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Monday, July 4, 2011

St. Francis/Sokoki Missisquoi Abenaki Application For Vermont State Recognition Membership List (as of January 2011) Pages 11 to 14:

Page 11
Missisquoi Abenaki Tribal Roles
492. Wayne J. Cote Jr. in Deansboro, NY
493. Robert G. Cota Jr. in Eaton, NY
494. Albert E. Cota Jr. in West Edmeston, NY
495. Robert G. Cota Sr. in Eaton, NY
496. Wayne J Cota Sr. in Eaton, NY
497. Albert E. Cota Sr. in West Edmeston, NY
498. Doris T. Contoir in Swanton, VT
499. Michael C. Cotugno in Belmar, NJ
500. Cecile P. Coughlin in Manchester, NH
501. Philip L. Couitt in Charlestown, NH
502. Alfreda L. Couitt in Claremont, NH
503. Richard B. Couitt in Claremont, NH
504. Robert B. Couitt in Claremont, NH
505. Veda M. Cournoyer in Dudley, MA
506. Crystal J. Cournoyer in Dudley, MA
507. Jaylen G. Craig in Burlington, VT
508. Kennethea A. Craig in St. Albans, VT
509. Kenneth J. Craig in St. Albans, VT
510. Jeremy S. Craig in Swanton, VT
511. Steven Cross in St. Albans, VT
512. Gladys J. Cross in St. Albans Bay, VT
513. Britini L. Crossman in East Taunton, MA
514. Kathren J. Crossman-Hixon in East Taunton, MA
515. David W. Croteau in Feeding Hills, MA
516. Diane M. Cubit in Troy, NY
517. Ian W. Cubit in Troy, NY
518. Conner H. Cubit in Troy, NY
519. Richard Cushing in Essex, VT
520. Nelson E. Cushing in Jeffersonville, VT
521. Gordon A. Cushing in Morrisville, VT
522. Connie L. Cushing in Sumner, ME
523. Nicole L. Cushing in Sumner, ME
524. Robert J. Cushing in Sumner, ME
525. Rebecca J. Cusson in St. Albans, VT
526. Elicia D. Cusson in Swanton, VT
527. Melinda R. Cusson in Derby Line, VT
528. Michelle M. Cutting in Enosburg, VT
529. Margaret A. Cutting in Worcester, MA
530. Pamela T. Cyr in Burlington, VT
531. Jeremy R. Cyr in Swanton, VT
532. Timothy P. Cyr in Swanton, VT
533. Pearl Cyr in Swanton, VT
534. Sue Cyr in Swanton, VT
535. Lynn Cyr  Need New Address
536. Maria Cyr-Richie in Colchester, VT
537. Margaret K. Daggett in Belfast, ME
538. Shawn A. Daggett in Belfast, ME
539. Beverly L. Daly in Chicopee, MA
540. Ann M. Dandurand in Highgate, VT
Page 12
Missisquoi Abenaki Tribal Roles
541. Allison J. Dandurand in Highgate, VT
542. Amanda A. Dandurand in Highgate, VT
543. Janet A. Danforth in Swanton, VT
544. Jeffery M. Danforth in Swanton, VT
545. John P. Danforth in Swanton, VT
546. Ruth J. Danforth in Swanton, VT
547. William G. Daniels in Swanton, VT
548. Guy G. Darby in Richford, VT
549. Betty A. Day in Swanton, VT
550. Craig W. Day  Need New Address 1998-02
551. David C. Day  Need New Address 1998-02
552. Mary M. DeCarr in St. Albans, VT
553. Burton E. DeCarr in Swanton, VT
554. Damian R. Delisle in Swanton, VT
555. Christopher R. W. Delisle in Richford, VT
556. Christopher R. W. Delisle in Swanton, VT
557. Carol L. Delorme in Swanton, VT
558. Robert K. Demar in Alburg, VT
559. Justin M. Demar in Enosburg, VT
560. Bonnie L. Demar in Highgate, VT
561. Susan J. Demar in Highgate, VT
562. David Demar in St. Albans, VT
563. Willliam P. Demar in St. Albans, VT
564. Larry E. Demar in Sheldon, VT
565. Daniel J. Demar in Swanton, VT
566. Stephen Demar in Swanton, VT
567. Louis A. Demar Jr. in Milton, VT
568. Penny L. Demar-Burke in Enosburg, VT
569. David R. Denn in Dracut, MA
570. George L. Denn Jr. in Haverhill, MA
571. James M. Denn Sr. in Arlington, MA
572. Joseph L. Dennis in St. Albans, VT
573. Stephen W. Dennis in Salem, NH
574. Elizabeth Derenzo in Troy, NY
575. Ruth L. DerGarabedian in Haverhill, MA
576. Brian K. Desrosier in Worcester, MA
577. Kathleen A. Desrosier in Worcester, MA
578. Melissa A. Desrosier in Worcester, MA
579. Michael T. Desrosier in Worcester, MA
580. Debra L. Dessert in Brimfield, MA
581. Debra L. Dessert in Brimfield, MA
582. Earl J. Dessert in Brimfield, MA
583. William T. Dessert in Brimfield, MA
584. Ashley M. Dessert in Brimfield, MA
585. Gary B. Dexter in Highgate Springs, VT
586. Gerald A. Dexter in Highgate Springs, VT
587. Shena L. Deyo in Newport, VT
