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Monday, November 19, 2012

The "Abenaki" Plot Thickens....Part 8: AbenakiTribe Nulhegan-Memphremagog New Website by Donald Stevens Jr. and their so called "Tribal History"~Letter From the Martin Family Entertainment of July 21,1994 to Mark Nestor, Esq. (Attorney for Homer St. Francis)~Sept. 28, 2010 VCNAA Commission Meeting Media Article~Oct. 1, 2010 Don Stevens Media Article~Frederick H. Nordhorn Etc:

"Someone or some persons" from over in Vermont  (I strongly suspect), across the river from over here in New Hampshire, decided to make a Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) "complaint" online AGAINST this blog's content back in June 2012.

Here is the email that Blogger sent to my person:

SUBJECT: Blogger Blog take-down notification
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Tuesday, July 10, 2012 9:06 AM

Blogger has been notified, according to the terms of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), that certain content in your blog is alleged to infringe upon the copyrights of others. As a result, we have reset the post(s) to \"draft\" status. (If we did not do so, we would be subject to a claim of copyright infringement, regardless of its merits. The URL(s) of the allegedly infringing post(s) may be found at the end of this message.) This means your post - and any images, links or other content - is not gone. You may edit the post to remove the offending content and republish, at which point the post in question will be visible to your readers again.

A bit of background: the DMCA is a United States copyright law that provides guidelines for online service provider liability in case of copyright infringement. If you believe you have the rights to post the content at issue here, you can file a counter-claim. [Of which I did do subsequent to the removal of the this posting of October 01, 2010]

The notice that we received, with any personally identifying information removed, will be posted online by a service called Chilling Effects at http://www.chillingeffects.org. We do this in accordance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). 

If it is brought to our attention that you have republished the post without removing the content/link in question, then we will delete your post and count it as a violation on your account. Repeated violations to our Terms of Service may result in further remedial action taken against your Blogger account including deleting your blog and/or terminating your account. DMCA notices concerning content on your blog may also result in action taken against any associated AdSense accounts. If you have legal questions about this notification, you should retain your own legal counsel.

The Blogger Team

I was NOT told specifically what material within the  particular posting was found to be allegedly in violation of the DMCA by  either Chilling Effects.com nor by Blogger.com (nor the "Google Team").

Under the FAIR USE CLAUSE of the Copyright Laws, I merely showed the material that I was commenting  on (and or the link to such websites where the information has been) or is  posted.

A reviewer or blogger such as myself, may fairly cite largely from the  original work, if his/her design be really and truly to use the passages for the purposes of fair and reasonable criticism.

Which is what my blog is  all about: TRANSPARENCY and TRUTH ... along with critical commentary (criticism) as it  can be openly discerned, studied and evaluated by anyone!

From: "The Google Team"
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[The Google Team DID NOT RE-INSTATE this particular posting at all. In essence, the "Google Team" REMOVED this particular post, based on an anonymous complainant, whose basis for making the complaint was without merit whatsoever. I was not afforded legal due process in a VT nor NH Court of Law, to face legally in such a court of law, the accuser(s) whatsoever, and in conclusion, I was penalized by Google.com, based on an anonymous claim by "someone" who claimed I allegedly infringed on their alleged Copyright.]

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["Re-in-statement of this actual posting was not done whatsoever by the so-called "Google Team"]

Re: [#1069857849] Your Request to Google
FROM: The Google Team
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Wednesday, August 29, 2012 7:07 PM

Hello Mr. Buchholz,
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Please feel free to recreate and republish the content in question. We are sorry for the inconvenience. 

The Google Team


To the person (or person's) who made the DMCA complaint in the first place back in mid-2012, let me make this perfectly clear, YOU will NOT prevent this material from being brought out, as you FAKE Wannabiak "Abenakis" of Vermont/New Hampshire "have put it out there" retrospectively-speaking, and the scheming manipulative ilk that you have been and are, will be placed in the awareness of the Vermont Public. 
You can continue to scheme, you can continue manipulate, you can even continue to LIE and DISTORT and have your pictures and so on published in books, newspapers and scholarly write-up's (even scream to the naive public that you claim to be ... "Abenakis", but rest assured, I have not been ignoring your "Abenaki" group's activities, etc.; rather I am quite busy. 
In hind sight, I am most delighted that you seem, so "threatened," by this blog's content, that YOU have deemed it worthy of your time and effort, to hide the TRUTH of your historical, genealogical and social records, from the PUBLIC, by trying to have redacted, removed, this particular post on this blog. Yes, I have "saved" this blog and all of it's content, commentaries, and document images ... "just in case." 
That way, this blog can become ... not just 1, but be replaced in 2, 4, 6, 8 places on the internet, if need be. It's really YOUR CHOICE whether you want to harass my person, or not, and continue to TRY and eliminate this blog altogether. 

