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Friday, May 10, 2013

Luke Andrew Willard Resigns from the Vermont Commission on Native American Affairs [Good Riddance I say!] - his various restrospective "Memberships" in "Abenaki" groups; etc., and of course my commentary

Luke Andrew Willard resigns as Chair of Vermont Indian Commission
May 8 2013

"Commission members, in 2010, a new VCNAA was created. As you know, the former commission could barely conduct the most simple of tasks due to members who stalled all business because of their own destructive agendas and refusal to set their sights on positive goals for the betterment of Vermont's Indian people."

Who sabotaged, complained, whined and belly ached when Judy (nee: Fortin) Dow, Timothy de Bruere and Jeanne (nee: DeForge) Brink WERE appointed to the VCNAA retrospective-speaking and throughout their terms on that Commission? 

Who did the Governor Jim Douglas appoint as Chair-person(s) to the VCNAA while these three Commission members were there?

1. Mark William Mitchell = Homer/ April St. Francis-Merrill's STOOGE - PUPPET
November 30 2006
Mark Mitchell is appointed to the VCNAA by Governor Jim Douglas.
Mitchell is also a member of the St. Francis/Sokoki Band of Abenaki Indians of Missisquoi.

September 01, 2008
Mark William Mitchell resigns as VCNAA Chairman.

2. Donald W. Stevens Jr. Homer/ April St. Francis-Merrill's STOOGE - PUPPET
September 2008
Don Stevens appointed Chairman of the VCNAA by Governor Jim Douglas.
Donald Stevens, a Missisquoi Abenaki.
Donald Stevens, a member of the St. Francis/Sokoki Band of Abenaki Indians of Missisquoi.

December 02, 2008 
Charlene (nee: Willing) McManis Resigns from Vermont Native American Commission.

May 05, 2009 
Donald Stevens resigns as VCNAA Chairman.

3. Paul Davis Bell = Homer/ April St. Francis-Merrill's STOOGE - PUPPET
January 16, 2009
Governor Jim Douglas on  appointed Paul Davis Bell from Colchester, Chittenden County, Vermont to replace Charlene McManis on the Vermont Commission on Native American Affairs.
Paul Bell is a member of the St Francis/Sokoki Band of Abenaki Indians of Missisquoi. He was a former Tribal Council member.

May 27, 2009
Paul Bell resigns as VCNAA Chairman. 

4. Charles L. Delaney Jr. = Homer/ April St. Francis-Merrill's STOOGE - PUPPET
November 05, 2009
Governor Jim Douglas appoints Delaney-Megeso, Chair of VCNAA
Charles Delaney-Megeso was the Missisquoi St. Francis/Sokoki Abenaki Band’s Ambassador to the Vermont and U.S. governments during part of the 1990's.

June 22, 2010
Charles “Megeso” Lawrence Delaney Jr. resigns as VCNAA Chairman.

These Chairpersons of the VCNAA proceeded to manipulate, deceive, and complained  only to resign and then complain and whine some ever more so about the VCNAA  because they wanted to make the VCNAA "look bad" ... because they wanted to manipulate the SYSTEM, to CHALLENGE it, and thereby subsequently hoping to PLACE their groups sole REPRESENTATIVE'S on the VCNAA (eventually), so that they could direct the VCNAA, to be able to GRANT THEMSELVES approval for State of Vermont Recognition, with the illusion of transparency and unbiased aura.

The ONLY person's "who stalled all business because of their own destructive agendas and refusal to set their sights on positive goals for the betterment of Vermont's Indian people" were these afore-mentioned VCNAA Chair person's ... 'their supporters'/allies and or 'members' of April St. Francis - Merrill, like Charlene McManus  (the VCNAA Secretary at the time!); simply BECAUSE they did not want a TRANSPARENT and UNBIASED Vermont Commission on Native American Affairs. The Chair person's who were and are REPRESENTATIVE of and AGENTS for primarily the Swanton-based group WANTED to gain POWER and to be in CONTROL of the VCNAA, so that they could then APPROVE their own State Reocgnition (s) when the possible time came.

And let's not forget Frederick Matthew Wiseman, PhD of Johnson State College who clearly and obviously manipulated the "scholarly" data that he used, for his own POLITICAL "Abenaki" agenda, as he was also Homer/ April St. Francis-Merrill's STOOGE - PUPPET as well. 

For example, the falsification and intentional mis-identification of those particular Four Indians of Alburg, Grand Isle County, Vermont ca. 1863; and that  RPPC Postcard image of Chief Nicholas Panadis of the Waubanakus, Highgate, Vermont.

The new commission was made up of people who were mostly new to the bureaucratic environment and therefore had not yet become jaded or ineffective by it. 

