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Friday, January 25, 2013

They want to keep pointing at one another and claiming fraudulently that they are all legitimately genealogically descendants of the Abenaki? Really? - Doris Cheney Minkler - Nancy Hubshman "Red Star" - Rhonda Lou Besaw and Charles F. True Jr. and a few more Genealogical Mappings:

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So with that stated quite clearly, from the very beginning, I will modify this particular post[slightly] - meaning without some of the images previoiusly posted

Censorship at it's best, through the DMCA.COM, twice now.

What are these FAKE WANNABIAK "Abenakis" of VT/NH etc. really afraid of? 

[Little ol' me and or this blog?]

Answer: the TRUTHFUL 'critical examination and questioning of their baseless (and dare I say very likely fraudulent) statements and claims that their ancestors or themselves are Abenakis!!!

How is it that these women (or the Bruchac's for that matter) are Abenakis, historically - genealogically speaking? Hummmmm? Do their genealogical records substantiate their claims

Let's actually review the genealogical reports etc, shall we? (and yes I have the documents to back up my FTM Reports)

[1.] How is Rhonda Besaw an Abenaki woman? 

Here's HER Genealogy:


[2.] How is Charles Francis True Jr. an Abenaki Chief (of what COMMUNITY)?

Here is HIS Genealogy:


In October 2012 Wabanaki Beadwork Facebook Group Rhonda Lou (nee: Besaw) Grimes - True began to declare that 4 women were Abenakis........


She said "This is the next lady I will be doing a beaded portrait of.....4th in the series "The Strength of the Nation Lies With the Women"... Grandmother Doris Minckler, Abenaki/Mohawk." Indeed, the late Doris Minckler was a descendant of the Mohawk Caughanwaga/Kahnawa:ke Rice Family... yet is she descendant of the Abenaki?

Doris Gertrude (nee: Cheney) DeCarr - Minkler
Born: 30 Oct 1926 at Monkton Ridge, Addison County, Vermont
Died: 10 May 1997
Father: Giles Gilbert Cheney
Mother: Marguerite Ann Gibeau/ Gebo

How is that Doris "Grandmother Morning Dove" Gertrude Cheney - Minkler an Abenaki Elder Woman? 


And Rhonda's close relative, the late Nancy Millette-Doucet, is an "Koasek" Abenaki Chief etc?

How is it that Nancy Millette an Abenaki (or an Abenaki Chief)?

Here is Rhonda Louw Besaw's cousin Nancy Millette's Genealogy:

Rhonda, goes onto to claim that Donna Moody is an Abenaki Elder...

How is that Donna Louise Carvalho - Charlebois - Moody is an Abenaki Elder?


Donna Louise Carvalho

Born: 23 Jan 1946 in Attleboro, Bristol County, Massachusetts
Father: John Joseph Carvalho
Mother: Lillian Dorothy Robert(s)

Donna Louise (nee: Carvalho) Charlebois - Moody claimed also that she too was a descendant of the OBomsawin's of Odanak, Quebec, Canada [O'Bomsawin = Robert i.e. Obomsawin dit Robert]

Donna Louise Carvalho's paternal lineage goes back to Manuel Joaquin Carvalho born in Sao Migel, Azores, or Açores, Aveiro, Portugal, died in Fall River, Bristol County, Massachusetts.

Her maternal lineage goes back quite a number of generations to a supposedly (AND DEBATABLE)1600's Mik'Maq woman afore-mentioned in this post, as well as to a HURON woman by the name of Marie Catherine 8enta Plat dit Pillat, from the 1600's. So, in 300-200 years time-frame, the living descendant today, re-invents themselves INTO being Abenaki, based on a singular ancestry, with NO COMMUNITY, NO LANGUAGE, and from 1-2 generations down from that Native Ancestors, the descendants ARE identifying as White or Caucasian, and no indication(s) from an external point of documented observation (Vital Records, Census Records etc) as being "native" or Huron or Mik'Maq. I guess it just takes 200 years later is a Pendleton Blanket that Joe Bruchac presented to her, a pair of braids, and a whole bunch of "VT Abenaki" Public Presentations or more, claiming one is a Vermont Abenaki eh? I guess Donna Moody could join any group of re-invented Vermont "Abenakis" such as Nathan Pero's group, or even the Nulhegan group up in Orleans County, Vermont using that HURON ancestral connection (how many generations removed from her?)