Good luck on that note. 

So, in conclusion, here (once again) is the very postings someone from the created VT "Abenaki" "Alliance" wanted off this blog, and were unsuccessful.

Here is the "Nulhegan" website page, regarding the Old Indian, named "Philip" of which Donald Warren Stevens "appropriated" quote from the website www.vermonter.com. Here is the exact link: http://www.vermonter.com/northlandjournal/Abenaki-indian-chief.asp 

It was from this website that I also surmise Winifred Yaratz ALSO obtained the information regarding the "elderly Indian, named Philip" for her book as well. The information written on www.vermonter.comis NOT SOURCED, and it leaves many historically documented details out of the write-up. For example, who exactly were the Odanak Chiefs/ Speakers that came down to Concord, N.H. in 1798 and what exactly, in full, did these Speakers have to say in regards to the previous Land Grant of 1796 by the old Indian, named Philip? They stated he was a fraud, an imposter, who did not have Native authority to convey ANY tribal lands to anyone. Since the land was already outside the control of the Abenakis, living in the area of the Land Grant, these Speakers were authorized by the Abenaki Community they came from (Odanak) to legally convey the land, for fee, to New Hampshire. Politically, N.H. MUST have known about the Federal Law and did not accept the Abenakis offer. Instead, three private citizens of New Hamsphire accepted the Abenakis offer, for $3,100.00 dollars in 1798. Who was "fraudulant"? The old Indian named Philip, who the non-Native population of the area of Coos County, claimed, was "a Chief," or was it the Seven Chief's from Odanak? Or the three non-Abenakis who purchased the 1798 Land Grand?Perhaps these people all were fraudulant? Perhaps none of them were?
The Incorporation was created by people who interacted with and were members of the Clan of the Hawk, Inc., led by Ralph Skinner Swett, in Evansville, Orleans County, Vermont...a self-declared "Indian-ist," "Be-Anyone-You Want-To-Be," Fake-Leathers, Fake-Feathers, Plastic-Beads, Wanna-be "Abenakis" "Blackfoot" "Cherokee" "My Great Great....Grandma was an Indian Abenaki Princess" type of organization. It was created out of the August 17th, 1994 Meeting of all of the Incorporation "Chiefs" but moreso by Howard Franklin Knight Jr. "because of his pissing contest with Paul Wilson Pouliot."
Nancy Lee Cote's and Luke Willard's Incorporation was created on August 25, 2004 by Nancy Lee Cote-Rolls, Luke Willard, and Dawn Macie. These were the Director's of the Incorporation, with Nancy Cote-Rolls as the President of the Incorporation. Inc. members were 1. Gail Girard of Westfield VT, 2. Alain Berube of Newport VT, and 3. Chad Abbott of North Hero VT. This Incorporation date of dissolution was authorized on October 21, 2004. Then the Nulhegan Band of the Coosuk-Abenaki People, Inc. re-submitted their incorporation papers on February 06, 2006, with Dawn Marie (nee: Dague) Macie (Nancy Cote-Rolls daughter) as President of the Inc. The Director's were 1. Dawn Marie (nee: Dague) Macie (Inc. President = "Chief"), 2. Luke Willard (Inc. Vice President = "Sub-Chief" and 3. Nancy Cote (Secretary or Treasurer). Members were 1. Chad Abbott, 2. Gail Girard, and 3. Candance Marie Dague (who is Dawn Macie's daughter, by an unk. father born on March 17, 1984 in Burlington, Chittenden County, Vermont).
Subsequent, to the re-activation "under Vermont State Laws," this group calling itself the "Nulhegan Band of the Coosuk-Abenaki People" created yet another incorporation on March 02-07, 2006...calling itself A.H.A. or Abenaki Helping Abenaki" Inc., with Dawn Macie again being the Registered Agent and President "Chief" of the inc. organization. Nancy Cote, Dawn's mother was Vice President, and Luke Willard was the 3rd Director. The members were Chad Abbott, Gail Girard, and Candance Dague (Dawn Macie's address was a Derby Line, VT Post Office Box and her daughter's was at 322 Elm Street in Derby Line, Vermont). "The purpose" of this organization was the preservaton of Abenaki culture, community awareness, charitable endeavors, and outreach. Upon dissolution of the inc. all assets return to the Nulhegan Band of the Coosuk-Abenaki Band (Inc.) themselves.

Here is the 2nd page of the Nulhegan newly created website page by Donald Warren Stevens, Jr. "the newly appointed Inc. President of the now called Nulhegan Band of the Coosuk-Abenaki People, Inc."Notice that no where at the time of this created incorporation, is there ever a mention of "Nulhegan/Old Philips Band" whatsoever in 2002, 2004, or even 2006.

