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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Late year of 1995 through to March 1996 Happenings.

Notice that the telephone number on these previously made Abenaki Artist business cards has Tom and Daisy Obomsawin's telephone number on them, as a "messeage phone". In the Fall of 1995 or thereabouts, Tom Obomsawin and Daisy Goodman brought up the subject of creating a non-profit organization they would call "Nidoba, Inc." They said it would be helpful. The idea's and endeavors sounded decent enough to me at the time. I was interested in seeing how things would develope. So, Tom Obomsawin puts these call-to-meeting articles in the Coos County, N.H. area newspapers. He pretty much addressed everybody in what his ideas and endeavors for direction were. People who did attend the meetings, were listening to what he was going to do, what he wanted to do, and there really wasn't much interest in having "community input" so alot of folks began to "see through" the endeavor of these meetings. Some simply smiled, said their thank you's and goodbye's and never communicated again.

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