[01.] "Atseña" Pierre Le Plat dit Pillat, born in La Rochelle / Ossosané (Huronia). He married 3819.
"Annenghton" Marguerite Moulinet in La Rochelle / Ossosané (Huronia) Georgian Bay.

[02.] Marie Catherine 8enta Plat dit Pillat, born 30 Mar 1646 in La Rochelle, Nouvelle-France or Charente-
Maritime, Poitou-Charentes, France; died 23 Jul 1717 in Montreal, Montreal County, Quebec, Canada;
She married Nicholas Pierre Charron dit Ducharme 19 Oct 1665 in Notre-Dame de Montréal, Montreal, Ile de Montreal County, Quebec, Canada.

[03.] Francois Charron dit Ducharme, born 02 Jun 1678 in Sorel, Richelieu County, Quebec, Canada; died
29 Mar 1678 in Sorel, Richelieu County, Quebec, Canada. He married Marguerite Piette Trempe
30 Jan 1701 in Ste. Pierre de Sorel, Sorel, Richelieu County, Quebec, Canada.

[04.] Marie Charlotte Charon dit Ducharme + Jean Baptiste Secheret dit Frechet

[05.] Jean Baptiste Frechet + Marie Rose Joly dit Dolbec

[06.] Marie Louise Frechet + Joseph Branconnier

[07.] Marie Rose Branconnier + Thomas "Damas" LaDurantaye

[08.] Sara LaDurantaye + Paschal Robert

[09.] Wilfred David (or Foster) Robert(s) + Laura Bedard

[10.] Lillian Dorothy Robert(s) + John Joseph Carvalho

[11.] Donna Louise (nee: Carvalho) + 1m. Robert Ernest Charlebois on June 04, 1966 (CHANGING HER NAME to her MOTHERS MAIDEN NAME of Roberts upon divorce to Charlebois per Proposed decree of divorce dated March 24, 1995 which was finalized on May 12, 1995) + 2m John Scott Moody on Sept. 30, 2000.

Per the Birth Certificate of Attleboro, Bristol County, MA, Donna Louise was born Carvalho as a maiden name on January 23, 1946 Registered No. 49 Page 64. NOT ROBERT or ROBERTS at all.

When Donna L. Carvalho was issued a marriage license when she'd intended to marry Robert E. Charlebois on May 24 1966, and then married the following June 04, 1966 at St. Mary's in Norton, MA, she used her maiden name of Carvalho, showing that HER MOTHER'S Maiden Name was "Roberts"...

Why then does Donna Louise Charlebois petition the NH State Superior Court on March 24, 1995 Docket Number 95-m-057 in her Proposed Decree of Divorce, and claim that she, as the PLAINTIFF, requsting that she shall assume her mother's maiden name, Roberts?

Was the surname change to her mother's maiden name because the O'Bomsawin's used the surname of Robert, so she could (after may 1995) IMPLY such  a genealogical connection to Odanak/or to the Abenakis, under false pretense? It does make me sit back and wonder....

Rhonda on her created Facebook.com continued, "This is fourth in my series of portraits entitled "The Strength of the Nation Lies With the Women". The next portrait will be of another Abenaki Elder, Donna Roberts Moody."

And just for the sake of it, Here is Rick Hunt and his wife Carolyn (nee: Osgood - Black)'s Genealogies

 How is that the "Laughing Couple"  Rick and Carolyn Hunt are Abenakis?