Here one can review the "Copyright 2010. Nulhegan Tribe Abenaki Nation Vermont-Memphremagog. All rights reserved."

In this article on the newly-created Nulhegan website page (and on Vermonter.com, it quote states, "Bea Nelson, Abenaki descendant, is an artist, writer, and retired educator. She is the Cultural Resource Manager for the Alnobak Heritage Preservation Center, editor and publisher of Nebesak News, and works with Historical Societies, and Statewide Agencies as a consultant, collaborator, and advisor." Ok, Bea Nelson comes from what Abenaki Community? What and whose "Abenaki culture" is she perpetuating? If she doesn't come from a continuous  cohesive, historical Abenaki community, such as Odanak or W8linak, what "culture" is Bea Nelson perpetuating? Culture comes from "community," and it is continued down into "family," down into the individual. 

One cannot have cultural cohesiveness, or continuity without community. 

So where is the community? All I "see" are Incorporation Papers being contemporaneously created by these various groups who claim to be "Abenakis," who refuse to show and provide genealogical connection to the historical Abenaki Communities that existed within what today is the Vermont State boundaries. 

Again, there is NO TRANSPARENT SOURCING of these people to the Abenakis whatsoever. (Please spare us the argument that because Trudy Parker of Lunenburg, VT and Jeanne Brink of Barre, Vermont are members of these Inc. groups, that such person's somehow legitimize the whole inc. groups as being legitimately "Abenaki" Tribe's and or Bands). Simply said, these groups are incorporation's and nothing more than that.

Under Don Stevens' website page "Tribal History" one can review the "appropriated" material from either Vermonter.com's website (no credit was given nor SOURCING either) or from Winifred Yaratz book, of which I gave to him, on a CD in mid-2009. No wonder Don Stevens wanted to keep his request to me, CONFIDENTIAL (because he didn't want to appear as stupid as he is!). He had to go asking someone else for his own ancestral history! Because he didn't know it in the first place! He, like the rest of these Incorporation's within the State of Vermont and New Hampshire have to expropriate "artifacts" and "maps" from the early 1700's etc. manipulatively, and deceitfully, in which to legitimize themselves and their created incorporation's. Now they ask the State's of Vermont and New Hampshire Legislative Representative's, to in essence turn their incorporation's into legitimate Abenaki Tribe's. How absurd is that?! How hysterical really....

Does one laugh or cry about this?

So, Bea Nelson write's this "business" up about old "Indian Philip", who in his elderly years, with his "trusty friends" who were non-native, selling off the whole of the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont, the North Country of New Hampshire  parts of the Eastern Townships of Quebec, Canada, and a chunk of Maine as well in the summer of 1796. That is 214 years ago. Now, all of a sudden these Abenakis, such as Tom O'Bomsawin etc from Odanak; and these Incorporation's such as this Nulhegan/ Old Phillips Band want to "make issue" with the historical record of the past actions of a supposed old Indian man and his so-called trusty friends. hmmm, and Vincent Illuzzi, Hinda Miller and Diane Snelling want to stupidly state in the media to the Vermont public, that recognition of these Incorporated groups of alleged and reinvented Abenakis, isn't about Casino's and Land Grabs?! Let anyone whose been following this blog of "shit" go back to the "historical" papers of the late "Chief's" Homer St. Francis, David Hill, etc. 

These so-called self-invented Inc. Presidents who called themselves "Chiefs" or "Grand Chief's" all were attempting to gain a casino here in Vermont. This is absolutely documented right here on this blog. Secondly, we know that there was some interests in gaining a land-base i.e. Philips Land Grand of 1796. 

Here, let me SHOW and PROVIDE people an example of the HISTORICAL DOCUMENTATION (the following two pages) to prove my point, since some people might assume that I am incorrect in my words:

From: Martin Family Entertainment 7791744 THURSDAY JULY 21, 1994 11:19 PG 01:

Michael J. Hart
213 Aldrich Road
Portsmouth, NH 03801
(603) 431-5831
July 21, 1994

To: Mark Nestor, Esq.
332 Lunenburg Street, 2A
Fitchburg, MA 01420

Dear Mark Nestor,
Bill and I thank you for introducing us to Chief Homer St. Francis and the Abenaki Tribal Council yesterday as well as helping us understand their past efforts to secure a funding source. I have several questions for your clarification.
It is our understanding that the Abenaki Nation is willing to compensate our investment group at 5% of not profit in exchange for $300.000.00 to fund their efforts to achieve sovereignty status. Achieve "Tribal Sovereignty" for a sum of $$$$....did I just read that correctly? 
QUESTION: How do you define net profit? It is our understanding that you mean Gross Revenues from the gaming operations less Management.  Fee (30%-40%) equals Net Profit. Please reaffirm. If this is your understanding and intent.
We also understand that the Abenaki Nation is willing to compensate our group no less than 5% of the net profit i nexchange for the purchase of land and construction of a building. The building will have a seating capacity for 500 visitors and provide 2500 sq./ft. of office space to be used by the Tribal Council. The actual percentage will be agreed upon later.
After discussing the issues with and listening to the members of the Tribal Council, we clearly understand and appreciate the Tribal Council's concern for control over who does the gaming operation. Both Bill and I support their request to select from a group of investors that we bring to the table. As a result, we would request that the Abenaki Nation grant the right of first refusal to do the gaming operation to Bill and myself. Since we have access to private funding sources to finance the construction of the gaming facility as well as access to investors who have the wherewithal to assume a project of....

