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Friday, March 28, 2014

Very Recent Events in "Abenaki" La-La-Land of Vermont

It is an implied "Missisquoi""Abenaki" "tribal" community. Of which they are not. 
"Giovanna Peebles , (another "Abenaki" advocate with a clear "working relationship" with the groups claiming to be Abenakis) referred questions to DHP head Laura Trieschmann, who directed them to Dale Azaria, the general counsel for the Vermont Department of Housing and Community Development." 
"Ethan Merrill described as the state's "monkey-wrenching" of the arrangement with the anonymous benefactor" ... and who was this anonymous benefactor, and why have they insisted on maintaining their cloak of anonymity, identity-wise and very likely financially as well?
David Van Deusen, another member of the VCNAA ... (yet again he has been allied with and developed a working relationship with the four "Abenaki" groups for years.)

John Crock is an associate professor and director of UVM's Consulting Archaeology Program (yet another ally/advocate/ with a "working relationship" with the "Abenakis" can proclaim or imply that he and the university has been working with the Abenakis around burial issues." I do not think that accurate at all.
"The "Missisquoi "Abenaki" group finds themselves struggling a second time for control over "their ancestors" sacred possessions. ... Where the laws failed, its possible cultural empathy and a dose of diplomacy will prevail...", again, based on yet again POLITICAL – GENEALOGICAL AND HISTORICAL DECEIT, DECEPTION and blatant DISTORTIONS by the afore-mentioned VCNAA and the four groups now State Recognized as generic Native American “Tribes” attempting to insinuate that they were State recognized as “Abenaki Tribes.” 

Which they are not. Those “artifacts” and those human remains do not belong to “their ancestors” … but rather, in reality, belong to Odanak’s ancestors that lived within Missisquoi and Vermont. 

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