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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Continued....Articles of Association: "The Abenaki Nation of New England AKA The Eastern Woodlands Band of Abenaki Nation of Vermont (Pisowakamigw Wobanakiak Documents:

The authorized number and qualifications of members of this Tribal Corporation, the voting rights and other rights and privileges of said members shall be set forth in the Tribal By-Laws.
Except as otherwise provided for by law, or in the By-Laws or in corporate Law of this Tribal Corporation, which is not inconsistent with the provisions of these Articles of Association, all the affairs of the Indian Tribal Corporation shall be managed and all powers of this Indian Tribal Corporation shall be exercised by a Board of Directors which shall be called a Tribal Council, and the manner of their selection shall be as provided in the By-Laws.
The initial Tribal Council shall consist of a High Tribal Cheif, and three (3) Sub Chiefs, [inserted "and Tribal Secretary"], who shall serve until thier successors are duly selected and qualified according to the By-Laws. The names and addresses of the persons who are to serve as the initial Tribal Council until selection and qualification of thier succcessors in the manner set forth in the By-Laws are as follows;
[inserted onto the document, Howard F. Knight Jr. wrote "David Pero ... RFD Swanee Bean Rd. Thetford Center, VT 05075]

Emerson B. Garfield
6 or 62 or 61 Elm St.
W. Lebanon, N.H.

Richard W. Phillips
[ALL of the above regarding Richard W. Phillips was crossed out]

RONALD HURD  [inserted onto document]
RFD Vershire, VT  
RFD #1 BOX 15

ALDEN PALMER [written onto/ inserted into the document]
RFD #1

These articles of association may be altered and or amended at any regular meeting or speical meeting called by the Tribal Council for such a purpose. An amendment must be approved by a majority of the Tribal Council and adopted by a vote of 2/3rds of the members at a duly warned and constituted meeting at which a quorm is present.
The registered agent office and mailing addrress of this Corporation shall be: Howard F. Knight, Jr.
RFD #1
Box 15
Thetford, V.T. 05075

After reviewing the documents, it is clear and obvious that Wayne Hoague was dissatisfied, and at-odds with Homer St. Francis Sr. in Swanton, Vermont. With Arthur W. Seymour, and Richard "Black Horse" Phillips (with their spouses) they created the "Abenaki" Incorporation "PISOWAKAMIGW WOBANAKIAK", ""SPIRIT BEAR MEDICINE SOCIETY" OF "THE ABENAKI NATION OF NEW ENGLAND", AND ALSO "THE ABENAKI NATION OF VERMONT" Incorporations. It does NOT appear, that the Pero family members were involved/ interactive UNTIL 1980 and or thereafter, when Howard Franklin Knight, Jr. became involved and interactive with the three (3) Incorporator's (Wayne, Richard, and Arthur) who were self-created "Chief's" of their particular "Abenaki" group followers/members, who were also disgruntled members of the Homer St. Francis group, of which they all previously had belonged to/associated with. Once Richard "Black Horse" Wilfred Phillips had suddenly departed (seemingly) his participation in the "Eastern Woodlands Band of the Abenaki Nation of Vermont" Inc., it was Howard Franklin Knight, Jr. who began manipulatively placing himself into the "Chief" position/ which was merely becoming the President of the created Incorporation. He began deleting and adding Board of Director positions, such as Elwin "Joe" Merle Pero, and Alden Palmer (both of which lived in Thetford, Vermont), in which to solidify his own position in the incorporation. It was the endeavor of Howard Franklin Knight, Jr. to become (by deceit, deception, and dishonesty) recognized by a naive, unaware, uneducated Secretary of State, State of VT, and Governor of the State VT., "as a recognized successor of ALL OTHER TRIBAL BANDS WITHIN VERMONT" and thereby put himself into a position of POWER, in his twisted inflated EGO, and desire for CONTROL. History is repeating itself in 2011 with this concocted, confabulating "VT Indigenous Alliance"  (Elnu, Koasek, Missisquoi, and Nulhegan) founded in 2008.

