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Monday, June 15, 2009

State Vital Record Information pertaining to Flora (Ingerson) Hunt

No where within Flora (nee: Ingerson) Hunt's obituary was there any mention of her being Abenaki, and in FACT it is indicated that she was born 1. (per her death record) in Monroe, Grafton County, New Hampshire, or 2. (per her published Obituary in the Littleton Courier newspaper) in Littleton, Grafton County, New Hampshire (which one would think this information was gained by this obituary being published by her children, or grandchildren based on their awareness of the woman had told them, or shown them while she was alive. NOT some alledged Jefferson, Coos County, New Hampshire "Abenaki Village" in ca. 1874 (according to Nancy Millette-Cruger-Lyons), that according to the Archaeological "professional's" state that the Jefferson archaeological sites contained no CONTACT PERIOD or WOODLAND PERIOD materials or evidence! The two documents above I had recieved from Rhonda (nee: Besaw) True, wife of Charles Francis True Jr. of Whitefield, Coos County, New Hampshire via email. Future postings will show why she was sharing these Vital Record documents with me. The obituary I found on microfilm at the Littleton Public Library.

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