Really? Could have fooled me! http://reinventedvermontabenaki.blogspot.com/2010/04/open-letter-to-vermont-gov-jim-douglas_29.html

It's difficult to find the words to properly describe the passion and determination that was present at the time. We refused to allow politics and oversensitive norms to get in the way of progress. Refusing to take no for an answer, we shouted our intentions from the rooftops and we made history. We did what was RIGHT, not what was "normal" or politically plausible.  Those first two years were really something and I'll never forget it.

No, what you did was manipulate data, artifacts, and very likely your own genealogical self-proclaimed "Abenaki" connection's, to suit your own political and "abenaki" agenda's. That's what you did Luke, right along with your cronies, Don Stevens, Jr. and Frederick M. Wiseman etc.

Today though, I feel that the commission is taking a different path and it isn't a path that I wish to travel at this time. I know I'll be back from time to time to exercise my voice and to bring ideas to the table. For now though, I'm enjoying a fairly simple life trying to find and promote ways for unemployed and underemployed Abenakis in my community to capitalize on their own talents and abilities to become self-reliant. I'm enjoying the woods, planting seeds, and rekindling old friendships.
This is obviously my resignation from the Vermont Commission on Native American Affairs. It is effective immediately. I say no goodbye's because I'm not going anywhere and I look forward to maintaining friendships and working relationships with each of you.
A few parting words of advice...
Do not let the Division for Historic Preservation lord over you. They have a duty to provide you with certain services and assistance, not the other way around.  Lastly, and if you remember anything about my service to Vermont's Abenaki people, please remember this - CHALLENGE THE SYSTEM.
Take care,
Luke Willard

My Comments:

Please SPARE us Luke Willard of your mouthy diatribe of egotistical arrogant B.S. Nonsense about how the "new" Commission you were Chair person on, allegedly was any 'better-than' in comparative to the previously appointed one. 

You all approved yourselves for VT State Recognition GENERICALLY, and were "evaluated" by your hand-picked "Scholars" who've had a working-relationship for retrospective years with your "Abenaki" Indian-ist incorporation's, and then were approved by the allied Vermont Politicians Illuzzi, and Hinda Miller ... to name just a few. 

There was NO REAL independent, unbiased EVALUATION/ VALIDATION/SUBSTANTIATION of ANY of the FOUR groups (or is that 5 now?) Application's content/claims regarding their data used for Vermont Recognition. It was not "historical" let alone valid data. No one really did any homework, or background research into these groups genealogies, socially or historically, of anyone's members sovereign from this "Abenaki" ilk in Vermont. They used particular "front" people like Trudy (nee: Call) Parker, Norm M'Sadoques and others (like Jeanne Brink and Cheryl Heath), to make it APPEAR that the genealogical records of the whole groups were allegedly Abenaki Ancestor connected. 

Timothy de la Bruere and Louise (nee: Lampman) Larivee TRIED to obtain Title V and VII over to Orleans County, Vermont for the "Abenaki" residing there. They couldn't get it.

I think it was because of subtle manipulation(s) and SABOTAGE by none other than April St. Francis Merrill and Jeff Benay, creating "walls" that Louise and Tim de la Bruere couldn't climb over. So they abandoned that endeavor, out of sheer frustration.

Or was it because of an alleged signed CONTRACT by Senator Patrick Leahy and the so-called Missisquoi-Sokoki group, led by then Blackie Lampman and or Homer ... and subsequently by Homer's only daughter April A. St. Francis-Merrill, that Title V and VII would  BE available and ACCESSIBLE 
ONLY to that "particular Swanton-based group" of alleged and re-invented "Abenakis" ???

But, once the "new" VCNAA Commission was installed/appointed, the "walls" seemingly disappeared and the newly reconstructed/restructured VCNAA sought Title V and VII Indian Education with renewed vigor, and did obtain Title V and VII over into Orleans County, Vermont (?). Now they want to tap into Indian Child Welfare, meant for legitimately documented Native American's that are Federally Recognized. They want the $$$$, the Grants, and the Right, Title and Interest that Federally Recognized BIA Native People's have, without ever really having to SHOW - PROVIDE or SUBSTANTIATE that they are even Abenakis or even Indians, in fact, genealogically or otherwise.

It's all about POWER and CONTROL through your inflated EGO's, led by the likes of Luke Andrew Willard and his cronies. It's about Identity Theft against the Abenakis, their ancestors of yesterday and their descendants today and tomorrow. It's about DISTORTING and REWRITING Abenakis further out of existence, and INSERTING yourselves into the reality of BEING ABENAKIS, of which does not legitimately belong to you people. 

