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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Newspaper articles related to the July 12th-13th, 1997 Twin Mountain Pow-wow Event.

On the front page of The Courier newspaper of Littleton, New Hampshire it states, "Recieving the Eagle Heart Award for his contributions t othe Mohegan Tribal Nation was Mohegan Tribal Nation Chair Roland Harris. In addition to being active in many aspects of tribal life, Roland Harris played a key role in the planning and development of the Mohegan Sun Casino in Connecticut." How very interesting, and this ought to make one think perhaps Nancy (Millette) Cruger was associated with this person, why?, because perhaps maybe she saw a cash-cow she could bring into this State of New Hampshire so she could cash in?! I do recall "talk" of the Pequot's wanting to bring a 'satellite' casino operation up into New Hampshire. Nancy (Millette) Cruger says she went down there to the Mashantucket Pequot and recieved a $50,000.00 dollar donation to put towards the purchasing price of $200,000.00 for Brunswick Springs a.k.a. N'biz8bek retrospectively speaking. I know I am not the only one who can do math and do dot-to-dot puzzle's!
On "Page 12" of The Courier" newspaper in Littleton, New Hampshire dated July 16th, 1997, it is stated that, "A surprise award was presented to event promoter Nancy Cruger, a.k.a. Song of the Winter Fox (now take a wee lil' memory trip back to that book Fox Song by Joseph Bruchac), who was recognized as a "Diplomatic Ambassador" by the Council of Unity of the National Federation of the Sovereign Republic of the Abenaki Nation Supreme Council (Whew! that "title" is a mouthful and geesh that title is about as long as my arm is). Presenting the appointment was Supreme Council Chief Walter Watso. (This sounds like one is supporting the other and visa-versa, she slaps him upside the backside and he does the same to her, promoting each other with their "titles" and "appointments" (and I am quite sure that the man was signing documents with that Odanak Seal-of-Approval stamp that she then presented to the Governor's Office to get the numerous Governor's Proclamation's Certificates for her created and promoted Pow-wow events too)
In the Coos County Democrat newspaper of July 16th, 1997 it states, " Nancy Cruger was formerly Town Promoter for Littleton, a job which was not funded this year due to tax cuts." (Really?, I definitively recall being told that the reason for not maintaining the event in Littleton, N.H. was because the "traffic conjestion" was getting to be too much in and around Remich Park itself. I have to retrospectively ask myself, if Littleton was being told by their Town Promoter Nancy (Millette) Cruger, that this event was "making money for the Town of Littleton, N.H.", why was this Town of Littleton Selectman and the Chamber of Commerce weren't interested in hosting the event anymore? It seems the Town of Littleton may in fact have realized they were actually losing money doing the event after a few years. So Nancy Cruger got Twin Mountain's Chamber of Commerce and Selectman to host the Pow-wow event at the Twin Mountain Recreation Area (a baseball field area).
This photograph of the Children's Dance at this Native American Cultural Weekend at Twin Mountain, N.H. wherein they make mention of a young girl looking like Paige MacKillop of Jefferson, N.H. is interesting, since the young girl wrote, as a classroom project/ field trip, about a trip to the Bacon's, quote " Flakes were found at Bacon's. Another Paleo site? Maybe! Jefferson Caretakers invited to be a part of yet another archaeological dig. Mr. Baird helped to walk us to the site where Mr. Boisvert and Mrs. Iris Baird helped us tour. Co-written by Kathleen Briggs, Jessica Collins, and Page MacKillop".
Then on "Page 08" of the Coos County Democrat newspaper of Wednesday July 16th, 1997 Nancy Kruger, right, of Abenaki heritage and organizer of the Native American Cultural Weekend in Twin Mountain, New Hampshire.....well one does get the picture.

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