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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

March 17, 1995 Howard F. Knight Jr. Letter to "Grand Chief" Homer St. Francis; 3 Resignations from Howard Knight Jr.; Howard Knight's Dawnland Voice Newsletter Spring 1995, Etc:

March 17, 1995
Grand Chief Homer St. Francis:
To All Councils in Unity:
To Whom it Concerns:
In the interests of Unity of the Abenaki Nation and to ensure the full acceptence of this Council in the said Unified Abenaki Nation, and to put an end to all the fingerprinting, blame and crap that seems to have been, in the past and is in the present, aimed at this Council by every self-gratifying, empire-building snake, weed and thistle in the Abenaki Nation from Vermont to Southern New England, and they get away with it to the detriment of this Council, because I head this Council, I have offered to step-down and Retire as the Chief Spokesman of this Council. The Grand Chief has accepted the offer.
So as to be in compliance with our Corporate by-laws, my retirement as the Chief Spokesman of this Council will be effective as of the last day of the Pow-Wow and gathering on the Weekend of the 5th-16th of August 1995, at which time the Acting Chief Spokesman shall be installed as the Chief Spokesman.
Effective, upon approval of the Cowasuck Council at the next scheduled meeting, on 9 April 1995, Chuck Labor (AKA Light Feather) will become the Acting Chief Spokesman of the Grand Council of the Cowasuck of North America. Cindy Shover (AKA Loon Caller) will remain as the Assoc. Chief Spokesman of this Council and Harry Shover (AKA The Stalker) will become the Chief Judge of
the Council. I will finish out those projects that I have been working on, to include the David Hill & Robert Maynard case, and I'll be available to the new leadership of this Council for advise if requestested at any time, if it is requested. The only active positions I will retain on this Council are as follows:
Retired Chief Spokesman/ Senior Advisor
Legal Authorized Agent of the Corporation
Having I been graciously offered by the Grand Chief Homer St. Francis Sr. a prestegious position on the Supreme Council, initially I accepted, but after some thought the past couple of days, I again find that by my acceptance, it would still be an excuse for the weeds, snakes and thistles to shaft the unity process, hurt this council and cause too much disention, therefore, as I stated previously when I step-down, I retire permanently from any and all duties in the Abenaki Nation except as previously noted. My presence in any active role in the Nation is more then the snakes, weeds and thistles can tolerate and it would result in continuing turmoil for the Nation and for this Council, and the Unity, fair to all of our People, must go onwards. The needs of the many outweigh any one person.
Howard F. Knight Jr.
After my official Retirement in Aug. '95, I might be available for Special assignments at the request of the Supreme Council/ Grand Council of the National Federated Sovereign Republic of the Abenaki Nation. HFK

In Retrospect
LINK: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_hqC5V9v2WXg/St7A7hry6GI/AAAAAAAABhk/FvV9OYp2vEw/s1600-h/367..jpg Resignation Letter of January 07, 1993 to Paul Wilson Pouliot from Howard Franklin Knight, Jr.
April 15, 1999
To Whom It Concern:
Cowasuck of North America,
Tribal Council and all Members:
Effective as of 2400 hours (midnight), this date, I, Chief Howard F. Knight, Jr., Tribal Council Chief, do herebby step-back as an active leader of the Council (The Council Chief). Associate Chief E. B. Garfield will step in as the Council Chief immediately.
I step aside as the Tribal Chief due to my health.
I retain all other offices that I hold, and I will continue to serve as the Tribal Geneaologist and Historian, and as a permanent member of the Council and the Board of Directors.
Chief Howard F. Knight, Jr.
LINK: http://reinventedvermontabenaki.blogspot.com/2010/01/april-12-2000-hand-written-letter-of.html Resignation Letter of August 12, 2000 to Richard "Skip" Bernier [?] from Howard Franklin Knight, Jr.

Volume 1; No. 2 Spring 1995
Chief's Corner
Kwai, Kwai:
About 20 years ago, certain events occurred and actions were taken that started the Medicine Wheel Turning. Now the Medicine Wheel has gone full circle. As everyone knows there is an old axiom "as you sow, so shall you reap", and events as they are now unfolding clearly shows the truth of the Medicine Wheel with its results. This Special Edition of the Dawnland Voice, the official newsletter of the Cowasuck People, shall reveal some of the actions, the events and the reasons of what has been going on. It is time that all of the People of the Abenaki Nation realize what has been happening.