588. Patricia Dineen in Ware, MA
Page 13
Missisquoi Abenaki Tribal Roles
589. Gloria J. Donaghy in Essex Junction, VT
590. Doris L. Douglas in Swanton, VT
591. Jason J. Douglas in Swanton, VT
592. Brian L. Drinkwater in Brooks. ME
593. Joan A. Drury in Northfield, VT
594. Kim S. Drury in Stowe, VT
595. Eric D. Duchaine in Alburg, VT
596. Wanda Duchaine Alburg, VT
597. George G. Ducharme in Granby, CT
598. Christine L. Dulac in Enfield, NH
599. Rebecca L. Dumeny in Highgate, VT
600. Doris Dumont in Swanton, VT
601. Frederick Dumont in Swanton, VT
602. Russell A. Dumont in Swanton, VT
603. Sherry L. Dupee in Burlington, VT
604. Christopher M Dupee in St. Albans, VT
605. Landon Dupee in St. Albans, VT
606. Sandra M. Duprey-Champagne in Swanton, VT
607. Ramona Durenleau in Swanton, VT
608. Peter G. Ebare in Lathma, NY
609. Laura A. L. Ebare in Keeseville, NY
610. Sara E. Ebare in Willsboro, NY
611. Celena A. Ebare in Newmarket, NH
612. Richard F. Ebens in Hudson, MA
613. Eric J. Eden in Springfield, MA
614. Philippa J. Eden in Springfield, MA
615. Jennifer L. Elie in Deerfield, MA
616. Patricia K. Elie in Deerfield, MA
617. Donald J. Elliot in Swanton, VT
618. Theresa Elliot in Swanton, VT
619. Trish M. Elliot  Need New Address
620. Raven M. Elston in Highgate, VT
621. Brian D. Elston in St. Albans, VT
622. Brian D. Elston Jr. [REDACTED]
623. Raymond N. Elwood in St. Albans, VT
624. William L. Elwood in St. Albans, VT
625. Lori A. Erno in Highgate, VT
626. Amanda J. Erno in Highgate, VT
627. Thomas Erno in Highgate, VT
628. Ashley L. Erno in Highgate, VT
629. Michael J. Essaff in Newport, VT
630. Michael J. Essaff in Newport, VT
631. Carrie A. Estes in Michanic Falls, ME
632. Brittany M. Estes in Mechanic Falls, ME
633. Christine P. Everton in Central Falls, RI
634. Barbara A. Everton in Central Falls, RI
635. Nicole L. Everton in Central Falls, RI
636. Ashly L. Falvey in Northbridge, MA
637. James D. Falvey in Northbridge, MA
Page 14
Missisquoi Abenaki Tribal Roles
638. James F. Falvey in Northbridge, MA
639. Ryan J. Falvey in Northbridge, MA
640. Kathleen Falvey in Milford, MA
641. Margaret Falvey in Milford, MA
642. Thomas M. Farnsworth in Northfield Falls, VT
643. Melissa M. Farrell in Jay, VT
644. Kathleen M. Farrell n Belfast, ME
645. Shawna A. Farrell in Belfast, ME
646. Billy J. Farrell II in Belfast, ME
647. Floyd H. Farrell Jr. in Jay, VT
648. Shannon M. Farrell-Hoague in Swanton, VT
649. Kellie A. Faulkner in Swanton, VT
650. Maurice W. Fazekas   Need New Address
651. Donna G. Feeley in Saunderstown, RI
652. Sarah A. Feeley in Saunderstown, RI
653. Alixandra M. Feeley in Saunderstown, RI
654. Michael W. Feeley in Saunderstown, RI
655. Darline M. Felicette in Westerly, RI
656. Melody Ferland in Franklin, VT
657. Alfred R. Ferland in Manchester, CT
658. Alexandra A. Ferland in Manchester, CT
659. Penny J. Fernett in Bellows Falls, VT
660. Anthony T. Ferro in South Royalton, VT
661. Rosemary T. Ferro in South Royalton, VT
662. Bernadette M. Fields  Need New Address
663. Lydia M. Fitzgerald in Highgate, VT
664. Amber M. Fitzgerald in Highgate, VT
665. Stephen J. Fitzgerald Jr. in Highgate, VT
666. Christy L. Flagg in Belfast, ME
667. Norman C. Flagg in Belfast, ME
668. Tina M. Flagg in Belfast, ME
669. Caly P. Flagg in Belfast, ME
670. Sherry L. Flagg in Morrill, ME
671. Paul A. Flagg Jr. in Belfast, ME
672. Rudolph H. Flagg Jr in Morrill, ME
673. Paul A. Flagg Sr. in Belfast, ME
674. Emma M. Flaherty in Medway, MA
675. Erin A. Flaherty in Fall River, MA
676. John A. Flaherty Jr. in Fall River, MA
677. Barbara J. Flanders in Newport, VT
678. Jeffrey Flood in Gilman, VT
679. Michael D. Florio in St. Albans, VT
680. Donna J. Florio in St. Albans Bay, VT
681. Danny W. Florio in St. Albans Bay, VT
682. Amanda M. Forgey in Westfield, MA
683. John R. Forgey in Westfield, MA
684. Linda M. Forgey in Westfield, MA
685. Jesse S. Forsyth in Swanton, VT
686. Jesse St. Francis - Forsyth in Swanton, VT

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