Page 02:
this magnitude, we do not want to be precluded from this opportunity should the investment team change for whatever reason or a member or members of the team fail to receive the Tribal Council's approval. Bill and I would represent the stability and continuity of the investment team regardless of who the Tribal Council approves.
QUESTION: As a means of protecting the interests of the investment team and accommodating the Tribal Council's request to approve who participates in the gaming is the Abenaki  Nation willing to grant right of first refusal to Bill Kimball and Mike Hart? Please confirm with us as soon as possible.
I have discussed with our Houston group about the two week deadline. Because Bill and I are discussing this opportunity with four different parties and disclosing specific information, we request that you please direct all inquiries to us. We will send you a list of people we are talking to for your reference. Given the nature of this project and the time we have to perform, it will be most effective if Bill and I control the flow of information by arranging for our investors to talk with you or others involved in the sovereignty issue.
I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Mike Hart
cc: Mr. William Kimball

Does anyone doubt now, that these incorporations claiming to be "Abenaki Tribes" did not and/ or do not continue to harbor such endeavors to have an "Abenaki" Casino or "Abenaki" Land Grab within Vermont?!

I found this article: http://ww4report.com/static/abenaki.htm

This article is dated Spring-Summer 2002 and this article, quote, (in part):
"The Abenaki have only started to openly identify themselves as such again in the last generation. In the 1930s, the Abenaki were ALLEGEDLY targeted for sterilization by a University of Vermont eugenics program, along with such other Vermont undesirables as "gypsies," "drunkards" and "river rats." But the Abenaki cultural revival, which gained ground under Chief Homer St. Francis in the late 1970s and early '80s, now animates the quest to recover ancestral remains, land rights and legal sovereignty. April Rushlow, now chief, isn't giving an inch.Her father Homer Walter St. Francis Sr. started preparing a case to bring before the United Nations Working Group on Indigenous Rights, and she intends to follow through.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010
Willard appointed Chair of Vermont Indian Commission
By Mark William Mitchell
(From the far left going around the table clockwise), sits Fred W. Wiseman (Jr.), Melody Walker Brook, unk.woman, Takara nee: Matthews (Carollee nee: Reynolds Daughter), unknown man, Nathan Elwin Pero (son of Elwin Merle Pero), unknown woman, unknown woman, Luke Andrew Willard, Dawn Marie (nee: Dague) Macie, unknown man, Giovanna Peebles, State Archaeologist with the Historic Preservation Division. She retrospectively "rented a room" from Margaret "Marge" Bruchac in Marge Bruchac's home for 2 years, down in Massachusetts, while she (Giovanna) worked on her PhD. Is Giovanna Peebles actually biased or un-biased in this "Abenaki" Recognition Process in Vermont?! Some of the unknown person's could be David Vanslette who was or still is (?), on the Board of Directors of A.S.H.A.I. (April St. Francis-Merrill's Inc. up in Swanton, Vermont), Charlene McManis, of the Grande Ronde "Re-Federally-Recognized" Native Tribe in Oregon (who advocated and still does, for April St. Francis-Merrill's group, to gain State Recognition while McManis was on the previous VCNAA Gov.- appointed commission). My questions are, didn't McManis resign from the former-appointed VCNAA (commission)? It hasn't been two (2) years since she was off the commission (and now she back on the VCNAA again?). Could Charlene McManis be so good that of the 42 applications presented to Giovanna Peebles, that McManis was the only one qualified to be appointed to the Commission again? The important question is (in my mind)...WHERE is Odanak Abenaki descendants represented on this VCNAA "newly re-constructed", or "re-structured" Commission on Native American Affairs? Importantly, WHERE is the fairness and transparency of this present 2010 VCNAA (Commission)? I certainly don't see it, regardless of their smiles!
~VCNAA Meeting Minutes~

October 19, 2010
Members Present: Luke Willard, Chairman; Charlene McManis, Secretary; Melody Walker Brook; Dawn Macie; Takara Matthews; Nathan Pero; Shirly Hook; David Vanslette; Fred Wiseman

Staff: Diane McInerney, Executive Administrative Assistant, DHP; Giovanna Peebles, SHPO

