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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

November 02, 1995 Cowasuck of North America Goals and Objectives Pages 1 to 3;

Page [1.]
P. 1/3
The Cowasuck's Purpose in writing this grant is to expand and enhance the already developed (main council) infrastructure which provides services and resources to assist the Cowasuck (COOS) Bands of the Abenaki Nation, *or other Abenaki, and Native American Peoples. These networks ["Abenaki" Corporations] need this grant assistance to provide the much needed services described below. The following network of self help assistance and guidance will increase the service level of the Cowasuck (COOS) Bands of the Abenaki Nation and also promote and provide the basic essentials of life; living without hunger, being clothed, having proper housing, and experiencing the spiritual and cultural awareness that is part of the Abenaki's, *or other Native American's Heritage, as well as the community at large.
1. To preserve and protect the Spiritual and Cultural Heritage of the Cowasuck (COOS) Abenaki Peoples. This would be accomplished by developing educational and cultural programs to teach and preserve the history, legends, lore, religion, language, and culture of the Cowasuck (COOS) Abenaki peoples as a whole.
2. To support Cowasuck (COOS) Abenaki people or other Native American Tribal Councils, groups and organizations in their efforts to preserve and promote Native American issues and concerns.
3. To establish a network of foster and adoptive care homes, and build, purchase or otherwise provide affordable housing for Cowasuck (COOS), *or Abenaki Peoples.
4. To establish employment opportunities by promoting already established Cowasuck (COOS) or Abenaki *or other Native American owned and operated businsess and aiding in developing new businesses.
5. To acquire land with expansion potential to build a Council Hall with a teaching center, tribal court, and rehab center.
6. To establish a legal council and advocacy group to assist in court cases in all areas of the judicial system.
Page [1a.]
 Same document as [1.] yet not faxed.
Page [2.]
P. 2/3
It is our intent to help existing businesses of the Council membership to grow and prosper, and to help initiate start-ups of new enterprises. Outside networks [Allied "Abenaki" Corporations within VT, NH, MA] will be utilized to foster this initiative, examples of this are minority business development, SBA, SBDC, etc. Technical assistance will be offered in strategic planning, marketing, financing through a central group of business people. A support system for Abenaki and other Native American businesses will be the major focus with outside assistance being offered with the remaining resources.
Through the talents of our crafts people we will develop and market a mail order catalog of various products including, but not limited to, jewelry, paintings, clothing, music, books, hides, leather, feathers, food products, herbs, spices, wood products, how to videos and books, etc.
The Council hall will house the following:
1. Offices of the Chief Spokesman, Associate Chief Spokesman Financial Officer, and assisting staff.
2. A food pantry, clothing shelf, Toys for tots, and medical station will be established for those who live outside the Community (reservation).
3. A meeting hall for general elections, meetings and critical issues.
4. A sectioin for education and a library with computers and access to the internet.
5. A genealogy department.
6. A market place for people to purchase goods made on the property and those outside the community.
A judicial system will be established and implemented by the Abenaki Ministry of Justice to provide legal council, and oversee a tribal police force. A lawyer or lawyers may be retained on an as need be basis to advocate and assist our people that become wrongly accused, or in dispute with the law. Their services will also be utilized to educate our people in indian law, constitutional issues and maritime law A law library and court council will manage the tribal affairs, and aid in the local community by working with our state police, sheriffs, local police, and game wardens.
The COOS will stay educated on Federal, State, and local governmental issues which would impact the Abenaki and other Native Americans. They will develop counseling for the Cowasuck (COOS) people, who are victims of child abusse, battered, or need these services to provide a safe living environment.
Page [2a.]
Same as document [2.] yet not faxed.
Page [3.]
P. 3/3