You are a bought-and-sold "Wannabiak", a _________ to my thinking Luke Willard ... to the very SYSTEM that you claim to allegedly "challenge"!  Right along with everyone else on that VCNAA, to my thinking. And running off to enjoy the woods, plant your seeds in that contemporary "mound gardening" you mimic from Rasle's book, and rekindling old friendships with your like-minded ilk you call your "friends" is so your modus operandi. Everyone of the VCNAA Chairpersons, INCLUDING you, have RESIGNED. I wonder why that is. Because it isn't too your liking? Oh yeah, that's right. YOU got what you wanted, and for months you just stopped answering emails from the VCNAA and even stopped attending the meetings.

You all are Wannabiak, officially by the State of Vermont Legislature and Governor merely GENERICALLY 
"recognized" ; not as an Abenaki man, not as an Abenaki Tribe either. 

Hmm ... running around retrospective-speaking, with Bruce Louis DuBois and Richard "Skip" Bernier while claiming to be "Nulhegan" creating  and incorporating that newly constructed group in 2004 with Nancy Cote and Billy Largy (aka Mabel Victoria nee: Burton), while BEING A MEMBER (card-holder) of yet another group? Tell me it isn't so! Were you Band Hopping and Shopping like so many others Luke?

How many generic "Abenaki" Wannabiak groups were you in and got a membership card with Luke Andrew Willard? 3-4-5-6 or 7? 

August 03, 1998
Hail To The Chief
Vermont Sen. Vince Illuzzi, center, was made an honorary chief, assuming the name Chief Fighting Wolf, at the Evansville Pow-Wow held this weekend. He was honored by Chief Spirit Water (Ralph Swett, left) and members of various Native American groups. [Jerome "Jerry" Kelly, former Deputy Commissioner of Agriculture and longtime student of Abenaki history, is on the right].

 Front Side of "Membership" Cards 
North American People of the Dawn
True Wabanaki Abenaki Nation
Reverse Side of "Membership" Cards 
North American People of the Dawn
True Wabanaki Abenaki Nation

If Homer St. Francis Sr. could do it ... If Howard F. Knight, Jr could do it ... if Paul Wilson Pouliot could do it ETC ETC then David Descouteaux - Hill and Reynold Choiniere could do it too. 

So like all good little boys in Vermont wanting to grow up and be a Wannabiak, Luke Willard learned to INCORPORATE, creating his very own make-believe "Abenaki" Club now officially called a Vermont Recognized GENERIC "Tribe" from these afore-mentioned "Chiefs" and he also built himself probably Tree Fort and all (Even making his very own Membership Cards now that he signs and issues for $$$) while his cronies Donald Warren Stevens Jr.and Billy Largy solicited by email, telephone etc, new members from all across Vermont into the "Abenaki" Club. 

They could all be "abenaki" "artists" together in one Big Happy Nulhegan Indian-ist Family in Orleans County, Vermont ... telling their wannabiak Fairy Tales (and those stories are SCARY, I assure you) over a evening fire, drum and beater in-hand, while the children listen naively to their Wannabiak "Elders", so that they too can grow up as Wannabiak, just like their parent(s) !!

Heck, even Jeanne Lincoln-Kent, Sherry Gould and Paul Tamburro joined the Nulhegan Bunch, and got their "Cards" BTW, Jeanne lives in Winsted, CT, Paul Tamburro lives in WA or Illinois (or wherever), and Sherry/Bill Gould live in Bradford, New Hampshire. 

CREATING "ABENAKIS" throughout N'dakinna was EASY and PROFITABLE

Luke A. Willard (named after his mother's maiden name - his father was Donald Sackett, who was born on September 19, 1955) who claims to be "Chief" of the alleged and re-invented Nulhegan-Coosek "group" was born July 03, 1978 .... and was allied with and connected to "Hereditary Grand High Chief" (as he called himself) David Andrew Decoteau dit Hill AKA Sly Fox I.D. # 048-34-9436, and also to "Chief" Reynold Choineire born January 24, 1929. 
This particular documentation is regarding a specific Bank Checking Account #0115908 at the First Colebrook Bank at 147 Main Street in Colebrook, New Hampshire 03576. Bank Account Authorization date of April 04, 2002, which was created on May 10, 2002 by a Dodie Smith (Business Telephone #802-334-8177). 

Remember, that on May 13, 1997 Howard F. Knight Jr. dismissed any further Judicial action against David A. Descoteaux dit Hill regarding Docket Number 9-1-94-05CV in Orleans County, Vermont ~and~ that on that same date of May 13, 1997 Howard F. Knight Jr. "declared and announced the Uniting of our clan with the Wabanaki Sovereign Nation, (The North American People of the Dawn, Inc.) and the full recognition of the True Hereditary Grand High Chief/ Prince David A. Hill (Wawanolette), forever as long as the grass grows, the moon glows, the rivers flow, and the sun shines. This document was faxed May 14, 1997 at WED 6:50 WABANAKI NATION P. 01. 

