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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Early July 1997

This is Newton "Newt" Washburn, age 83 years in Bethlehem "Hollow", Grafton County, New Hampshire with myself. He is a descendant of Darius Woodward and Nancy (nee: Taylor) Woodward who in the early part of 1800 "took" in my 4th Great Grandfather Royal William Woodward and Royal's brother Parker Preston Woodward, after their father Appollos a.k.a. Thomas A. Woodward went to New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio and then up to Lapeer County, Michigan to a small township called Arcadia. Both Royal and Parker named their daugher's "Nancy Jane" after Darius' wife Nancy Jane (nee: Taylor) Woodward. She was Royal and Parker's two wive's Mary & Sarah's Aunt by blood, through their mother being being Betsey (nee: Taylor) Sawyer.
I'll have more details and photographs of my "cousin" Newton Washburn in future posts.

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