Our objective is to acquire 1000 acres or more of land that has a healthy forest, sufficient open land to support livestock, and a good source of water. It is our philosophy to make this land self sufficient, holistic, and able to support the immediate Cowasuck community working on the grounds. The projected livestock to be raised are as follows: deer, elk, cattle, pigs, rabbits, turkeys, goats. These animals will be raised along with wild edibles, and an abundant fruit, vegetable, and herb garden to be used as a food, medicinally, and a spiritual source for the Cowasucks. Members will also be able to hunt and fish or this land.
It is proposed that land will be gifted or purchased in the future for expansion to meet the needs of the people. The property will be used as a safe refuge for individuals in need, however they will be required to act according to the Abenaki judicial laws and work on the land for their room and board. This property will also be home to the council hall and library. The Council Hall will have a capacity of 500 people, will be used for Abenaki meetings such as cultural, musical, story telling, educational, religious, etc. The library will be an art and literary center where people can enjoy the rich strong culture which makes up the Native American people.
The development of these centers are intended to pay for themselves through there utilization as a living historical museum. Monies will be derived from tourism, educational Native American trips, Pows Wows as well as other ventures that may present themselves. The property will be tax free under the Suzerain-Trust relationship with the respective governments.
This will include the ability for Abenaki* or Native Americans to be able to buy, sell, or trade, tax free, while doing business on this land.
Another use of this purchase is to establish a human care a facility for the elderly, the disabled, child care, alcohol and drug rehabilitation, and other physical educational uses to promote wellness.
Finally, a burial site will be designated using traditional and modern sites. Also a veterans memorial site will be instituted for those who served, past, present, and future.
[NOTE: Remember recently in a posting I mentioned that Howard F. Knight Jr. used the word "suzerain" from the documents (posted earlier) from the Native Peoples Resolution up in Alaska...]
Council Office Expenses for direct cost, indirect cost, including setup costs, and fire and security systems.
Establishment of Genealogy Department, includes computer network between Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada and Vermont and Massachsuetts.
[Roland Demers in Sherbrooke; Howard Knight Jr in Vermont; and either Paul Wilson Pouliot and or Raymond "Loodking Glass" Lussier both in Massachusetts]
Establish Judicial System, includes purchase of State law books, retainage for legal counsel, and legal research.
Revolving loan fund for start up of new enterprises with maximum loan amount of $500.00. Interest will be simple at set at 1% above prime with a maximum pa off period of one year.
Purchase or rental of utililty and office space, for council complex until a larger track of land can be purchased or gifted.
Develop and purchase a Heritage and Cultural Center, which will includes for stories and music and:
1. School presentations in close proximity, as requested in both english and french.
2. Cost to cover direct cost of presenters.
3. Cost to cover miscellaneous materials such as books, brochures, etc.
Research library for cultural and heritage life style, religion, Abenaki history, treaties, etc.
Emergency Reserve fund to supplement any and all funds.
Mens Council newsletters, includes postage, research supplies, for outdoor activities, etc.
Women's Council newsletter, includes postage, learning supplies, education, etc.
Seed money for a Memorial fund, this includes flowers, cards, ceremonial items, etc. This fund will be self sufficient from council donations in the future.
$100.00 Public relation charitable account for non-Abenaki Xmas donation.
River & Stream Water Quality Cleanup Project, this includes the purchase of testing supplies, equipment, testing services, reports, and cleanup activities to be conducted on and and around Lake Memphremagog.
$235,800.00 Total amount of grant requested.
Upon receipt of this grant all expenses will be accounted for and documented. Grantors will receive a copy of the income and expense statements at years end. This is an intitial budget to obtain neccessary funding to help our members and families now and in the future.
*(or) The Council reserves the right to support any group, council, or individual it chooses.
This document is the base document of the goals and objectives of the Cowasuck of North America and this document is subject to clarification, definition and, proposed amendments, now and in the future, as the leaders, and members of the Cowasuck of North America may deem is necessary.
Signed, Sealed and Dated this____day of____1995
in____Ancient Abenaki Territory, Northeastern North America.
Cowasuck (Coos) of North America
Territorial Headquarters
R.F.D. #2, Box 530-A
Newport, Vt. 05855
Howard F. Knight (aka Rushing Water)
Shief Spokesman
Cowasuck of North America of the Abenaki Nation
Emerson B. Garfield (aka Spirit Bear)
Associate Chief Spokesman
Cowasuck of North America of the Abenaki Nation
Cindy J. Shover (aka Loon Caller)
Chief Financial Officer
Cowasuck of North America of the Abenaki Nation
R.R. #2, Box 120
Orleans, Vt. 05860
Chuck Labor (aka Light Feather)
Tribal Judge
Cowasuck of North America of the Abenaki Nation
Harry C. Shover (aka Stalker)
Associate Tribal Judge
Cowasuck of North America of the Abenaki Nation

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