So, the question is....WHY did Dodie Smith open up a First Colebrook Bank Checking Account in Coos County, New Hampshire, for Chief David A. Hill, Chief Reynold Choineire, and Luke A. Willard on May 10, 2002 in the name of the North American People of the Dawn, Inc. (?) which obviously was in Newport, Orleans County, Vermont? Why didn't this "group" open up a Checking Account in Newport, Vermont or at least in Orleans County, Vermont where they all resided?

Abenakis open cultural and advocacy center in Newport
By Christopher Roy
The Newport Daily Express
...."Finance chief and treasurer for North American People of the Dawn, Inc. Luke Willard [on the left in the image], said they recently rented the new office and offer six social service programs, including tribal registration and genealogy research. He said he encourages people to join the tribe, "be it has to be certified, without error, and backed up. Eventually, we'll go for recognition, and they are going to ask for all these files."....
...."Willard credits Rep. Loren Shaw and Nancy Sheltra (Orleans-1). "I contacted most of the Six Pack, and we got support from all of them, but Loren was the one who invited us to Montpelier to lobby. We want people to know we're here and ready to start working," he said. "We're not just a tribe, we're a 501 C-3 social service agency since 1999 and incorporated since 1993."

May 16, 2002
Fax'd email from Luke Andrew Willlard to Ralph Skinner Swett ... of the Clan of the Hawk, Inc.'d located in Evansville, Orleans County, Vermont.
Chief Spirit Water [Now calls himself Chief Lone Cloud]
Ralph Swett

Kwai Nidoba, [Hello my friend in Abenaki]
Thank you for giving me the opportunity to speak with you this afternoon. You stated that 'nothing can be accomplished until the people come together' and your right. This is what we are trying to do. We want to form a working and cooperating relationship between the Algonquin Wabanaki Confederation [North American People of the Dawn, Inc.] and the Clan of the Hawk. Our goal is to see as many tribes, bands, clans, etc. agree to cooperate and work together toward the goals that we can all agree on ... recognition, existence, and preservation. We have been in contact with State Representatives and so far we have received very positive feedback and commitments of support. We have calls in to key officials of many Abenaki organizations in hopes to achieve friendly relations and cooperation. As you know, the Northeast Kingdom has a high population of Native peoples and I'm sure you'll agree that as Native Americans we have the obligation to respect and honor one another. With steps being taken towards recognition it is very important that we make our presence known in the Northeast. Please consider this communication the first of many friendly relations to come. Also notify me as soon as possible as to whether or not I may include the Clan of the Hawk in our petition as I am making the trip to Montpelier next week.
May the Great Spirit guide and watch over you and yours...
Best regards,
Falling Owl
Luke Willard
AWC [Algonquin Wabanaki Confederation] Tribal Spokesman
498 Highland Ave.
Newport, VT 05855
From: Northern Border
Luke A. Willard
To: Clan of the Hawk
Chief Spirit Water

May 16, 2002 
Fax'd Email Message 
Vermont State Legislature
Vermont State Senate
Montpelier, VT
Ladies and Gentleman:
It is hereby agreed that the Vermont Abenaki, including but not limited to, the Algonquin-Wabanaki Confederation, the St. Francis-Sokoki Band, the Clan of the Hawk, the Alnobak Nebasakiak and other sub-clans, have occupied and inhabited the land we know as the State of Vermont since time immemorial.
It is also agreed that there is no proof that the Abenaki knowingly or cooperatively extinguished Aboriginal Title to the land occupied by the State of Vermont.
It is finally agreed that the Vermont Abenaki, defined above, should receive the status of recognition at the state level, which would lead to federal recognition to preserve their culture, heritage, and sovereignty for future generations.
From: Northern Border
Luke A. Willard
To: Clan of the Hawk
Chief Spirit Water

“The cover design of the compact disk and the design of the point of purchase displays were done by Clan of the Hawk member Nancy Cote-Rolls (Clan Grandmother Raven) ...”

Luke Andrew Willard filled out an application dated October 07, 2002 to the Organization “Odanak Abenakis of Vermont" of Newport, Orleans County, Vermont led by Richard “Skip” Bernier. 

Luke Willard desired to be identified as Abenaki, but without supporting documentation genealogically-speaking ...

No genealogical evidence was provided, other than what Luke Willard himself (or his Aunt) created, to support their ALLEGED "Abenaki" linage and descent.

Luke Andrew Willard did IN FACT receive an ASSOCIATE Membership Card Band No. #A005092978 that was approved by Bruce L. DuBois, dated on the 17th day of October, 2002. Having an Associate Membership Card, Luke Willard had no obligation to share, show or provide any supporting evidence of his alleged self-proclaimed connection(s) to the Abenaki lineage and descent at all.

