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Monday, June 15, 2009

Re: AbenakiPride: Setting the Record Straight.blogspot.com

How very interesting that whoever this peron or persons is/are and whomever they "represent" does not use their real given name! Again, there is NO repsonsibility or transparency in their words or conduct. This is merely a platform or foundation in which to assault me personally, as they have done before, which you will read for yourselves as I post those documents. What I have posted on this blog of mine is VERY PERSONAL. Personal in that THEY REFUSE to SHOW the genealogical or social evidence of their self-created and promoted claims of alledgedly being Abenaki descendants.

So what if "Chief" and/ or "Grand Chief" Homer St. Francis is DECEASED now! What?, I can't speak/ discuss anything about his life, him or anyone else, because he happened to have passed away on July 07, 2001? So, if that is the case (and this "other" person is correct in their conclusion about not talking about deceased person's because that deceased person is unable to "defend themselves", then that means we can't talk about or critize or discuss deceased people "because they can't defend themselves" like for exmaple, Christopher Columbus, Samuel de Champlain, Abraham Lincoln, Odzihozo, or Jesus himself!. No one ought not to be discussed either by the likes of "Dr." Frederick Matthew Wiseman (and by anyone else in the living), since these people are all deceased as well. According to this "unknown person" obviously I alledgedly have "little respect for or courage towards the deceased" because I have discussed their lives, etc. on this blog. Can you "see" the absurdity in this conclusion of theirs? I certainly do.

"Defensiveness" is an interesting trait to all of these "groups" and their "membership", who are alledgedly "Abenaki".

I will keep posting new clarifying documentation regarding persons in these "groups" as time goes along.
If "they" can make enough "noise" and create enough "distractions" they are hoping that the Vermont/ and New Hampshire PUBLIC and the Vermont/ New Hampshire Legislature's will pay no heed to the documentary information that I am and will be presenting on this blog. It is obviously not in their favor, for their repeated attempt's at Instant Vermont and/ or New Hampshire State Recognition, or otherwise.

So the ultimate and very simple question needs to be asked. Who is this person who created this http://www.abenakipride.blogspot.com/, since obviously it is they who are still "hiding in plain sight"!

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