As many of you may know already, and the rumor mills to the contrary, the Councils in Unity, after much discussion of the past, the present and the future at a meeting on April 1, 1995 in Sherbrooke, Que., disbanded the Sovereign Republic of the Abenaki Nation International and formed the New National Federation of the Sovereign Republic of the Abenaki Nation. Also, after having given Mr. St. Francis a chance, at that meeting, on April 1, 1995, which is now gone of graceful retirement, the Supreme Council ratified its actions of the 23rd of March 1995 in retiring from the office of Grand Chief, Mr. Homer St. Francis. Unfortunately, Mr. St. Francis still doesn't get the message, the days of dictatorial rule and "do as I say, not as I do" are over.
At the April 1, 1995 meeting of the Supreme Council of the National Federation of the Sovereign Republic of the Abenaki Nation, with the Original Document of Unity sighed by all the Councils in Unity on August 20, 1994 as the basic document, the Supreme Council also elected a New Grand Chief, Walter Watso of Odenak, Quebec, as well as some other leaders, per our ancient tradition that were needed. It was decided that the rest of the needed leaders to fill the leadership of the Federation will be selected at the next meeting of the Supreme Council, but at least, we were, and we are, finally moving forward, in spite of the , "Old Order's" predictable actions, threats and huffing and puffing.
As may are well aware, the "Old Order" has sent out a lot of very expensive paper that is full of Rabbit, Deer and Moose beans which is only good to start a fire with, if your lucky. We of the Cowasuck Council have decided to ignore the illegal actions of a "Madman gone berserk". We also will look forward and away the rebirth "Like a Phoenix" of a New Council, of the People, at Missisquoi that will come to the Federation, clean and fresh without the stains and dirt of the "Old Order".
The actions that the Supreme Council of the National Federation of the Sovereign Republic of the Abenaki Nation have taken are based upon events that have unfolded in the more recent past and of which can be proven by tradition, and by history. Missisquoi does not "Rule the Roost", and does not, and cannot, banish any Abenaki from their ancient territory whether it is in Quebec, Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts or Vermont, nor violate any Abenaki person their birthright.
The Cowasuck-Coos Tribal Government has in one form or another always remained within its ancient territory, even when other Abenaki Councils-Tirbal Governments went to Canada at the invitation of the French Colonial Governors, and remained there for a period of time before their return to their respective territories. The modern day Cowasuck-Coos People, under Chief Pero, who died in 1983, were active within their ancient territory at least 10 years prior to any activity at Missisquoi, but they had an advantage; They had the good sense, and smarts, in keeping their heads down and out of the fray that develped and ENSUED, resulting in much controversy during the 1970's and 1980's at Missisquoi, due to Mr. St. Francis and his cohorts in violence when they seized control by, intimidatioin, and/or force, of the Missisquoi Council and the ASHA, even to changing the Missisquoi Council Constitution and By-Laws to legalize as an Abenaki Tradition the idea of Hereditary Chieftainships, which are not, and which will never  become such, because, Hereditary leaderships ARE a European concept, not from Abenaki Traditions. Leadership amongst the Abenaki has always been, and shall always remain, elected positions, elected by the Abenaki People and/or through their elected Councils, with decisions being made by concensus as tradition demands, not by "One-Man Rule".
Therefore, to ensure that the full scope of the situation is known to all of the Abenaki People, it now becomes a sad duty, but a necessary one, to make public the following information that: Mr. Homer St. Francis has by his actions and deeds committed the following crimes against the Abenaki People and dishonored the name of every Abenaki Citizen now living, therefore charges are now pending which include, but are not limited to:
1a. Illegal enslavement of the Abenaki People by signing an agreement with a Gambling Syndicate for a Casino, thereby obligating present and future generations of Abenaki People to be at the beck and call of his friends of the Gambling Syndicate.
1b. This obligation to the Gambling Syndicate was made while Mr. St. Francis was the Grand Chief and unknown to the People throughout the Abenaki Nation.
1c. This is one of the reasons why at one time Mr. St. Francis was given an opportunity to retire as Grand Chief, with honor, but that door is now closed.
2. Falsification of documents submitted to the State of Vermont and to the U.S. Gov't concerning Recognition of the Abenaki Nation.