But I can tell you, Bruce Louis DuBois did IN FACT escort Luke Andrew Willard all-over-the Northeast Kingdom (and even into Stanstead, Quebec, Canada) DESPERATELY LOOKING FOR that very elusive Hiding-In-Plain-Sight non-existent Abenaki ancestor! It was not found. 

Why do I say this? Because WHERE is the supporting genealogical, historical documentation PROVING such Abenaki exists in Luke Andrew Willard's ancestry? It ought to be right here with his Application, should it not? One would think so! But it is not.

Notice that the Associate Membership Card Expires in October 31, 2005, and that it is signed by Richard Robert Bernier. 

Did Mr. Luke Andrew Willard EVER SUBMIT ANY SUBSTANTIATING DOCUMENTATION, GENEALOGICALLY-SPEAKING, to ever validate his claims of being "Abenaki"? I think not.

Reverse Side of Card wherein Luke A. Willard placed his signature, as if he had substantiated his ABENAKI Connections. Ok, so if he did, WHERE is the documentation(s) that validate his genealogical connections to the Abenaki?

Oh that's right ... I am in "Abenaki" La - La - Land and like many out there, are wannabiak. Just click your muddy Vermonter Boots there Luke, and so on, pull out your Card(s) and tell us all how "Abenaki" you are.... that will make you MORE "Abenaki" if you keep saying it.... over and over again.

Anyone can create this type of Descendant Chart. Doesn't mean that it is genealogically FACTUAL.
Could be it is just "stories" of wishful thinking/assuming and Fairy Tales.

 Of course, Luke Willard was VERY INTERESTED in the Snow's of St. Regis/Akwesas:ne Iroquois/ Mohawk Community, regardless of VALID GENEALOGICAL BLOODLINE CONNECTION(S) not being shown and proven.

Myra Mae Leonard, born  September 23, 1887 at Barton, Orleans County, Vermont was the daughter of Michel "Mitchell" Lyonnais dit Leonard [who was born 20 Oct 1855 at Ste. Thomas d' Aquin, Compton, Compton County,  Quebec, Canada] [NOT Ste. Thomas de. Pierreville in Odanak, Quebec, Canada!] and his wife, Rosa Phebe Jéróme, born to John Jéróme and Adaline Spring whom married 15 Aug 1860 in Glover, Orleans County, Vermont. This John Jéróme did IN FACT, have some sort of connection(s) to the Chittenden County-based Jéróme's, him having married first, to Julie Anne Julian on 30 Oct 1844 in Burlington, Chittenden County, Vermont.

Myra Mae (nee: Leonard) married to Samuel Charles Paul in 1908. His parents were William Francis Paul and Lydia Ann DeGoosh. Lydia's 1st husband was Joseph Labarre dit Labor. It was this Joseph and Lydia, who ARE the ancestors of Leigh Larocque (the Vermont Legislative Politician), Darryl (Darrell) Richard Larocque, and indeed Joseph and Lydia are the ancestors of Jesse James Larocque, the ash basket maker; including Wes J. Davey, Charles "Chuck" Carl Labor, and many more....

What is interesting doing a genealogical research of the Lyonnais dit Leonard is that his sister Marie Celina Lyonnais dit Leonard married to Eusebe Vallée, and it was Marie and Eusebe's daughter, Marie Louise Vallée whom married on October 29, 1907 to Louis Panadis dit Benedict, son of Edwin Panadis dit Benedict and Marie Anne Denis, WHO WERE ABENAKIS of Odanak!

Luke Andrew Willard
Mandi M. (nee: Brochu) Willard - Berube
[daughter of Alfred Emile Brochu and Trudy Faye Hastings]
Holding their daughter Katelyn Snow Willard
Their son, Nickolas Andrew Willard

Carol A. (nee: Willard) Gravelin's Application dated October 07, 2002 wherein she desired to be identified as Abenaki, like her son Luke Andrew Willard.

Again, this is signed by Bruce L. DuBois on October 17, 2002 but contrary to being identified as Abenaki, she was merely identified as an Associate Member, and her Card (below) was not completed nor signed on the front of it. It does indicate that she placed her signature to the Associate Member Card, but that Richard "Skip" Bernier did not sign his name to it.

 Carol Anne (nee: Willard) Graveline - McGivern

Again, this is signed by Bruce L. DuBois on October 17, 2002 but contrary to being identified as Abenaki, she was merely identified as an Associate Member, and her Card (below) was not completed nor signed on the front of it. It does indicate that she placed her signature to the Associate Member Card, but that Richard "Skip" Bernier did not sign his name to it. Evelyn wanted to be "Abenaki" like her daughter Carol and her Grandson Luke Willard.

