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Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Simple Review and Comparative Study of the "A. Phillips Age 96" Photographic Image, Etc:

On Page 08 of the Nulhegan Band of the Coosuk-Abenaki Nation Application: It is mentioned (yet again) "They importantly used Chief Antoine Phillips' (born 1787) records. A tin-type photo of this person housed at the W├┤banakik Heritage Center listed him as chief and the Eugenics records validated the French and Indian blood of this specific line and they provide the necessary source material for this assertion." Footnote: 15 Nulhegan, 27.

[This Applicant ... (as with all of these alleged and reinvented 4 "Abenaki" groups that comprise the "VT Indigenous Alliance") continues to "hide" their SOURCES i.e. genealogical-historical-social connection(s) to the Abenaki... e.g. historical documentary material's from being reviewed and examined by the Vermont PUBLIC and unbiased non-affiliated-with-the-appllicant(s) scholars... WHY?]
Everything about what this elderly man was wearing in this photo strongly proves that this WAS Antoine Phillips JR. who died March 11, 1918 at the Union Poor Farm in Williston, Chittenden County, Vermont. The bibbed-overall's construction (that Antoine wears in this photo) was first created between 1900 and 1916. The felled flat seam used on the Bib-Overall's was first used during the 1910's. The above RPPC (Real Photographic Postcard) was created between 1900 - 1918 time frame, with its white border that was most popular in 1915. The post card of this photo which has the AZO 4-triangle trademark clearly historically dates this card being made at between ca. 1904 and 1918. Since Antoine Jr. died in March 1918, this photo had to have been taken sometime in the mid-1910's. Antoine Phillips SR. died on September 01, 1885 in South Burlington, Vermont retrospectively-speaking, long BEFORE this AZO 4-triangle photographic Postcard was created in the first place. Combined with the analyzing and the dating of the elderly man's clothing, bibbed-overall's, hat, coat, and footwear ... this RPPC can be determined to be an image of Antoine Phillips JR. who was born in the 1820's and who died in 1918 at the age of approximately 90 to 96 years of age; therefore, it is also determined that this photo is NOT of Antoine Sr.
Reverse side of Antoine Phillips Age 96 RPPC Image

Winifred A. "Morning Star" (nee: Jerome) Yaratz book entitled a "Brief History of the Abenaki Phillips and Blake Families and Genealogy" which is of compiled information (i.e. a personal opinionated work and is an unsourced body of often-plagarized materials which appears to have been created to support the April St. Francis Merrill-led "St. Francis/Sokoki Band of the Abenaki Nation" Inc. that Winifred Jerome - Yaratz herself is a member of.  The book mentions a "Tin-Type" in the possession of Frederick Matthew Wiseman Ph.D in Swanton, Franklin County, Vermont. This "tin-type" is also cited on Page 08 of the Applicant Review and Decision of the Nulhegan Band of the Coosuk-Abenaki Nation.
On the left is the image Winifred Yaratz used in her book.

On the right is the RPPC AZO Postcard.

The following Page 10 of Winifred Yaratz' book is what she attributed to this alleged "Tin-Type" (or Glass Negative?):
Notice that it reads, "A. Phillips Age 96"
...and it appears to have more "photographic background content" at its edges.

So, let's look at the photograph image of the RPPC AZO image. It is different, in that it is a "cropped" version of the "A. Phillips Age 96" photographic image and some "surrounding details of the house, porch and some ground area in front of the residence is redacted by the white border (was this house the Union Poor Farm in Williston, VT? Or Edward Foster and his wife Sarah Phillips residence?). The white bordering of the AZO Postcards was done consistently in 1915 to conserve ink.

The handwriting "Grandpa" on this RPPC was written by Elizabeth Mae Foster (granddau. of Antoine Phillips JR.) who married to Arthur James Forant.

Later, it was Mary E. (nee: Desso) Kinville (dau. of Elizabeth) who wrote "Antoine Phillips" on the front of the photograph. As you will notice there are two different colored ink writings on the front of the RPPC...

Why would Sarah Phillips-Foster's daughter Elizabeth write "Grandpa" on the RPPC image, UNLESS she (Elizabeth) knew him to be Antoine Phillips JR. who married to Aurelia Mary Duby/Dubie; who were the parents of Elizabeth's own mother Sarah Phillips who married Edward Foster Sr?! Of course, Elizabeth's daughter Hazel Mary May Forant (born August 24, 1917 in Burlington, VT) could have possibly asked her mother Elizabeth (Foster) Forant WHO the elderly man was in this RPPC.

REMEMBER: Antoine Phillips SR. died September 01, 1885 in South Burlington, Chitenden County, VT.
Edward Foster Sr. married to Sarah Phillips on March 11 1876 in Essex, Chittenden County, Vermont.