Carolyn (Osgood/Black) Hunt's Genealogy:


Richard "Rick" Ray Hunt's Genealogy:



WHERE is the historically documented ABENAKI Ancestry in the ancestries of Rhonda Besaw, Rick Hunt, Nancy Millette Doucet, Carolyn Osgood/Black - Hunt, Doris Cheney - Minckler?

Are they Abenakis because they have a 12th Great Grandmother that was Abenaki, Huron, or Algonkian? Mik'maq or Mohawk? One drop rule?

You TRY to find the substantiation genealogically, historical or even BEFORE 1976 when their ancestors were identified externally as ... or identifying internally within their families (observable documented evidence) as ...  that they were and or are legitimate Abenakis, before 1974 or even today! That evidence isn't to be found, because it never existed in the first place? Or they would SHOW and PROVIDE that historical evidence from within and surrounding their families. But they can't because that "evidence" NEVER existed?

Again, how is it, that the late Doris Gertrude (nee: Cheney) Decarr - Minkler is an Abenaki woman? I've worked on her genealogical background, and I only see a MOHAWK connection through the RICE/Dicaire family ancestry. Her ancestor was Pierre Dicaire b. 1721 and whom married to Cecile "Anenharisonnise" Rice b. abt. 1723 at Lac Des Deux Montagnes, Deux Montagnes County, Quebec, Canada and she was from Kahnawa:ke (very distantly removed from Doris G. Minkler). 

No Abenaki whatsoever (Remember the B.I.A. Report Conclusions ca. 2005 - 2007 wherein NOT one family or person from the Franklin County, VT area proved ANY viable connection(s) to the Abenakis? 

This INCLUDES Doris Gertrude (nee: Cheney) Decarr - Minkler!.

Secondly, how is that Charles Francis True Jr. and or his wife Rhonda Lou (nee: Besaw) Grimes _ True ARE Abenakis? 

Indeed, it was I, that found (for Rhonda) her genealogical connection Roch Manitoubowich b. abt. 1600 and whom married to Outsibabanoqueah b. abt. 1606 (Rhonda didn't know about this genealogical connection UNTIL I'd found it, no matter what she implies or says today). 

Yet how are these two HURONS from the distant early 1600's .... actually VT or NH Abenakis? IN FACT they were HURON Refugee's under the umbrella of Jesuit Protection during the Mohawk hostile incursions against the Huron Nation in the 1600's! 

Is Rhonda True "Abenaki" simply because she married Charlie True who claims to be a "Chief" of an Incorporation called the "Abenaki Nation of NH"? 

How many legitimately documented genealogically connected descendant Abenakis does he actually represent? Or do they just assume they are "Abenakis" merely because they looked into his eyes and SAID they were atthe Miti-Jo Campground Pow-wow? Or does his 'members' assume that they are "Abenaki" or "Pennacook" or "Cowasuck" based on their alleged and re-invented "Grandma-Said-So-Stories" much like Rhonda be-lie-ves she's "Abenaki" or Eastern Abenaki"/"Penobscot" simply because she herself SAYS her late father said so?

Thirdly, how is it that Donna (nee: Roberts) Charlebois-Moody is an Abenaki woman, let alone an Elder (of what viable historical cohesive Abenaki Community)? 

Yet again, I have researched her genealogical historical records, and 11 or so generations back in fact she does descend from a 1600's HURON woman. That being Marie Catherine 8enta Plat dit Pillat who was born 30 Mar 1646 at Huronia or La Rochelle, Nouvelle-France or Charente-Maritime, Poitou-Charentes, France. She'd married to a Frenchman Nicholas Pierre Charron dit Ducharme She died at Huronia or La Rochelle, Nouvelle-France 

Donna Moody also descends DISTANTLY by many generations from a Mi'kmaq woman. Her name was Catherine Marie Mi'Kmaq born abt. 1600. She m. Pierre LeJeune dit Briard and d. abt. 1636 at Port Royal, NS, Canada. 