These factual "historical" documents of which I am placing on this blog, are the rotten ROOTS of the Paul Wilson Pouliot's led group of ALLEGED and REINVENTED "Cowasuck/Pennacook group (COWASS North America, Inc.); the Ralph Skinner Swett led group Clan of the Hawk, Inc.; and also the Nulhegan Band of the Coosuk - Abenaki, Inc. group led by Luke Andrew Willard (and now led by Donald Warren Stevens, Jr. who belonged to the St. Francis/Sokoki Inc. group led by the late Homer St. Francis and now by his daughter April Merrill). This also includes two other Inc. groups, Nancy Millette-Doucet's group calling itself the Koasek Traditional Band of the Kaos Abenaki Nation, Inc. All four of these Incorporation groups created an "Alliance" founded in 2008. Elnu Tribe of the Abenaki (became a Sub Band of the Nancy Millette-Doucet/ Brian Chenevert/Howard Knight Jr. group in 2007) led by Roger "Longtoe" Anthony Sheehan is also included in this "Alliance".

From the rotten roots, of these "Inc. groups" of EGO, POWER and CONTROL, twisted in their minds and hearts, comes the rotten greedy fruit of this Abenaki Recognition Process, of which is absolutely NON-TRANSPARENT, NON-FAIR, and NON-INCLUSIVE. The VT/NH Legislative Recognition of these ALLEGED and REINVENTED "Abenakis" of Vermont and New Hampshire is NOT RIGHT. Not any more right, than it was in Tennessee, in that whole mess of "recognizing" incorporations as being legitimate Cherokee Tribes!

Vermont Incorporatons are NOT bone-fide authentic "Abenaki Tribes". These incorporations are not founded in legitimate historical foundations, genealogical foundations, nor social connections of historical merit to the Abenaki, nor to any legitimate Abenaki COMMUNITY. The BIA's O.F.A. (as well as the Vermont Attorney General's Office) stated as much, based on FACTUAL documentation from these Inc. "Chiefs"/ Inc. Presidents and their "members"/followers.

Now the Vermont Legislature Representatives are attempting to IGNORE these findings (conclusions), and to be seemingly "politically correct" in their actions, they now seeming kow-tow to these incorporation's, who now sit on the VCNAA, granting themselves VT "State Recognition" with their biased so-called scholars! What these people are doing, could be considered GENOCIDE, LATERAL OPPRESSION, a RE-WRITING of Abenaki history, inserting themselves into a Culture, a Language, an Heritage, that did not and does not belong to them whatsoever? All with the stroke of a VT Legislative and Governor's pen?