Guests: Mike McShane, State Attorney General; Mark Mitchell; Jeff Benay; Fred Wiseman; Kesha Ram, Chittenden County Representative

This meeting was brought to order by the acting Secretary Diane McInerney at 1:00 pm in the AOT Board Room, 5th Floor, National Life Building, Montpelier, Vermont.
1. Working Meeting
Giovanna Peebles welcomed new Commission members and asked for introductions and shared information.
2. Introductions
Commission members introduced themselves to one another, staff, and guests.
3. Review of S.222
Giovanna facilitated a discussion on the content of S.222 and questions by Commission members were raised.
• Can only one application at a time be presented at a public meeting addressing recognition?
• Can Commission members not able to vote on an application because of conflict address the Commission about the application?
• Is the work of a subcommittee required to be a public meeting?
• It was determined that the Commission is functional at this time.
• Can an application that has been tabled by the Legislature go beyond the two year limit? WHERE ARE THE ANSWERS TO THESE QUESTIONS?
4. Rule of Procedure & Commission Expectations:
Attorney General, Mike McShane facilitated a discussion on the use of Robert’s Rules of Order vs. Consensus, and the Open Meeting Law.
• It was noted that Commission members conducting a meeting using Robert’s Rules of Order can vote to suspend the rules and continue with Consensus. Commission members chose to vote on the rules of procedure after a Chairman was elected.
• Mike McShane spoke briefly about Executive Session and what constitutes a public record. He noted that legislators were clearly aware of concerns in regard to genealogy records; specifically referring to this issue in statute. S.222 (8) pg 11 – “Any documents relating to genealogy submitted in support of the application shall be available only to the three-member review panel.” 


• The Commission decided to elect a Chairman and a Secretary.
• McShane explained that a quorum of members present to discuss business constitutes an open meeting.
• It was noted that State Legislators are exempt from the Public Meeting Law.
• Jeff Benay was asked how the Governor’s Advisory Commission conducted their meetings. Benay explained a Consensus model was used with the ability of the Chair to call for a majority vote.
5. Election of Officers
The position of Secretary was discussed. Charlene McManis offered to take the meeting minutes for the Commission. There was member Consensus and McManis will act as the Secretary for the Commission. When complete, minutes will be sent to Diane McInerney for public record.
Takara Matthews nominated Luke Willard for the position of Chairman and Shirly Hook seconded. There was member Consensus and Luke Willard was elected the Chairman. The Chairman proceeded to conduct the rest of the meeting.
6. Meeting Dates, Times, and Locations
The Commission agreed to meet in alternate locations around the state. Monthly meetings will be held on the third Tuesday of the month from 1:00 – 3:00 pm. Meeting times may be altered depending on the location of the meeting. The October 19th meeting will be held in Montpelier at the State House. Diane McInerney will assist with meeting locations and schedules when needed.
7. Website Manager
Fred Wiseman agreed to be the Commission Web Master for the government site at http://vcnaa.vermont.gov, and will contact Harry Bell, DII. Mark Mitchell and DHP agreed to link with the Commission website 
8. New Business
Kesha Ram addressed the previous question asked about the Legislators timeline for application approval of recognition. Kesha noted that applications will not be tabled and that it is the intent of the Legislatures to act in a timely manor.
It was noted that all documents presented at a public meeting are subject to public review.
Diane will be sending letter head templates to Charlene and Luke.
Luke asked McShane about hearings and recognition applications presented. McShane noted that a singular application for recognition will be reviewed by a review committee, but that several applications can be approved of at a hearing for that purpose.
Commission members agreed to table the vote for meeting procedures until the next meeting.
Luke appointed Melody Walker Brook to head a working group that will gather information on scholars to fill recognition subcommittee positions required in statute. Scholars should have experience with archeology and Vermont history. They should also be aware that they will have to deal with political issues. Fred noted that scholars may be difficult to find. Giovanna agreed to present a list of potential scholars to the Commission. Dawn Macie and Shirly Hook agreed to assist Melody in this work. The working group was authorized by member Consensus to gather information on scholars.
Letters of intent to apply for state recognition were presented byMelody Walker, Elnu Abenaki and Shirly Hook, Koasek Abenaki. Dawn Macie said that the Nulhegan Abenaki will also be presenting a letter of intent. Diane will scan and send the letters to all Commission members and place the originals in the VCNAA public file.
The meeting was adjourned at 3:35 pm.
Respectfully submitted by,
Diane McInerney, acting Secretary