 Evelyn S. (nee: Storey) Willard

Where is that historical family Bible Luke, that you SAY shows alleged connection(s) to the Watso Otôndosonne Otôdoson ancestry, connected to Odanak down to your ancestor(s)? WHY didn't you PROVIDE that evidence to Bruce and Skip Bernier between 2002 and 2005? I don't think you could then, I don't think you can now. Because the "evidence" NEVER EXISTED in the first place, in your possession or in anyone else's Luke.

January 19, 2004
1:13 PM
From: Luke Willard
To: greyawassos@yahoo.com
Subject: Friend?
Bruce Louis Dubois,
“How could you do that to me? You told me many times that you didn’t know how to lie. That statement alone was a lie. The last time we saw each other we made amends, shook hands, and even hugged. I know now that it was just an act, like the rest of your life. I am going to respond on Wobanaki [Yahoo Message Board] to your posting, but not until I have calmed down. I don’t want to do it, because even after everything that happened I still felt down deep that we were friends and that we were just going over one of those bumps in the road.

Bruce, I am Abenaki and I CAN PROVE IT! You don’t know nearly as much about genealogy as you think you do. In the past year I have accumulated more information on Abenaki families than you guys will ever have. As I said, I do not want to do it, but I am going to respond with the same cruelty and I will do my best to discredit and humiliate you, as you have me ….”


[just like your letter of Resignation!]

 We will be very interested in your findings. I should tell you that I did go and pull some of Luke's records and will continue to do so. Talked with him about recognition and he mentioned that everyone will have to show their records including himself. You can return your findings at our home address at:
Cindy Dague
P.O. Box 1251
Derby Line, Vt. 05830

Thank you for your time, we await your response and if there is anything you could do to help with my search on Luke, I would greatly appreciate it.

Cindy and Dawn

Cindy Lee Dague and Dawn Macie are daughters to Nancy Lee Alice (nee: Côté) Thomas - Dague – Rolls (formerly married to Charles Wendel Thomas and James Walter Dague)

Letter Postmarked September 04, 2002
September 21, 2004
The Newport Daily Express Newspaper
Newport, Orleans County, Vermont
Page 1
By Anna L. Squire
Some of the members of the Nulhegan Band, Cowasuck Abenakis, who are petitioning the Vermont legislature for state recognition. From left to right, rear, Luke Willard (Falling Owl), Dawn Macie (Dancing Light), front row, left to right: Nancy Cote, Silent Thunder, Sparkling Water. (Photo by Anne L. Squire)
In Derby Line
Local Abenakis forming a new band, seeking state recognition
By Anne L. Squire
Express Staff Writer
DERBY LINE -- For 30 years, various groups of Abenakis have petitioned the Legislature and the governors for state recognition. This status would give that group an official status within Vermont. Federal recognition, which has very specific criteria and is usually much harder to achieve, brings benefits such as health access and scholarships. Many tribes that have federal recognition have casinos on their land, which bring the tribes a considerable amount of money because Indian casinos are exempt from federal taxes.
For most of the 70's and 80's the most vocal Abenaki group in Vermont was the group at Swanton, under the leadership of the late Homer St. Francis. That group applied for state recognition, but Attorney General William Sorrell
--------See Abenakis Page Nine.......

Abenakis Continued.....
From Page One
denied their petition in a 254-paged document. Although several other groups within the state have attempted some form of petition, they have been unsuccessful for several reasons.
Most recently, former Gov. Howard Dean rejected state recognition for the Swanton band because he believed recognition would open the floodgates to other Abenaki groups, and would pave the way for a casino in Vermont.
Now, a group of Abenakis meeting presently in Derby Line has petitioned the governor and the Legislature for state recognition. This group, calling themselves the Nulhegan band of the Coosuck Abenakis, originally were part of the group that meets at Evansville, Vermont, under the leadership of Ralph Swett. They left to form their own group.
Luke Willard, elected as their war chief, and several members of the group were interviewed Sunday afternoon.
In only a few months, the group has grown from 15 to around 50, Willard said. The group has been incorporated in Vermont as a non-profit organization, and is seeking federal status as a 501(c)(3), non-profit organization.
Willard said the group has been in contact with local legislatures about the issue, with several of them indicating support for their petition. He said their petition clearly states that they are not interested in gaming or having a casino.
They base their request for recognition on family genealogies that go back many generations of Abenaki -descended people who have lived in the Nulhegan watershed area. Yet this group, along with the other 3 or 4 REFUSE to show and provide any genealogical connections to the Abenaki, to the Vermont Commission on Native American Affairs or to the State of Vermont. One of the few land sales records from or to Abenakis is a 200 year old sald of land by an Abenaki named Philip, who sold (illegally) about 300 square miles of territory in the northern Connecticut River-eastern Memphremagog basin area.
Philip's band were called "Cowasuck" or "Coosuk" Abenakis," their name deriving from the Abenaki word "Coös," or "Cowas," meaning that they were the "people who live among the pine trees."
Willard says he hopes, more than anything, to make the Abenakis in this area "more visible." Yet, he mentions none of the Odanak Abenaki descendants who have lived within Orleans County, Vermont for generations!
Group member and business office person Nancy Cote said that, in addition to working on genealogies, the group has also started recording oral traditions and family stories for their archives. She added that the group has started thinking about possibly a museum where people could come and see all the artifacts from this area. Artifacts include stone points, called "arrow heads," as well as other stone tools that have been found in the area.
Cote added that she hopes the group can also encourage pride in being Abenaki in this part of Vermont. She noted that many other Abenaki groups in the state fave fallen apart through lack of communication and a lack of solidarity among the members.
Another woman, Sparkling Waters, noted that people stop and ask her about the medicine bag she wears around her neck.
"People want to know about the Abenakis," she noted.
This group is hoping that their petition will be the one that finally allows at least some Vermont Abenakis to be acknowledged as Vermont's original people.

