 22, 1992 Sherrie (nee: DeVee recieved a Membership Card No. 00016 to the Northeaster Woodlands - Coos (Pisowakamigw Wobanakiak) which indicated that she resided at 4330 Harness Tract Road in Camino, El Dorado County, California 95709. That her date of birth is November 27, 1959 (Naval Hospital in Bremerton, Kitsap County, Washington State). It also indicates that her "Clan" was (RED) Turtle. (that's what Howard Franklin Knight Jr. created and appointed to her upon his acceptance of her Membership Application into his alleged Cowasuck Abenaki "group").


1 + 1 = 2 ........and 2 + 2 = 4. Do the math.......

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