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Sunday, May 31, 2009

January 1991 Yankee Magazine Article Continued


Reading page "61" of this Yankee Magazine, I am reminded of the late (now deceased) Homer St. Francis Sr's "attitude" and inflated ego when I read in this article how "Chief" Homer proclaimed that he wants Missisquoi back. And that includes not only ALL of Vermont, but ALL of New Hampshire, parts of Maine and western Massachusetts, and chunks of upstate New York and southern Quebec, Canada. The man ins simple terms was in obvious denial of the reality in which he was born into. In today's reality, to make such statements such as "The Abenakis, he warned, were willing to spill anybody's blood if it comes down to that."
On page "109" it states, "A Vermont ethnohistorian and genealogist named John Moody documented the lineages of 30 living Abenaki, including Homer St. Francis Sr. (Read the "Summary under the Criteria for the Proposed Finding on the St. Francis/ Sokoki Band of Abenaki of Vermont dated November 09, 1995 by James E. Cason, Associate Deputy Secretary of the Interior). I will be posted portions of this document and/or all of it on this blog in the future postings.
Later on ( you can read it in the photographs I;ve posted of this very article) Homer St. Francis Sr. stated, "We'll give the white man's courts time to do what is right. But we won't wait forever. If it comes down to violence, I'll show them more angry Indians than they ever dreamed about. We'll make what's going on with the Mohawks up in Quebec look like a picnic." Then he proceeds to inform the Yankee Magazine reporter that there were 10,000 Abenakis in Fall River, Massachusetts, alone, ready to take up arms in the defense of their people. "Chief" Homer went on to say that the has six (6) airplane air force, four wheel-drive vehicles, plenty of horses. There are Abenakis in Albany, Boston, Hartford, even Abenakis in the US Senate, all waiting for a signal from their "Chief" Homer W. St. Francis.
Talk like that, well, in today's reality, Homer W. St. Francis, Chief of this so-called Sovereign Abenaki Nation, Republic of Missisquoi would have been booking a room at Guantanamo Bay as a "terrorist" for a very long stay, had he proclaimed these statements in the media today!

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