Page A6
The Caledonian-Record Newspaper
Date: Saturday, January 08, 2011
Illuzzi Supports Recommendation
By. Robin Smith, Staff Writer
NEWPORT CITY - The Vermont Commission on Native American Affairs has asked the Legislature to recognize an Abenaki Tribe in Orleans County.
No, this group is NOT AN ABENAKI TRIBE. This group is an Incorporation comprised of a "loose and fluid" "membership/recruitment process" dynamic, in which people who assume to be "Abenaki descendants" join the incorporation and follow the Inc. President/ "Chief"
The commission voted Tuesday to recommend recognition for the Nulhegan Band of the Coosuck Abenaki Nation.
No, what is NOT mentioned in this article is that the Chairman of the VCNAA, none other than Luke Andrew Willard, was and is a part of this Inc.
The tribe is based in Brownington, with most of its members living in Newport City and Derby.
Right along with the Clan of the Hawk, Inc. led by Ralph Skinner Swett (of which previous to creating the Nulhegan-Coosuk "Abenaki" Inc. in August 2004 it was the Culture Vulture Indian-ist Inc. that Willard and Cote belonged to previous to Aug. 2004.
The commission also recommended a tribe in Newbury, the Elnu Abenaki, be recognised.
Again, this group is contemporarily created. Roger Longtoe Sheehan was a Board of Director to the Tolba, Inc. which had connections to Howard F. Knight's Tolba Clan confabulations. It is also documented that this group became a Sub-Band of the "Cowasuck" Inc. group led by Brian Cheenevert/Nancy Millette-Doucet which has connections to Howard F. Knight's Cowasuck Abenaki confabulations.
Another tribe, the Koasek of the Koas in southern Vermont, is being considered for recognition
Again, led by Nancy Millette-Doucet AFTER Brian Chenevert, Paul Bunnell, Howard Knight, and Karen Majka "had a falling out"). Nancy Millette Doucet created the White Pines Association, Inc. on July 27, 2006 with Peggy Fullerton, Colleen Chase, and Mike Fenn. Again, this so called "Abenaki Tribe" is merely an incorporation.
and the Missisquoi Tribe in Swanton is expected to apply to the commission.
Really? When did this group led by the late Homer St. Francis' daughter April Merrill "become a Abenaki Tribe" let alone connect to ANY historical or contemporary Abenaki Tribe/Community? Apparently the Caledonian-Record and its Staff writer Robin Smith have not seen nor read the Bureau of Indian Affair's nor the State Attorney General's Reports?
"It's quite a monumental thing," Commission Chairman Luke Willard of Brownington said Friday. He is an Abenaki. Really? Because I have yet to find any connection to the Abenakis in Willard's ancestry. Neither has Ne-Do-Ba, an organization based in Maine, nor has Abenakis connected to his claimed Abenaki Ancestors, found him to be connected ancestrally or descendant-wise, to their families.
"Vermont has an amazing culture. If we could just imbrace this part of it, it could be so much more." Willard said. Oh, I am sure the "Abenaki Circus" would be a Grand Show. Even Nancy Millette-Doucet says so. She even LIED about her own ancestor Flora Una Ana nee: Ingerson - Hunt or should I say, Flora Eunice Ingerson, and Flora's mother Almira nee: Rines - Ingerson - Pollock. I am sure, the "leathers and feathers" of these dubious questionable "Abenakis" would be painted every color imaginable, but the TRUTH would no where be found. Truth, transparency, and fairness are not allowed admittance to the VNCAA today!
On Tuesday, Willard will present the commission's recommendations to the House General and Military Affairs Committee for legislative action. And on Jan. 19, he will go before the Senate Committee on Economic Development, Housing and General Affairs, chaired again this session by Sen. Vincent Illuzzi, R-Essex-Orleans.
I think Senator Vincent Illuzzi should be removed from this Senate Committee, right along with his Jewish sidekick buddy, Hinda Miller! Right along with him, should go his Honorary Headdress and Certificate issued by Clan of the Hawk, Inc. "Chief" Ralph Skinner Swett! Illuzzi supports this recommendation for reason(s) he nor this VT Indigenous Alliance founded in 2008, are explaining truthfully to the Vermont public. These people seek to remove Kesha Ram from her possible position on the House General and Military Affairs Committee, or prevent her from having anything to with the "Abenaki" Recognition Decisions altogether. Why? So these incorporation's can be "recognized" by a naive un-educated, blinded Legislature of Vermont, that's why.
"It's very important," Illuzzi said. "It's been a 30-year journey for me. We hope it opens the door for federal grants for housing and education."
That's it, isn't it? It's about gaining access to Federal Indian Grant $$MONEY$$. Hopefully the Federal Governmental Agencies such as the Indian Arts and Crafts (ICAB) etc will be not-so-naive as to what has been going on in the State's of Vermont and New Hampshire (just like it was going on in the State of Tennessee in the summer of 2010) and SLAM THE DOOR on these incorporation's who wish to put their foot in the door, breaking some Inc. toes in the process!)