October 04, 2004
11:33 AM

From: Nancy Cote
To: Grandfather Thibault
Subject: First Natioins
Kwai Grandfather [Phillip J. Thibault]
This attachment is meant to dissolve the majority of people within the
Nulhegan Band from the fact that things were down without the consensus of
the entire group and especially without permission from the chief and sub

All of us realize that this has gone far enough and that we have made a
horrible mistake by using our hearts to think that someone could change, we
were wrong in doing so.
I have tried to talk honorably on your site but cannot stay silent too much longer with this individual [Luke Andrew Willard] slamming everyone. He has a personal agenda of his own and furthermore I have much proof documented to back up this statement.
Do what you want with the letter about the Woodpecker, a wise individual gave this to the group to protect us from the ways of a young, willful, self serving, warrior want to be individual.
My apologies come to you sincerely as I am honored to have your opinions on all things. The majority of the people including the chiefs Raymond Bernier and Charlie Girard have given permission for me to use their names to rectify this situation. Today I have started and it will be done honorably with the consensus of all for the purpose of today and the tomorrows of our children and their children.
With much love,
your Nanny

From: "Nancy"  Cote
Subject: Re: [NA-ABENAKI] VT Local Abenakis forming a new band, seeking state recognition
Wood Pecker - "Lobatahigasak"
(half red-head )
The Power of Rhythm and Discrimination History is filled with pieces of discrimination against Native Peoples, separating them from their Ancient Cultural Traditions. People, as individuals are just jumping into situations with little or no analysis.their sharp bill and it's long tongue can reflect their own mental faculties
to show how in their daily mental ideals "their true selves," and their own flight, unique to only themselves.
This conspicuous behavior is not in the best interest to the greater rhythm of all our peoples needs, to unite and facilitate our common ancestral heritage, that is the foundation we must all build upon.
It will take many wise Elders to resolve this problem. We are as a community, working towards those goals, and openly except greater wisdom linked to this resolution. It is important for all to examine this dimension
of those who are just jumping into things, (as we are within our own peoples) to resolve this issue among our own foundation, so that we truly are on the right path.
We highly respect your wisdom given, and are awakening to our needs to beconnected, to the greater rhythms of all our Abenaki peoples needs. as a Nation - confederated as it was when the drum sang as the heartbeat of all our peoples.
We are undergoing transformations within our own consciousness and our doors are open - extending a courtesy and a gentle heart towards one and all. The tools of transformation must be properly gathered from all sources, so we extend a courtesy to all to help us see the greater vision in uniting our peoples.
We have some internal affairs under consideration linked to a certain individual who is jumping into situations with little or no analysis, acting on their own. Therefore, this matter is being closely investigated. We are all searching for our voice that leads us to unity respectfully. We are humble to Creator, and seek his Spiritual Guidance.

Did you notice on the Incorporation papers, that Nancy Cote - Rolls SHUT DOWN the Incorporation in October 2004, and then it was later re-activated again? How is this a bon-a-fide legitmate Abenaki Tribe, what with her and they doing these tactics and manipulations?
SO, let us see and evaluate what we have here regarding Luke Andrew Willard…. Shall we?

Luke was a member of varied groups proclaiming to be... certainly not "Nulhegan-Coosus" that's for sure.

Luke was SOOOOOOO Nulhegan-Coosuk that he joined:
A. North American People of the Dawn, Inc. led by David Andrew Descoteaux-Hill and subsequently by Reynold Choiniere.