Ok, lets do a little "Detective Work" shall we ... on a genealogical level, as well as a social one too.
Elizabeth Mae Foster was born on Feb 16, 1882 in Essex, Vermont on the Foster Road.
Elizabeth Mae Foster - Forant would have been 37 years old and 23 days of age, when her Grandpa Antoine JR. died on March 11, 1918 at the Union Poor Farm in Williston. She would have KNOWN who he was and what he looked like BECAUSE he had lived for years with Elizabeth and her parents Sarah (nee: Phillips) Foster and Edward Foster SR., in Essex, VT.

She (Elizabeth Mae Foster - Forant) would have been 3 years, 06 months, and 16 days old retrosectinely, when her Grandpa's father Antoine Phillips SR. died on September 01, 1885 in South Burlington, VT which was a slight distance away from Essex, VT (only about ten miles from where she and her parents lived, apparently all their lives).

So, at 3 years and 6 months plus 16 days, it is VERY DOUBTFUL that Elizabeth Mae (nee: Foster) Forant, would have had the developed mental capability/capacity to KNOW her Grandpa's father, Antoine Phillips SR., remember him, let alone recognize him in an alleged "tin-type" photograph.

Obviously, according to Fred M. Wiseman Ph.D and Winifred Yaratz, there IS another image of this elderly man identified on the image as A. Phillips Age 96 "somewhere", which has been and or is currently allegedly "housed at the Wobanakik Heritage Center" which was created by it's curator Mr. Fred M. Wiseman Ph.D himself. Is this "image" at this "Museum" a "tin-type"? Or is the "image" an actual "Glass Negative" in which this RPPC was created from?
What we do know is that the photograph used by Fred Wiseman Ph.D is that it shows "A. Phillips" "Age 96." So, if we take 96 years going back from Antoine JUNIOR's date-of-death, as being 03-11-1918 ... then his birth would have been approximately 1822, give or take plus or minus a few years.

If we do the same analyzing of Antoine Phillips SENIOR's date-of-death 09-01-1885, he would have been born 1789 ... Not 1787. I strongly think that IF this man was NOT Elizabeth's "Grandpa" Antoine/Anthony Phillips Jr. she would NOT have put Grandpa" on the photograph in the first place.
If it was NOT Antoine Phillips JR, Elizabeth's grandpa, she would have said to herself and perhaps to her daughter Hazel, "No, that was not my Grandpa Antoine Phillips Jr." ...

... but if it was her Grandpa Phillips (i.e. her mother Sarah's father Antoine/Anthony Phillips JR .... who lived with the family for many years)
Elizabeth would have said, "I remember my GRANDPA because when he died, I was 37 years old when I married my husband Arthur Forant on December 30, 1907 in Burlington, VT ... when Grandpa was living with my parents Ed and Sarah over in Essex, VT ... until 1915 when he went to live on the the Union Poor Farm in Williston "off and on" until his death in early 1918."
She identified the man as "Grandpa" in the photograph, because he lived with her parents and her as a young woman before 1915. UNLESS there existed photographs of Antoine Phillips SR., Elizabeth (Foster) Forant would NOT have known what her Great-Grandfather Antoine Phillips SR. looked like and she likely would not have identified this elderly man, sitting on this house porch, smoking a pipe, as her "Grandpa". This AZO 4-triangle RPPC was amongst an extensive photographic collection (in a family album) which was passed down from Hazel (Forant) Desso, to her daughter Mary (Desso) Kinville.

I think that "Chief" Donald Warren Stevens Jr. and his Ex-"Chief"-Now-VCNAA Chairman Luke Andrew Willard simply manipulated or just didn't do the appropriate research, right along with Frederick M. Wiseman Ph.D, regarding this particular photographic image, simply to make it appear that they have done their research correctly.

The conclusion is that these people want everyone to BE-LIE-VE that the Phillips Family, researched in the Eugenics Survey of Vermont retrospectively-speaking, are allegedly "Abenakis" because the Eugenic Survey of Vermont Records stated that this Phillips Family was allegedly of "French and Indian" descent". That these people were allegedly connected to the 1796 Old Philip, who retrospectively deeded portions of Vermont, Lower Quebec, a little bit of Maine and all of the upper Coos County, New Hampshire area in June of 1796 is without clear and convincing evidence genealogically or historically.

In reality (documentarily-speaking) the Eugenics Survey of Vermont records, the South Burlington, Williston, Essex, and Burlington town and poor farm records clearly and historically show the bulk of this Phillips family lived in and around Burlington. So too, did the Jerome family; and also Nancy L. (Cote) Thomas - Rolls family lived in and around the Burlington area, until very recently.

Brad Allen Barratt also posted a "REVIEW" on his blog, of this Nulhegan Band of the Coosuk- Abenaki Nation Application...

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