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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

We INTERRUPT the NORMAL Broadcasting Service of this blog, to ANNOUNCE this BREAKING NEWS!:

Date: Tue, 4 Jan 2011 23:30:42 -0800 (PST)
From: Luke Willard
Reply-To: Luke Willard
Subject: Recognition

To: Alan Kinlon Mkazas Largy (Mabel Victoria nee: Burton's son), Allen Davis, Billie Jo Abbott , Linda Marsh, Lynn Appleby, Lucy Cannon, chopsueychad@yahoo.com, Christina, Dana Cheney, Frank Cheney, Lorraine Carrington (resides in NY State), Charles Delaney (member of Trad. Abenaki of Mazipskwik..Homer's relative Connie Brow's Inc. group), Debbie Davis, Debbie Demers, Dennis, Derrick Davis, Jennifer Davis, Jessica Davis, Keith Davis, Lisa Davis, Nettie Demar, firefighter627@ymail.com, greengo@surfglobal.net, Debbie Girard, Dave Gilman (Inc. Agent of Trad. Abenaki of Mazipskwik ... Homer's relative Connie Brow's Inc. group) , Doug Gilman, Richard Green, Kathy Phillips (Richard "Black Horse" Phillips dau.), Jeremy Lacasse, Linda Caron, Debbie Willard (Luke Willard's wife) , Donna Shelton, Don Stevens (member of April St. Francis-Merrill's group), Dawn Macie, Mandi, Maria Baker, Chastity Phillips, Paul Tamburro, Jessica Phillips-Russell (Kathy Joyce nee: Phillips daughter Jessica Erin nee: Ouimette - Deth), Tom, David Vandeusen

Kwai Kwai Nulhegan members,
Yesterday, the Vermont Commission on Native American Affairs voted unanimously to recommend Nulhegan for State Recognition. Chief Don attended the meeting and spoke for the tribe. I just wanted to say congratulations... we're almost there. We're gonna need as many friends in the legislature as we can get, so if you know anyone... call or write. If you do, please mention Nulhegan specifically because each tribe will have their own bill. Please relay this news to your families and other Nulhegan members.

Yesterday was a good day. There are many positive things happening. We look forward to a great year.

Luke Willard
(802) 754-2216

P.S. As you can see, I added Nancy Cote and Ed Davis to this email. I do this because recognition meant so much to them both.
Written by Administrator Mark W. Mitchell
Thursday, 06 January 2011
VT Indian Commission approves 2 applicants for recognition
The VT Indian Commission voted unanimously Tuesday to recommend Nulhegan (Luke A. Willard-Donald W. Stevens Jr.) and Elnu (Roger "Longtoe" A. Sheehan) for State tribal recognition.
"Our reports are prepared and will be sent to the legislature," stated Luke Willard, Chair of the Commission. It has been requested by the Commission that the Koasek (Nancy L. nee: Millette-Doucet) come back with more information.
Mississquoi (April A. nee: St. Francis-Merrill) are still holding back, but are planning on sending something in soon in response to the application process.
Now all you Vermonter's out there in Vermont
My intuition is telling me this VT Indigenous Alliance will do the following:
Step 1. Luke Andrrew Willard is going to seek Vermont State Recognition FOR HIS INCORPORATION to be "legislatively sanctioned," by the stroke og a Government pen, with the title of supposedly being an "authentic" Abenaki Tribe.

Step 2. is going to be, once atleast 1 of these Incorproated Groups gains that "legislatively sanctioned" concocted "recognition" as being allegedly "an authentic Abenaki Tribe," then the other 3 Incorporated Groups within Vermont (El-Nu, Missisquoi, and Koasek Inc.'s) will then slither up under the 1 VT State recognized incorporate group. That way, these 4 Inc. groups can pretend that their crafts and art are alleged "authentic" Abenaki. Nancy Millette-Doucet will NOT have to show or provide ANY legitimate evidence genealogically (etc) that she (nor any of her followers/members) are honestly connected to ANY Abenaki Ancestors! April St. Francis-Merrill of Swanton, VT will also very likely UNITE "under" Luke Andrew Willard, and thereby bypass (go around, over the top, or underneath) the findings and absolute lack of Abenaki Ancestral Community connection as well. READ the BIA FINDINGS, etc.!

Step 3. will be that Donald Warren Stevens' and his  cronies of this concocted "VT Indigenous Abenaki Alliance," in all their manipulated confabulations and their alleged "outside Scholars" (such as David Skinas, Frederick M. Wiseman, and Dave Lacy) will go after (already these people have been "positioning" themselves politically) the June 1796 "King Philip" Territorial Deed, and stage a "Land Grab", implying that the Phillips Family descends from the said historical "King Philip" of Coos County, New Hampshire, which includes (geographically-speaking) northeastern Vermont etc.!

Step 4. will be that these Incorporations will go after a Casino, perhaps (?); and or DEMAND $$$$$ for that loss; and that the Indian Arts and Crafts Board of the BIA immediately "recognize" these Incorporation group's "artists" as legitimate "Abenaki Crafters" so they can label their wares.

All the while, Abenakis from and or of Odanak and their many descendants living here in Vermont, New Hampshire, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island (over the past 100-200 years & into the present and future) are continued to be maliciously and hatefully ignored, and will NOT be recognized by the Vermont and or New Hampshire Legislators. How very nice.

"Lateral Oppression/Violence" and "Genocide" against legitimately documented Abenaki People from HISTORICAL Community, is the name of the game, in 2011 by these Inc.'s and their supportive "representatives" like Sen. Hinda Miller and her side kick Vince Illuzzi.

These Incorporation President's like Luke Andrew Willard, Nancy Millette-Doucet and her buddy, April St. Francis-Merrill should BE SO PROUD!

Again, these people are operating under the 3-D's premise. That being Deceitfulness, Deceptions, and DISHONESTY. Oh, let's not forget manipulation too.

Vermont gets to get rid of it's "Indian Problem" by simply officially legislatively-recognizing a bunch of already VT State-Sanctioned and Endorsed Incorporate Entities, that claim to represent the Abenaki Ancestors and contemproary "Abenaki" population.

How nice. The only good Indians, are  DEAD one's someone once said, and nowadays, its more like "the only good Indians, are the one's that are NOT mentioned in Vermont's Abenaki Recognition 2006 to 2011."

When incorporations can be legislatively state-sanctioned and changed into becoming  bone-fide "VT Abenaki Tribes", is a day that even Hitler would envy! "Re-writing Abenaki History" is EXACTLY what is going on here in Vermont....by these incorporations (as well as in New Hampshire)!

Well, let the "Abenaki Circus" Games begin....

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