3. Proceeding, without consent, nor the authorization, of the majority of the Abenaki People in signing an agreement with a Gambling Syndicate.
4. Illegally, taking monies form a Gambling Syndicate.
5. Forgery of legal documents.
6. Dishonoring the Abenaki People by creating false rumors.
7. Illegally desenfranchising citizens of the Abenaki Nation, and also the Councils in Unity without just justification.
8. Abusing the Office of Grand Chief for Personal financial gain.
9. Also Allegations or wrong-doing against many members of the Abenaki Nation who have served in the Nation faithfully.
10. Conspiracy to defraud the Abenaki People of their rightful heritage for personal gain.
11. Conspiracy to commit Genocide against the Abenaki People.
12. Dictatorship rule while serving as Grand Chief, therefore not following Ancient Abenaki Tradition.
13. Openly lying at several meetings of the citizenship of the Abenaki Nation, both at the Missisquoi Council level, and at the Unity Council Meetings.
14. Failure to live up to the promises that he made at the Unity Council meetings.
15. Illegal transfering funds within and between the Missisquoi Council accounts.
16. Falsely accusing many Abenaki People of acts that they have never committed.
17. Conspiracy to defraud the U.S. Government of monies.
18. Conspiracy to defraud the State of Vermont of monies.
19. Illegal interference in the internal opperations of legally incorporated entities.
20. Violating the Indian Civil Rights Act of 1968 in ordering Abenaki People to vacate their own ancient Territory.
21. Illegally providing Missisquoi Tribal Cards to Non-Native Americans.
22. Illegally providing Missisquoi Tribal Cards to persons without proper genealogy.
23. Illegally providing Missisquoi Tribal Cards to persons who carry citizenship cards of many other American Indian Nations, in direct violation of a Solemn agreement that he made in front of all of the Councils in Unity.
24. Lying at every meeting of the Councils in Unity.
25. Repeatedly Lying to the People of the Abenaki Nation.
26. Lying to the People of the Abenaki Nation as to the source of the $300,000.00 received for Recognition.
27. Hiding factual information from the Abenaki People that he is a convicted felon of long-standing.
28. Conspiracy to defraud the Abenaki People and their legally elected Councils of monies.
29. Failure to act in good faith during negotiations with the State of Vermont.
30. Failure to act in good faith during negotiations with the United States Government.
31. Conspriacy to associate with people legally banished from the Abenaki Nation by the Council in Unity.
32. Prejudicial treatment against Abenaki women.
33. Without the prior approval and consent of the State of Vermont, conspiracy to circumvent the Motor Vehicle Registration laws of the State of Vermont.
34. Consorting, and Conspiracy, with known Right Wing radical groups and Militias who commit terrorism.
35. Conspiracy to commit murder of an Abenaki Nation citizens.
36. Nepotism on the Missisquoi Council.
37. Taking actions against the Councils in Unity based upon spurious and false information from persons with questionable backgrounds.
These formal change will be levelled by the Councils in Unity for trial at a future time and place to be announced.
We ask all Councils in Unity, and all Abenaki Citizens, to include those who have been unfairly treated by Mr. St. Francis, to Boycott the Missisquoi Heritage Day Celebration.
Additionally, we offer to all Abenaki People who have received such mistreatment, by Mr. St. Francis, a Safe Haven and Refuge against Mr. St. Francis's arbitrary, capricious and brutal dictatorship.
A SPECIAL NOTE: "Wake up Missisquoi; Dismiss your dictator! you are supposed to be free people." Missisquoi Council Citizens: "Are you aware that citizens of the Abenaki Nation made a special trip to the Pequot Nation and received from the Pequot People, as a gift, thousands of dollars for Brunswick Springs, and this was never acknowledged by Mr. St. Francis or the Missisquoi Council." Copies of these checks ARE available, upon request, for inspection by any Abenaki Citizen who wishes to see and verify the same.
Additional charges shall be brought forward as the investigations are continued. All charges will carry the maximum penalties under Ancient Abenaki Traditional Laws. All Councils in Unity shall have the opprotunity to review these charges and to bring additional charges.
It has been a sad duty to have to bring all of this to the attention of you, the Abenaki Citizens, but has become necessary under the circumstances, because we either all stand together or our Nation will never survive. It will be hostage forever to those who do not have our Nation's, nor our citizens best interests at heart.