Schools throughout Orleans County with students with self-proclaimed Abenaki Heritage may apply for Title VII grants that would help with one-on-one education and field trips," Willard said.
The three tribes requested recognition formally in November at a meeting of the commission in Newport City. No that meeting happened in December.
Willard said each tribe presented an application in November. The application included genealogical records which are hidden-sealed in envelopes before being presented to the VCNAA examined by non-"outside" scholars who reported back to the commission. Slapping each other on the backsides in their manipulative, biased, non-transparent, unfair process.
The commission was appointed by the governor and given authority by the Legislature under Act 107 to do the research and make recommendations. What "research" have these supposedly "outside" "scholars" actually done? None, in my opinion, other than what is supportive of these Inc. groups proclaiming to be Abenaki.
The commission also has the responsibility to help recognized tribes apply for grants and market their crafts. Again, this "Abenaki" Recognition is ONLY about $$Money$$
"The commission was asked to do the legwork for the Legislature, because the issue of the tribal recognition of these INCORPORATION'S was so contentious in Vermont," Willard said.
"It has been hard to grow up Abenaki and not learn about the current-day Abenaki in school," Willard said. "The only Abenaki taught about are those who died years ago in Vermont's history."
Children today grow up Abenaki, "but the state you call home, the state that you love, refuses to admit that you even exist," Willard said.
Yet, even in this article Willard & his cronies of the "Alliance" fail to mention the living-today Abenakis connected to Odanak, historically and contemporarily, who do live in Orleans County, Vermont and throughout New England! Pretty non-transparent when this Incorporate President now-chairman of the VCNAA fails to mention people of Orleans County, who ARE Abenakis, who DO live in Vermont, etc!
State Recognition will change all that.
Yes, it's called RE-WRITING ABENAKI HISTORY and INSERTING these incorporation's into the contemporary Abenaki dynamic. It's also considered GENOCIDE, since the legitimate Abenakis from and of historically documented Abenakis who came from Vermont and New Hampshire are simply written out of the contemprorary Abenaki Recognition process within Vermont and New Hampshire by these so called Incorporated Abenaki groups!
"This is a feeling of acceptance," Willard said of the recommendation. Indeed, but hopefully it will be a short-lived "feeling of acceptance" when the TRUTH is brought forward, either to the State of Vermont and or the Federal Agencies these Incorporation's plan to plunder, like the FAKE Abenakis, that they are.
"I'm hoping we can finally grant recognition," Illuzzi said.
What's in this "Abenaki Recognition" that Illuzzi isn't informing the Vermont public of? Land Grabs? Casino? Attempts at gaining Federal Recognition for these Inc'.s? There is MORE to this "story" of their confabulated "Abenaki" b.s. than what is in this or any other previously published article, that's for sure.
One glaring failure of this Staff writer (on both the part of Willard, Illuzzi and Company) in this particular article is the fact (or lack thereof to mention), that Abenakis who were and are legitimately documented Abenakis, coming from a historical Abenaki community CAME BACK down into Vermont and throughout New England. They are not mentioned in this article. Their relatives, children, grandchildren and numerous other descendants are not mentioned in this or any other article within or around Vermont. Why not? Why are they not part of this Abenaki Recognition process, from the very beginning to the very end of this "business"? Abenakis from Odanak, and who have been residents of Vermont (and throughout New England), and continue to be, are just as much "Abenakis" deserving of Abenaki Recognition, if not more so, than any of these Incorporation's merits to such recognition. Why hasn't Vermont Representatives sought out those families in all of this 2006-2011 Recognition? Where are their voices, culture, hopes and dreams, in the media of Vermont?

Maybe ... it's because these legitimate Abenakis do not think and have concluded (based on the lack of connection to the Abenakis, genealogically, historically and socially) that "it's such a monumental thing" that incorporation's (such as that which have been created by Howard Knight, Jr., Luke Willard, Nancy Doucet and so on) are really "Abenaki Tribes" ... to begin with? Maybe, the legitimate Abenakis retain their integrity and honesty ... by NOT approaching such a corrupted, manipulative and biased Commission on Native American Affairs, in the first place?!

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