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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Breaking News!!! "Chief" April Ann (nee: St. Francis) Rushlow - Merrill of the St. Francis/ Sokoki Abenaki Incorporated has been (JUDICIALLY CHARGED) ARRESTED FOR ALLEGED "EMBEZZLEMENT FORGERY AND FRAUD"!!!!

St. Albans, Vermont - February 1, 2011
The leader of Vermont's largest Abenaki band INCORPORATE is in trouble with the law.
The Franklin County Sheriff's Department cited ARRESTED April St. Francis-Merrill for exploitation of a vulnerable adult. Investigators say she stole several thousand dollars from an elderly man while handing his finances over the last several years. She allegedly used the money for personal expenses.
St. Francis-Merrill is the chief of the St. Francis-Sokoki Band INCORPORATE.
Matt Henson - WCAX News
SOURCE: http://www.wcax.com/Global/story.asp?S=13950728

This is NOT a surprise to my family (and A WHOLE LOT OF OTHER PEOPLE) whatsoever. This current developing judicial situation is just the tip of the iceberg of the alleged embezzlement, shell-game scheme's, and the "Just-For-Us" business that has been going on since the mid-1976 time-frame regarding the St. Francis/Sokoki - A.S.H.A. (Abenaki Selp Help Association) Inc.'d bunch! Right along with this "VT Indigenous Alliance"

It's a pathetic shame that these people who claim to be Abenaki Tribes and this "leader" (the Alliance's Spokesperson) allegedly stole, forged names, etc, against their own reinvented and allegedly "Abenakis". Well, all I can say is that April Merrill is a "chip off the block" (like her father, the 'late' Homer St. Francis once said), and the rotten apple doesn't fall far from tree! This also goes for all of her concocted "VT Indigenous Alliance" Inc. Groups too.
The S.222 Abenaki Recognition Bill  should NOT have been passed at all in 2010; nor should the two Legislative Bill's 85 & 86  regarding the Nulhegan and EL-NU groups (who are petitioning for Abenaki Tribal Recognition) be passed under any circumstances.
It will be yet another HUGE MISTAKE.
Because ALL of these incorporated groups claiming to be Abenaki Tribes or Bands within VT, NH, MA, and RI, are from this same ilk (fraudulent foundations) as one would say... "Birds of a Feather, Flock Together" ... Hinda Miller and Vincent Illuzzi both support April Merrill and this concocted "Abenaki Alliance".

April A. (St. Francis) Merrill is a part of this confabulating "Alliance" and so isn't Frederick Matthew Wiseman Ph.D, Roger "Longtoe" Anthony Sheehan, John Scott Moody, Donna (nee: Roberts) Moody, David Skinas, Luke Andrew Willard, Nancy Millette-Doucet, Nancy Cote-Rolls, Dawn Macie and Jeff Benay (to name just a few that support and ally with April Merrill).

Other people associated/allied with and to "Chief" April St. Francis Merrill are Jeanne Lincoln-Kent, Paul Pouliot, Sherry Blanchard-Gould, Howard Franklin Knight Jr., the 'late' Walter Watso, and a whole lot of other people too, both inside Vermont and also New Hampshire.

It is "Abenaki Identity Thieves" and "Liars" are who are approaching the State of Vermont and New Hampshire Legislature's in 2011 (yet again, as they did in May of 2006 regarding S.117).

Of course, there already are a few Legislative "Thieves and Liars" amongst those in power ... at the Montpelier, Vermont State Legislature (as well as in New Hampshire's Legislature as well) I am sure, who support and ally with these so-called "Abenaki" "Chief's" and or "representatives" claiming to be "Abenakis".

Again, WHY did Nancy (nee: Millette) Cruger-Lyons-Doucet go from Littleton, NH ... to Twin Mt, NH ... to Lancaster, NH ... and then on to various other communities with her "Abenaki" horse and pony shows that she entitled her "Sagakwa"/ "Nawhila" Pow-wow's.

I betch'a dollars to donuts, IF someone were to INVESTIGATE her (Nancy Millette-Docette) financial affairs as a NON-PROFIT INCORPORATE Organization ("White Bison Council" and her "White Pine Association") that perhaps she was taking lesson's on "paying herself" - and paying for her own "personal expenses" ... just like her buddy "Chief" April A. (nee: St. Francis) Merrill up in Swanton, Vermont?

What about elderly Burton DeCarr and his  monthly SSA funds? Isn't April Merrill his Legal Guardian and his Payee, for his Social Security Disability monthly payments as well?

What about that Federal Tax Lien for the $15,020.27 dollars USD on the so-called "Tribal Center" in February of 2008, because April Merrill didn't pay I.R.S. the withholding taxes for her employee's? April Merrill was caught when one of her employee's filed a disability claim for a spinal injury, and the I.R.S. said that the employee didn't pay into the system therefore she couldn't recieve the help she needed, and the employee proved that she had IN FACT, paid into the system; and that "situation" proved that April St. Francis-Merrill didn't pay forward to the I.R.S., those employee"s withheld funds. Later, after another woman Carol Ann (nee: Ebare) Louko - Delorme (April's Secretary who supposedly "kept the financial books" for ASHAI) passed away on December 31, 2007 in her Grand Avenue home in Swanton, Vermont. April conveniently blamed everything on the deceased secretarial employee, if I remember correctly.