Shelburne resident named Abenaki Chief
Abenaki Tribe at Nulhegan-Memphremagog makesup history
Fri, Oct 1st 2010 05:00 pm
Members of the Abenaki  Tribe at Nulhegan-Memphremagog (a Coosuk band incorporation) spent Saturday, Sept. 11, celebrating aTribal Council incorporation meeting that brought made up and expropriated history to full circle. After several years as chiefincorporation president, Luke Willard has stepped down following his appointment by Governor James Douglas to the Vermont Commission on Native American Affairs. While there was no requirement to do so, Willard acted out of respect manipulation for the charge and duties of the commission, which will place heavy demands on his schedule. 
Shelburne resident Don Stevensformer Missisquoi member, was nominated and elected to lead the tribe incorporation. A former commissioner himself, Stevens' ancestry dates back to Chief Antoine Phillips Sr. who was SUPPOSEDLY born at Lake Memphremagog two centuries ago. This is what brought Stevens to attempt and enroll his family with the tribe incorporation, whose members recently reside in the Lake Memphremagog and Nulhegan River basins of the Northeast Kingdom. 
Stevens is not the first Phillips' descendant to follow in the footsteps of the family's patriarch. According to Phillips' alleged and made uporal history from Yaratz book and the Eugenics Survey of VT material that he got from Judy Dow, Nancy Gallagher and Douglas Buchholz, Peter Phillips (son of Antoine Sr.) led his people family members in horse led wagons gypsing around Vermont, New York etc. and only a few decades ago, Richard "Blackhorse" Phillips, supposedly held the torch for a time. Richard created with others, another VT Incorporation called"Abenaki Nation of VT" in the early 1980's. Therefore, he called himself a "Chief" yet he was merely a President of a created Vermont sanctioned incorporation! Don Stevens got the information about Richard "Black Horse Phillips being a "Chief" from a Homer St. Francis Membership Card of Richard's, from Douglas Lloyd Buchholz in mid- 2009! Richard was not an Abenaki Chief at all, except in Richard's own mind!
In regards to the tribe's incorporation's decision, Willard states, "Aside from Don's experience in native affairs and his passion for the cultural revival and well-being of the Abenaki people of Vermont, the Phillips family, or more specifically, the descendants of ChiefAntoine Phillips, have deep contemporary roots in this territory and have been a major contemporary presence here for centuries. I can't think of a better way to honor that history." 
Humbly accepting the tribe's incorporations appointment, Stevens says, "As Chief Incorporation President I will do what is best for our tribal incorporation members and work for the greater good of the Abenaki incorporate people. I will work with anyone who is willing to advance our people incorporation forward. We need to heal b.s., manipulate and decieve our nation people and the state of Vermontand remember that we are the same people with the same struggles b.s. I look forward to celebrating making up our b.s.customs and b.s. traditions as a people incorporation and leaving the politics truth, fairness, genealogy, and transparency, to those at the State House." 
Stevens continued, speaking of Willard, "By stepping down as chiefincorporate president and taking on the duties of the Vermont Commission on Native American Affairs, Luke is showing the nativeincorporated community "Abenaki Alliance" his willingness and desire to work with all Abenaki the so-called and concocted "Abenaki Alliance" in the State of Vermont while fulfilling a promise that he made when he became chief incorporation president ...‘No Abenaki incorporation left behind.'" 
It seems fitting and almost poetic that the tribe incorporation who has identified themselves occasionally very recently as "Old Philip's Band" (because of the Memphremagog and Nulhegan basin territory that was granted by Coosuk Chief Philip in the late 18th century), is now led by...a Phillips StevensHe (Donald Warren Stevens, Jr.) is merely a Phillips descendant.
More information on the Nulhegan-Memphremagog Abenaki incorporation can be found at http://www.abenakitribe.com/ 

Wow, Don Stevens took down the "Tribal History" section off his website! Guess, he realized where the information actually came from recently, and that it was from www.Vermonter.com and Bea Nelson, and within Winifred Yaratz's book, that I gave to the man on CD in mid-summer 2009! Of course, with his website, he can manipulate the site, "creating history" however it suits him and his incorporation group, calling itself the Old Phillips Band. I can bet dollars to donuts the Phillips Family, Luke Willard etc can clearly and convincingly PROVE and PROVIDE the documentation that said Antoine Phillips Sr. was a brother to (or son of) "Metallak"! From what I have configured of Yaratz's book on the Phillips' "oral history" the people are "making this stuff up as these people go along. Is Antoine Phillips really honestly a son of the old Indian Philip? 

Was old Indian Philip really honestly a "Abenaki Chief"? And IF Antoine Phillips Sr. was so connected to Lac Memphremagog, then how come we see the family historically speaking only in Burlington, Vermont and geographical areas along Route 15, Highgate, and Swanton Vermont from 1850 onward? 