This special edition of the Dawnland Voice is being sent to every Clan, Band, Council, and Nation on Turtle Island and they are encouraged, with our permission, to reproduce and distribute this special edition with our blessings.
To all of our brothers and sisters on Turtle Island, in every Clan, Band, Council and Nation, we send our best and warmest regards and wishes for peace, prosperity and happiness as we walk the Red Road in brotherhood.

To the Cowasuck People, Let us Remember the Council Motto:
Howard F. Knight, Jr.
(aka Rushing Water)
Cowasuck Tribal Council 
[Handwritten by Howard F. Knight Jr.]
1. Name change approval - 1 Apr. '95 [April 01, 1995] Supreme Council Mtg [Meeting] Sherbrooke, Que. [Quebec, Canada]
2. Final approved name will be "The National Federation of the Sovereign Republic of the Abenaki Nation" - We will make necessary change - All else remains the same.
3. Original Unity documents is in force - Final name this document is as #2 above.
[Typed Form]
P.O. BOX 276
(802)868-2559 or 868-7146
(802)868-5118 FAX#
Whereas, throughout pre-record, and recorded history, it is an indisputed [undisputed] fact that the ABENAKI NATION and its people have always been spread across a large land mass of the Northeastern part of the North American continent, throughout the many eons of time, and
Whereas, an artifical boundary was set across the ancient ABENAKI NATION TERRITORY by the European colonizes, thereby resulting in the splitting of our brothers and sisters, and their clans and bands, young and old, in their Ancestry territory onto two, sides of the said artificial imposed line that has made our people to become know as an Aboriginal Nation, and
Whereas, the forceably separated bands and clans and people of the NATIONAL FEDERATION OF THE ABENAKI NATION, and under the leadership of its Recently elected Grand Chief, Homer St. Francis, and
Whereas, the new unity has come about for the first time in joint Solemn Council and agreement since 1712 and 1713, and it clearly is of formost importance and necessity that the new unity prevails to prevent, from this day forward, any further encroachments environmental degradations, illegal acts and activities and acts of genocide against our Nation, our land, and its people by "Non-Natives and "Wanna-Bee's"; from within and from outside our ANCIENT ABENAKI TERRITORY; and
Whereas, it is the clear and full intent and purpose of the NATIONAL SOVEREIGN REPUBLIC OF THE ABENAKI NATION that ALL eligible ABORIGINAL AND ABENAKI COUNCILS within our ancient territory shall receive their rightful and proper recognition; and
Whereas, brotherhood, friendship, cooperation and trade between all ABORIGINAL PEOPLE and their democratically elected coucils within the ANCIENT ABENAKI TERRITORY is in the best interests of the NATIONAL SOVEREIGN REPUBLIC OF THE ABENAKI NATION and all those who are of ABORIGINAL ANCESTRY,
Therefore be it resolved, that the SUPREME COUNCIL of the NATIONAL SOVEREIGN REPUBLIC OF THE ABENAKI NATION, in SOLEMN SUPREME COUNCIL ASSEMBLED IN ANCIENT ABENAKI TERRITORY, and in SOLEMN AGREEMENT, in brotherhood friendship and cooperation does hereby recognize as brothers and sisters, the UNIFIED ALLIED COUNCILS and their freely elected leaders, as members councils within the NATIONAL SOVEREIGN REPUBLIC OF THE ABENAKI NATION, and
Be it further resolved, that the SUPREME COUNCIL OF THE NATIONAL SOVEREIGN REPUBLIC OF THE SOVEREIGN ABENAKI NATION shall render any and all requested aid and/or assistance to the member councils that it can render within the constraints of its abilities to do so, and the same shall be applicable from the member council and between the said member councils to each other, and also to the Supreme Council, to include 10% of the Yearly net income of each of the member councils to the Supreme Council, and
Be it resolved, that by the signatures and seals attached hereon, this date, this document does become a permanent and binding agreement between the said councils, and
Therefore, be it finally resolved, that by the signatures and/or seals, or both, attached hereon, this document does hereby become further, a permanent and binding Resolution and Agreement of Recognition, brotherhood, friendship, cooperation, and trade between the signatory councils, and it is actived by the signatures and/or seals of the Grand Chief or his official representatives, and the freely elected and recognized leaders of the Allied Councils hereon attached, and witnesses to same upon signing and or sealing this day.

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