How is that, she has been IMPLIED to be an VT/NH Abenaki by both VT and NH Agencies etc? Do they KNOW her genealogical background?

IN FACT NONE OF THESE 3 WOMEN descend from any Abenakis that I can see genealogically, socially or historically! 

If I am incorrect or in error, then please, SHOW and PROVIDE the documented evidence, genealogically or historically-speaking. [Instead they want to DMCA complain and whine about this blog post, so they can keep "hiding in plain sight"]

The "persona's" they each have created for themselves, is simply a re-invention, much like putting on a pair of roundish tinted glasses and a Capote coat, or wearing long hair (braided of course) with a pair of beaded earrings, or a beaded bag slug across the shoulder. 

But what's UNDERNEATH ALL THIS Indian-ist Pontification to the Masses of NAIVE PEOPLE going on in N'dakinna? (I didn't write NaTive either... but there are some NATIVE PEOPLE'S that are being extremely naive as well about what is going on here in the Northeast, what with this Re-Invention of the Vermont and New Hamsphire "Abenaki" "Pennacook" "Cowasuck"  i.e. (or "Koasek"), "El-Nu", "Missisquoi" (St. Francis/Sokoki) and "Nulhegan" groups.

This is the RE-WRITING and DISTORTING of Abenaki history by creating FAKE "Abenakis". 

So what if Minkler gave out Indian-ist names to a bunch of New Age-ist Wannabiak, or had read tea-leaves (all the while being a Catholic) to the ignorant "Indian-ists" such as the late Nancy Lee (nee: Millette) Cruger - Lyons - Doucet. BTW, the late Nancy Millette-Doucet and Rhonda Besaw-Grimes-True ARE in fact, related genealogically-speaking. When Nancy popped up in 1992-1993 in Littleton, NH .... out of the "Abenaki" woodwork, so did her cousins Rhonda Besaw and "Rick" Hunt. 

Coincidence? I think not.

So what if Rhonda Lou (nee: Besaw) True claims to be an "Abenaki", why? "because she can do some nice beadwork?" 

So what that Donna (nee: Roberts) Moody can 'pontificate' amongst a group of people as if what she claims is true, which might actually be incorrect. She ain't no O'bomsawin either! No matter how she tries to 'cook' the books of her genealogical background !!

A Mik'maq IS a Mik'maq....

A Huron IS a Huron.... 

A Mohawk IS a Mohawk...... 

NOT Abenaki

Go ahead and keep "re-writing" this so called "Abenaki" history .... I see what's going on ....

The ancestors MUST be amused by all of this? 

The ONLY person Rhonda Besaw-True has "beaded up" onto a bag (thanks to the grants she has solicited to do these artistic pieces), THAT WAS ABENAKI, IS IN FACT  Mary "Mali" Margaret nee: Mason 

Mary Margaret Keating was born 1931 in Keene, Cheshire County, New Hampshire (to Elizabeth Mary M'Sadoques) was the granddaughter of Israel M'Sadoques and Marie Watso, clearly and definitely born AT Odanak, Quebec, Canada a KNOWN historical and contemporaneous Abenaki COMMUNITY. 

Mary "Mali" (nee: Mason) Margaret Keating

Born: 11 Jun 1931 in Keene, Cheshire County, New Hampshire
Died: 13 Mar 2001 in Hardwick, Caledonia County, Vermont
1m: Robert Edward Holland
Her Child: Lynn Holland who married William Joseph Murphy
2m: Bruce Hadlock Keating

Here is Mary Mali Margaret (nee: Mason) Holland - Keating's Ancestry (again it is a work-in-progress).


Moli Keating's genealogy SUBSTANTIATES the Abenaki community of Odanak and their people, ancestors and descendants alike; NOT these so-called Vermont/New Hampshire self-proclaimed "Abenakis" like the so-called "member" of the St. Francis/Sokoki (of the Missisquoi/ Swanton, VT Honmer St. Francis Sr. group) "Nancy Red Star" for one example....of just such a person.