Seems to my thinking, that these people (the Phillips Family in particular) with the newly appointed Don Stevens to the Orleans County, Vermont "Nulhegan" bunch simply are configuring themselves "into position"...so that they can point to that 1796 Land Grant and claim it as their own. WITHOUT GENEALOGICAL CONNECTION to such people of 1796! For what purpose? Land Grab, and/ or Casino? If this particular Vermont-New York- and Maine based Phillips Family were genealogically connected to old Indian Philip of 1796 and that Metallack was the son of this old Indian "Chief," the question(s) beg to be answered, why didn't the non-native "trusty friends" of the Coos area not know about this genealogical dynamic, and write it down historically-speaking? Assuredly old Indian Philip was "famous" and so was Metallack as well, in their later years at least. No one documentarily connected the two, as father and son, or that Antoine Phillips Sr. was the son of this old "Indian Philip"? Well, according to Antoine Phillips Jr.'s wife Aurelia (nee: Duby) when she died in Essex, Chittenden County, Vermont on March 03, 1909 at the age of 70 years old...it was Anthony Phillips Jr. who stated his wife's father was from Italy, and her mother was from France! Yet, he didn't know their names. 

Mr. Frederick H. Nordhorn is a 55-year-old alleged and reinvented "Abenaki" Native American and a member of the Nulhegan band in VT. He was raised in Vermont yet he was born on January 26, 1954 in Huntington, New York. Entered the US Army in 1973 and served his country until 1979. It was during this time that the Army taught Mr. Nordhorn computer repair. Mr. Nordhorn served in with Air Defense Units in Germany repairing computer systems. Later Mr. Nordhorn was station at Ft. Gordon GA as an instructor. Fred Nordhorn has worked in the Computer field since 1973 with the Military and has seen the Computer industry grow up over the years to what it is today. Fred has worked as an Instructor/Teacher with the US Army, Community Colleges and as a Teachers Assistant with the University of Maryland System. Mr. Nordhorn also has worked with some of the training companies in the DC area teaching computer classes like A+, Network+ and Security+. Fred has been involved with 2 start-up Computer Companies in the local area over the years. Fred works with or supports the following youth groups: Rainbow Girls, Jobs Daughters, DeMolay, Boy Scouts, Girls Scouts and Explorers. He also works with several Animal Rescue groups in the greater Washington DC area. Mr. Nordhorn also works with Veteran and Native American groups. "For years when I was growing up I had to hide my Abenaki Heritage.” NOT TRUE, THIS IS B.S. ~ CONCOCTED MANTRA by these Inc.'d groups in Vermont and N.H. The lost years and the lost of verbal history is something that can never be replaced" Well, whose fault is that?. "I love attending Pow Wow's when I can; for the most part I do not dance except Grand Entry, Veterans Dances and some Special Dances anymore."

Military Service: 1973-1974 VT Army National Guard. Unit Supply Clerk and Radio Teletype Operator. Awards: - VT Active Duty for Training Ribbon, VT Veterans Medal 1974-1979 US Army NCR-500 Computer Repairman, also Instructor at Ft. Gordon GA Awards: NDSM, Army Good Conduct. Schooling: 1972 - Middlebury Union High School, Middlebury, VT 1975 - 2001 University of Maryland University College, Adelphi, MD - Part-time - Completed 65 Credit Hours Veteran Sgt Nordhorn Carrying U.S. Flag during Grand Entry
Awards: Presidential Volunteer Service Award: Silver Level 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 and Lifetime
LINK: http://www.flickr.com/photos/fnordhor/

Another online write up:
Fred Nordhorn, 56 years old, is an Abenaki Native American Veteran of the US Army and a member of the Nulhegan Band in Vermont. On 6-July-2010 he filed papers in the state of Maryland where he lives, for the US Congressional House of Representatives seat for Maryland Congressional District 8, as a candidate of the Constitution Party of Maryland. Mr. Frederick H. Nordhorn presently resides in Langley Park, Maryland.

Mr. Nordhorn was born in New York, and from the 1st Grade on grew up in Vermont. Mr. Nordhorn graduated from Middlebury Union High School in 1972, and entered the VT Army National Guard in 1973 and later served in the US Army to 1979 as a Sergeant, where he learned to repair computer systems and as an instructor began teaching computer repair. 
In 1982 Mr. Nordhorn moved to Prince George’s County, Maryland to work for Digital Equipment Corporation repairing DEC PDP-10 & PDP-11 Computer systems. Some of the Corporations that Mr. Nordhorn has worked for is: Comp-U-Serve, Digital Equipment Corp., Bell Atlantic and University of Maryland, University College. He has also been involved with several companies during their start-up's in the Washington DC area. Mr. Nordhorn has worked as a Teacher/Instructor with: Montgomery College, Prince George’s Community College, US Army and a Teachers Assistant with University of Maryland, University College. 
Presently Commissioner Nordhorn is serving on the Prince George’s County Maryland, Commission for Veterans. Mr. Nordhorn also works as an Advisor on the Powwow committee with the American Indian Student Union at the University of Maryland.

