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Sunday, May 31, 2009

July 8-9th Littleton, N.H. Remich Park Pow-wow Event etc.

I am sure I attended the May 1995 Swanton, Vermont Pow-wow since during the month earlier, I had recieved a "new" 2nd "Abenaki Membership Card" from "Tribal Judge" Michael Delaney, after "Chief" Homer St. Francis Sr. "o.k.'d" my regaining "membership status" in his "Band/Tribe/Group".
The images here in this posting are of the July 08th, and 09th, 1995 annual Native American Cultural Weekend created and promoted by Nancy Lee (nee: Millette) Cruger (from the Littleton Courier Newspaper), who was the "Promotional Coordinator for Littleton". She herself began self-proclaiming to be Native American herself. Chief Walter Watso of Odanak, Quebec, Canada was at this event, as master of ceremonies.
The Soda bottling "First Nations soft drink" article as it relates to it's creator's and promoters, of which one of these two men, Alfred Lea, was the "Company's" Chief Executive Officer, is quite interesting too. As you can see, there was some interest in doing the same thing "business wise" from the folks up in Swanton led by "Chief" Homer St. Francis. I recall some "talk" about "commercializing Brunswick Springs" a.k.a. N'bezonbik or N'biz8bek's seven (7) springs in this Bottled Water endeavor of theirs.
Ok, now here is a tidbit I want you all to pay close attention to. In June of 1995 "a series of walk-overs (site evaluations) was conducted by two men, Edward Bouras and Paul Bock. Later you will understand why I want you to be paying attention to this bit of information. Now remember, there was no mention of anyone else doing this series of walk-overs, and certainly there was no Nancy Lee (nee: Millette) Cruger stomping around the country-side of Jefferson, New Hampshire showing anyone any potential or documentarily known Abenaki Village site! You'll understand why I bring this up when you read future postings. These two men discovered lithic debitage (stone fragments), including the base of a fluted point in November 1994 led to a series of SCRAP (State Conservation and Rescue Archaeology Program) excavations that began in 1996. Remember these dates.

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