Actually she is Nancy Hubshman born December 30, 1950 at the Greenfield Hospital, in Stamford, Fairfield County, Connecticut to Louis Henry Hubshman and Joyce Burroughs Matthews

Nancy Hubshman married twice, first to Christopher "Stick" Sylbert on June 06, 1976 in Stamford, CT and she remarried secondly to Kevin Francis Red Star of the Lodge Grass, Crow Indian Community, Montana Indian Community.

She (Nancy nee: Hubshman) a.k.a. Nancy Redstar or "Nancy Red Star" attempts to imply that the Cherokee (of whom she CLAIMS erroneously to descend from) and the Abenakis are cousins, on Youtube.com. 

She is not Cherokee either, from where I am sitting. 

She wants to desperately claim she is related to "Bonnie and Clyde" too, but from where I am sittin' she ain't a descendant either of them two.

So, y'all wanna see her ancestry too? Ok, here is:


I got documents too, to back up what I am saying! herein. "Missisquoi Abenaki", my arse. She may have a Missisquoi 'membership' Card (just like a lot of "white' folks did get and do still have because the late Michael "Tribal Judge" Delaney and his sidekick Homer St. Francis Sr. were giving em out left, right and sideways to anyone claiming they was Indian, Blackfoot, Cherokee, or Abenaki) but that don't make her an Abenaki.

Her genealogical ancestors don't even come anywhere near Vermont, let alone interact with Vermont/New Hampshire Abenakis, historically or contemporaneously on a genealogical level whatsoever. So why was Mali Keating "entertaining this woman, Nancy Hubshman, in the first place back in the day? Why did so many get 'membership cards' from these varied "Abenaki" Incorporation's since 1974 when in fact, these people were not Abenakis at all? Something to think about....

Mali Keating descends from a Thomas Keeney born ca. 1578 in  King's Lynn, Norfolk County, England (I surmise I think, so do I descend from the same, I know my Grandma's maiden name was Keeney ... does that make us related? Does that make me Abenaki since she is too; or does that make her "white" ?). You don't see Native People in America or Canada looking through the genealogical backgrounds of their ancestors looking for any scrap of WHITE ancestry, now does one? They don't become Shake and Bake Instant "White" People (to heck with the Potato's, we wanna-be real Abenaki Indians!) simply because they have a Non-Native Ancestral lineage in their genealogical backgrounds ca. 1600's, now do they? But by golly, there are MANY who go around looking for any scrap of INDIAN ancestry in their genealogical backgrounds, so that they can TRY to legitimize themselves as being THEE REAL Abenakis; even if those singular Native Ancestors were and are Huron, Mi'Kmaq, Western Algonquian, or even really actually Mohawk!

And I am sure Mary "Mali" (nee: Mason) Keating would be so very pissed off and or disgusted with what is going on these days, what with the creation of FAKE "Abenakis" throughout N'dakinna, now legally  "recognized" by the State of Vermont Politicians/Gov./Legislature. But someone's got to take on the role playing of the Abenaki Indians, because they can't all have died off and disappeared..... so (drum roll ... flute playing) here come the wannabiak of Vermont and New Hampshire. When their genealogical records don't work, they bring out the Brown Ash basket-making and the beadwork, or making wooden flutes "in the traditional way."

And just because this is the dynamic these days since 2009 (etc), doesn't make these groups "Abenaki" "Tribes" nor the majority of their "memberships" legitimately Abenakis at all. Even if they conjure up doing beadwork, black ash basketry or keep jumping up and down swearing that THEY are THEE "Abenakis" because their Grandma (or Father) said so..... it's the Who-The-Hell-Are-We "Tribe" of Wannabiak!