Yet another dubious and questionable "Abenaki" member of the Nulhegan group of Orleans County, Vermont Incorporation, who "just has to show off" their alleged and reinvented "Indian-ness"/ and or self-proclaimed "Abenaki-ness," by wearing a beaded hair bone (and very likely plastic) beaded choker! Just like Donald W. Stevens, Jr. with his silver bracelet, gold snake ring, indian-ish t-shirt, western indian-ish black belt, and Indian-ish choker. Well, what can one expect....he's "friends" on Facebook.com with Jeanne Antoinette (nee: Lalime) Lincoln - Kent, yet another dubious and questionable "Abenaki." Go figure. Just the fact that he self-admits that he is a member of the  Nulhegan Band of the Coosuk--Abenaki People, Incorporation make my person wonder if he truly honestly can even documentarily prove he is an "Abenaki." Or is his "Abenaki-ness, based merely on h-i-s "Oral History"...because quote, "he had to allegedly hide his Abenaki  heritage"? 

I just have to wonder...

"My kid isn't going to go through this," says Chief April Rushlow. "I'll go where ever I have to go. If I have to take this to federal court, US Supreme Court, the United Nations, the World Court-I'm going."

So, does anyone ASSUME NOW, that Mr. Donald Warren Stevens, Jr. may very likely be manipulating politically the dynamics of "Abenaki State Recognition" through his joining this made-up/ created/concocted group of alleged "Nulhegan", "Coosuck", "Old Philip's Band" recently ... and that very likely April (nee: St. Francis) Rushlow - Merrill SENT Mr. Stevens over to the Nulhegan Inc. then led by Luke Andrew Willard? ASK YOURSELVES...WHY?

OR MAYBE it was because HE KNEW, sitting on her so-called "Tribal Council" just what she was doing with the Grant's, the Funding Manipulation's, Gambling Casino Endeavor's, Louis Paul LaFrance allegation's etc. In conclusion, subsequent that awareness Donald Warren Stevens, Jr.perhaps felt it in his BEST INTEREST to jump the Missisquoi Ship, and jumped aboard the Nulhegan Ship (trying to keep/save his own concocted "Abenaki" persona), assuming that the Swanton, VT Missisquoi/Sokoki Abenaki Band (so called) was "sinking" ? Or simply was it to align himself (his Phillips "Abenaki" ancestry, and his relatives, to RELOCATE their "membership" from various other "Abenaki" incorporation's/concocted "Tribes" "Band's" "Clan's" INTO the contemporaneously created "Nulhegan-Coosuk" group, in which to "attach" that Phillips family ancestry to the Phillips Deed here in Coos County, in order to TRY and establish a future Land Claims, and subsequent Casino, etc?

One does have to wonder...


....And as for the old Indian by the name of "Chief" Phillips, the Indian resident of Coos County, New Hampshire who retrospectively sold a lot of land in the Northeast on June 28, 1796, HE WAS NOT A Cowasuck/ Koasek "Abenaki" either.

Was he really Cowasuck/Koasek, from New Hampshire/ Vermont, by birth (?) 

OR was he merely A 'LATE-IN-LIFE' RESIDENT having been born and lived elsewhere (BEFORE his ELDERLY years) in the Upper Coos County, New Hampshire (?)

Was he simply filling a created empty void, in the geographical absence, and presence of those VT/NH Abenakis of the Upper Coos, that previously went northward before his arrival into the area (?).

WHY was Odanak, in 1798, sending their REPRESENTATIVE SPEAKERS, Captain Cezar to declare that "Philip", the old Indian, had no tribal rights to the Coos Territory; Philip was an imposter. Odanak very directly, to the State of New Hampshire, sought to declare quite vehemently, that "Phillip" the elderly Indian, in Upper Coos County, New Hampshire had NO RIGHT, TITLE or INTEREST in selling any land of New Hampshire, Vermont, Quebec, nor Maine TO ANYONE!

WHY was Captain Cezar, the other Sogomon's (Chiefs or Speakers), and the tribe sent to disavow all of Indian Philip's acts? Perhaps Phillip was from ELSEWHERE, as in geographical location and or Tribal Community (?)

Perhaps, it was BECAUSE "Phillip", the old Indian, WAS NOT FROM NEW HAMPSHIRE nor VERMONT (?). Nor VT/NH Abenaki at all.

My point being, is that a person could move to Pine Ridge, South Dakota ... and NOT be Lakota. 

A Mohawk woman could marry an Abenaki, relocate with her husband to Odanak, but that does turn her into a Abenaki, from a Mohawk, just because she married that Abenaki man, resides within that Abenaki Community. She's still a Mohawk woman.

Abenakis did relocate to and live within the Mohawk Communities of either Akwesas:ne and/ or Kahnawa:ke, but that would not turn them into Mohawks either. 

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