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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Step 10 Forward Along the Yellow Brick Road of The Reinvented Abenakis of Vermont and New Hampshire:

Document 01: October 31, 1977 Portsmouth Herald Newspaper Page 10. Officials agree on book deletion. School officials here have agreed to delete two pages of a history book which the Abenaki Tribal Council says "unfairly and unreasonably portrays Indians as cruel and savage." But a school administrator who stressed that "Vermont Our Own State" is not used as a textbood, said the book "is a good resource book" with "a great deal of valuable information." Swanton Elementary School Principal Herman Harnois said he has declined to "do away with some of the words that may be considered to be discriminatory." He said pages containing such would be covered up. The book is used by fourth and fifth-grade Vermont history classes at the school. The tribal council of the Swanton-based Abenakis, in a letter to the Governor's Commission on Indian Affairs, requested that the book's use be stopped immediately. "We feel his text is insulting, defamatory, and false in its portrayal of Indians," the letter said.

Document 02: December 21, 1977 Page 03 of the Bennington Banner, Vermont Newspaper. Abenakis vow to press land claims. The Chief of Vermont's Abenaki Indians says the tribe will try to gain official federal recognition, then press its claim for 12 square miles of land in the Swanton-Highgate, Vermont area. Homer St. Francis, the head of the Abenaki Tribal Council said Tuesday the Indians want the land for a tribal reserve, and will go to court if necessary to get it. He said the Abenakis leased the land to an early white settler, but never relinquished ownership. According to Homer St. Francis, the Abenakis will get more millitant and less willing to compromise if the Federal Government recognizes them. "Then we won't have any mercy at all," he said. "When we claim it, we'll claim it all." Then-Gov. Thomas Salmon bestowed official state recognition on the alleged tribe in 1976, but it was rescinded by Gov. Richard Snelling when he took office in January.

Document 03: Minnie Florence (nee: Davidson) Knight's Obituary dated August 01, 2006. Minnie F. Knight, 59 years of age, died yesterday, August 01,  2006 at Brookside Nursing Home in White River Junction, Vermont. She was married to Howard Franklin Knight Jr. on December 24, 1963 in Harlingen, Cameron County, Texas. They had three children Franklin Warren Knight born April 29, 1966 in Bexar County, Texas and two two twin daughters Bobbie Rene Knight and Sheila Marie Knight on September 16, 1968 in Germany. Minnie traveled throughout the United States and Europe while he was in the Military service. Howard Franklin Knight Jr., his wife and 3 children settled in Thetford in 1979, and moved to northern Vermont in 1988. They were divorced on June 17, 1997 in Newport, Orleans County, Vermont. They had retrospectively-speaking legally adopted their grandson Matthew R. Knight Age 07 years at the time of the divorce, having been born in October 1989, this adopted grandson being the son of Franklin Warren Knight (Howard and Minnie's son) and Terri Doba, who were not apparently married at the time of their son's birth, nor were either of them able to care for or raise this child.

Howard Franklin Knight Jr. was born May 31, 1941 in Middletown, Middlesex County, Connecticut to Howard Franklin Knight Sr. and Marion Corabell (nee: Cook).

YES, I am quite aware of Howard Franklin Knight Jr.'s "genealogical" ancestry, as well as many other alleged Abenaki descendants. These documents and much more will be put on this blog regarding his and their alleged Abenaki/ Missisquoi/ Cowasuck/ Coos/Koasek ancestral connections.

Document 04: June 24, 1981 Journal Opinion Page 04. Speak out for children. Notice at the bottom of this editorial article regarding this new group that was forming called Speak Out for Children: Vermont Advocates for Children's Mental Health in that there is listed one, Howard F. Knight, Jr. RFD No.1 Box 15 in Thetford Center, Vermont 05075.

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