Luke was SOOOOOOO Nulhegan-Coosuk that he joined:
B. Clan of the Hawk, Inc. led by Ralph Skinner Swett

Luke was SOOOOOOO Nulhegan-Coosuk that he joined:
C. Odanak Abenakis of Vermont, Inc. led by Richard Skip Bernier

Luke was SOOOOOOO Nulhegan-Coosuk that he created his very own "Tribe":
D. Nulhegan Band of the Coosuk-Abenaki People aka "Nulhegan-Coosuk/ Old Phillips Band” led in part by Luke Andrew Willard, the late Nancy Lee Alice Côté, and now led by Donald Warren Stevens, Jr.
I predict that Donald Warren Stevens Jr. will step down from being "Chief" of the "Nulhegan - Coosuk" group, and be the next Chairman of the VCNAA and that he too, can't wear two hats at the same time.... then they can keep CONTROL some more ... just like Luke Willard said and did !!


Well that is FOUR Indian-ist "Abenaki" groups Luke Willard has been member of, prior to the year 2005. 

If the “Nulhegan – Coosuk Tribe was historically, genealogically and socially viable as a legitimate TRIBE, PRIOR TO THEIR INCORPORATION STATUS "under Vermont State Law" via the Secretary of State's Office, then WHY would these people, like Luke Willard, Nancy Lee Alice Côté, and Donald Warren Stevens, Jr. having "historically" (or should I use the wordage 'hysterically?) had to JUMP from one VT “Abenaki” group to another VT “Abenaki” group? 
In the meantime though, let's look at Luke's assertion(s) that the fomer VCNAA appointed Members were quote, had "stalled all business because of their own destructive agendas and refusal to set their sights on positive goals for the betterment of Vermont's Indian people" as he so condescendingly has expressed himself.

Please refer to this area of my blog: 


Read the ENTIRE Open Letter to Governor Jim Douglas.

Luke Andrew Willard and his cronies of like-minded ilk, went after very specific person's on the VCNAA prior to ... 

... that being namely Judy (nee: Fortin) Dow - Timothy de la Bruere - and Jeanne Brink retrospectively-speaking. 

WHY? Because of these 3 people on the VCNAA seeking a TRANSPARENT TRUTHFUL UNBIASED RECOGNITION PROCESS, FOR EVERYONE throughout Vermont.

Directly and indirectly ... these 3 VCNAA persons became a THREAT.

Raymond "Palm Reading" Lussier, Jeanne (nee: Lalime) Lincoln Kent, Frederick M. Wiseman PhD all wrote letters of angst and with an 'axe-to-grind' against Mrs. Dow, Jeanne Brink and Tim de la Bruere. 

They claimed Jeanne Brink and Tim de la Bruere were somehow "agents" of Odanak, out to stop these alleged and re-invented groups self-proclaiming to be "Abenaki Bands or Tribes" from gaining Vermont State Recognition. Both Jeanne Brink and Tim de la Bruere were BORN IN VERMONT. Yet, in a game of pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey (the 'tail' being ODANAK) the Vermont Indigenous Alliance and their Professor from Johnson State College felt THREATENED by these two O'Bomsawin descendants! 

They claimed Odanak wanted LAND in Vermont, and that they wanted to pursue Casino Gambling within Vermont.

To 'take out' Judy Dow, April St. Francis - Rushlow - Merrill resorted to calling or communicating with Judy Fortin - Dow's estranged sister  Nancy Comstock by telephone call which April Merrill alleges to have received on March 1, 2008 at 8:50 AM. 

April St. Francis - Merrill had to DISCREDIT Judy (Fortin) Dow (right along with Frederick Matthew Wiseman) because ARCHAEOLOGICALLY-SPEAKING it was beneficial to them, due to the Intervale, Vermont Indigenous Native Burials and Archaeological Studies going on there.

So... Luke Willard, Donald Stevens, Jr. and even Mark William Mitchell continue to hastily CLAIM that the former VCNAA was inept, a do-nothing Commission, "stalled all business because of their own destructive agendas and refusal to set their sights on positive goals for the betterment of Vermont's Indian people" ? 

YET, it was these very people, comprised of the Vermont Groups seeking Recognition such as Luke Willard himself, along with April and her STOOGES (listed above) who kept STALLING all business of the former VCNAA, and who have had destructive agenda's, and who have ONLY had their sights on their agenda's and goals, to the detriment of Vermont's ABENAKI People all along.

Judy, Tim and Jeanne DID the BEST THEY COULD while on the VCNAA, considering the SABOTAGE, the DECEIT, the MANIPULATION and OBSTRUCTIONIST'S that the VCNAA Chair persons ACTUALLY were, while they too were on the VCNAA Commission! 

I guess that did not apply, when it concerned Abenakis from and of Odanak
LIVING in Vermont and New Hampshire

_For Example_

Richard Skip Bernier and all his ABENAKI relatives

Jeanne Brink and all her  ABENAKI relatives

Timothy de la Bruere
or even 

Judy Dow

Again Luke Andrew Willard...







Better now than later I say...

Just like the other VCNAA Chairpersons before you and their resignations.
(Their Words were Cheap too)

To You Luke Willard, I say Farewell
Riddance !!

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