I could say that I am a bit "amused" by whats been going on in Abenaki La-La-Land; but actually, in all honesty, I am not amused by these women's shenanigans, anymore than  I have been amused by the whole political "recognition" of these people allegedly claiming to be (being) "abenakis" let alone, "Native Americans" recently in Vermont). 

Nor am I amused by the so-called many self-proclaimed male Abenaki/Cowasuck/Penacook "Chiefs"/Representatives cropped out of the woodwork, such as Paul Wilson Pouliot or Charles Francis True Jr., who, for whatever delusional idea's that they have had and continue to have, that they are the 'head' of some bone-a-fide legitimate Abenaki "Tribe" or "community" these days. 

They have no genealogical, historical or social connection(s) to the Abenakis, that I can discern. they cropped up post-1974-1976. 

If they did, they would SHOW and PROVIDE legitimate evidence of those Abenaki genealogical connections. To this day, they, none of them, have ever done so. Probably because they've never had the evidence, ever, in the first place.

Does having an Algonquin ancestor, or a Mik'maq ancestor, or a Huron ancestor, or a even an Abenaki ancestor from the 1600-1700's make a descendant an Algonquin/Mik'Maq/Huron or Abenaki? 

What if, for the previous 100 or 200 years since that Native Ancestral connection existed, the descendants of that Native Ancestor NEVER lived in a Native COMMUNITY that was discernible, cohesive, detectable externally (let alone internally i.e. Swanton, Vermont), spoke no detectable Abenaki/Mik'maq/Huron/ Algonquin language within the family down to present?

ARE these many people across New England (from New York, up into Quebec, all way down into CT, MA, NH, VT and even Rhode Island) afore-mentioned really honest to goodness genuinely genealogically-proven Abenakis? Or are they merely attempting to keep profiting emotionally and/or financially, by keeping their MYTHS perpetuating to the naive masses, claiming to be thee Abenakis descendants

If they SAY We are Abenakis  loud enough...long enough, it won't matter if it is in FACT a LIE or a DISTORTION that they have or are continuing to perpetuate, because people will "be-lie-ve" what they hear .... not what is FACTUALLY PROVEN. Well, I guess if you look into Charlie F. True's eyes long enough and SAY your an Abenaki, it is good enough for him.... because he isn't Abenaki either.... (oh but LOOK, see his late father's high forehead, good strong white teeth, and them high cheekbones and those dark looking hands he'd say). That was PROOF enough.... or is it? To me, it sounds a bit "eugenic like".....

The late Nancy Millette-Doucet self concocted her "stories" about her ancestors Almira (nee: Rines) Ingerson - Pollock and Almira's daughter Flora Eunice (nee: Ingerson) Hunt IS a "classic example" of what I am talking about here. I strongly suspect her story was based on Joseph Bruchac's book entitled 'Fox Song' by Philomel Books, published in 1993 - 32 pages
from award-winning poet and storyteller Joseph Bruchac comes a "moving tale of the intuitive understanding between the young and old. Through many seasons, Grama Bowman teaches Jamie the ways of her Abenaki people. Then Grama Bowman is gone, but her world remains--a place where Jamie will never be alone. Full-color illustrations."

Which btw, was RIGHT exactly at the time, Nancy Cruger (nee: Millette) started began starting to created her Indian - Abenaki persona, what with the Littleton, NH Pow-wow, as that town's "promoter" having introduced herself to Jesse Larocque, Homer St. Francis Sr., Michael Delaney, and of course Odanak's very own Walter Watso......

And if ANYONE would like to see the genealogical foundations (etc) for my assertions genealogically-speaking, well you can communicate a request and your email address etc and I will gladly send what further data, documents, pictures etc that I have.

without factual historical documentation 
plain and simple 
a mythology

Mythology is not genealogy

Genealogies created by mythology
isn't factual historical proof

In the meantime, I am still working on their genealogies, the historical (and hysterical) incorporation records etc of these varied "Abenaki" groups throughout Vermont and New Hampshire.

Just my thoughts for the day..... 

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