Carol Ann (nee: Ebare) Louko - Delorme was born on July 21, 1940 in St. Albans, Franklin County, Vermont ... she was the daughter of the late Richard and Anna (nee: Hakey) Ebare. She was married to John Herbert Louko who predeceased her on March 18, 1979. She later married to Kenneth John Delorme on August 06, 1983, and he predeceased her on November 04, 1997.
As an active member of the Abenaki Nation of Vermont, Carol had been extremely involved, for many years working with the Abenaki Self Help Association, Inc. She also served as a valued elder, member of the tribal council, was a delegate to many conventions, and was very involved in the process of State and Federal Recognition of the "Abenaki" People. She was also valued and hardworking member of the Abenaki Repatriation Team.
Carol was considered the Matriarch of her family was always there in a non-judgemental way whenever a need should arise.
Carol leaves her children, Peter Ebare of Swanton, Anna Louko of George, Aina Louko and her husband Ben Odom of Apopka, FL, Arno Louko of Vergennes and Aimo Louko of Georgia; grandchildren, Celelana Ebare, Laura Smith, Katie White, Sara Ebare, Nicholas Odom and Ailee Odom; four sisters, Debbie Bergeron and husband Roy, Dorcas Pelletier and husband Peter, Bonnie Wilson and husband Tommy and Sheila Hilliker all of Swanton; one brother, Mike Maskell and his wife Peggy of Highgate; a special aunt and uncle, “Sis” and Harvey Amilhat of Swanton; a special niece. Melissa Greeno and husband Danny and special friends April St. Francis-Merrill, Marge Greenia, Melody Barratt and Jeff Sise as well as several additional nieces, nephews and cousins. She was predeceased by a sister, Minnie Greeno.

I do think this is the secretary, that was employed by April St. Francis-Merrill, who, after her passing, was the scape goat, who was blamed for fraudulent deeds, that she could not defend herself against. Allegations that she was the one who did not forward to the I.R.S. the withheld taxes of her fellow employee's, employed by Homer St. Francis, Sr. (and later by April St. Francis-Merrill herself).

In light of this "situation" being reported in the February 01, 2011 WCAX news this evening, it would not surprise my person, that the late Carol (nee: Ebare) Louke-Delorme might have be the innocent person here, and the alleged guilty party simply "pulled it off" knowing full well that a deceased secretary couldn't speak against the defamation and character assasination being done to her integrity and name.

Also Debbie (nee: Ebare) Bergeron (Carol's sister) ALSO works (or retrospectively worked at) for ASHAI as well, under the employ of April Merrill as WIA Director.

Here is a another particularly interesting document:
Someone NEEDS desperately to INVESTIGATE a lot more than just Louis Paul LaFrance's alleged FORGED SIGNATURE (he could not read nor write) and that Credit Card that was used to steal from him, allegedly up to $8,000.00 dollars USA (and possibly over that amount) for her "personal expenses" !!

Louis Paul LaFrance lifelong Highgate Springs, VT resident died October 02, 2010 at the Northwestern Medical Center, in St. Albans, Franklin County, Vermont. He was born at home in Highgate Springs on, November 26, 1937, he was the son of the late George Joseph and Addie (Rollo) LaFrance and attended school in Highgate Springs. He was associated for many years, working in road construction with, S.T. Griswold and F.R. Lafayette. He was also well known throughout the area working as a groundskeeper for The Tyler Place, Missisquoi National Wildlife Refuge and for many of the local residents. An avid outdoorsman he was a member of the Highgate Rod and Gun Club and the National Rifle Association.

Louis leaves his sister, Velma Billado of Richford; two brothers, Carlton LaFrance and his wife Bertha of Highgate Center, his twin brother Lawrence LaFrance of Highgate Springs and several nieces, nephews, cousins and many friends.
In addition to his parents, Louis was predeceased by a sister, Dorothy Rhoden and two brothers Herbert and Harlan LaFrance.
A Funeral Service will be held Wednesday, October 6, 2010, at 11 a.m. from The Kidder Memorial Home, 89 Grand Ave. Swanton, Franklin County, Vermont.

What about that "particular house", that was bought with a Grant, to accomodate people visiting in the area that the St. Francis/Sokoki - A.S.H.A. (Abenaki Self Help Association) Incorporated was to use as a "Guest House"? The organization allegedly used some of the Grant Funding for the purchase of the house, allegedly pocketed the majority of the $$$$, and April St. Francis Merrill bought that house, for a mere single $1.00 USD bill.

Also, what about all the yearly federal Department of Labor funding, and also the federal Dept. of Agriculture funding too that has been funnelled up to Swanton, Vermont into this "Abenaki" group led by April Merrill all these years since 1976?

Identity Thieves of the Abenaki People, is the name of the game in 2011.

If the Vermont Legislature ASSUMES this is an "isolated situation", it is not. 

If the legislature allows these "Abenaki" incorporations bill's 85 and 86 to go through ... "officially recognizing" any of these "Abenaki" incorporations (who now claim to be Abenaki Tribes and or Abenaki Bands) then the lying and the stealing and the shell-game sheme's of manipulating Federal and State Grants, for their "own personal expenses" will continue most assuredly!

More News:
Journal of the House

Thursday, January 27, 2011
At one o'clock in the afternoon the Speaker called the House to order.
H. 124

To the committee on General, Housing and Military Affairs.
The Vermont Legislative

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2011 - 2012 Legislative Session
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