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Monday, January 17, 2011

Abenaki Unification Accord 3 Page Document; August 17, 1994 Resolution-Agreement Between Incorporation President's/Chief's:

Abenaki Unification Accord
We the United Bands of the Abenaki People here within sign our names to this accord to bring about a document of unity before the governing authorities that now control our ancestral lands, which was once called by them "red man's land". We being the descendants of the proud original Abenaki people sign our names in agreement to the words spoken in the unification accord:
No one group or band will appoint a Grand chief to represent the entire Abenaki people; in place of aforesaid position all groups or bands will send a delegation to the council meetings, to represent each group or band, no less than two delegates shall come to the council meetings, no one person shall represent their group or band before the council. Each group or band can send as many delegates as they wish, but only four from each group or band shall speak before the council in debate on any subject confronting said delegation.
Each group or band shall have four votes, and no more than four, when a decision has to be made. When all votes are presented, then the subjects of the council shall make a temporary vote either to pass or reject said proposal. When this vote is accomplished by the council, all decisions made by the council will not become law until the delegation returns to their groups or bands to have the people give their final word on the vote.
Once the people have heard and given their voice on the proposal their delegation once again comes before the council with the peoples decision and place it before the rest of the delegation in attendance, the consensus of the delegates present must be made to carry out said proposal. No decision shall be made by one person or small delegation but by the consensus of the entire delegation, they shall decide on the fate of the next 7 generations, by passing or rejecting the proposal presented to them, in this manner the whole population of the Abenaki people shall have a say in governmental matters.
This accord shall unite the Abenaki people into one national entity which will carry out its decision, even though some of these decisions will be in opposition of the coexisting governments that now occupy our ancestral territories.
The most we can offer our people at this time through the Unification Accord is a United Abenaki people with the beginnings of a re-established governing body which was driven underground by those now in power.
We hereby affix our signatures to this accord in agreement to work as a United body to bring forth the traditional laws/taboos of our people and to do this without the interference of the coexisting Federal and State governments. We with this accord promised to send delegates to the Peoples Council to participate in the drawing up of a constitution of the United Bands of the Abenaki people. We know in the past our people did not need paper for such agreements but in today's society we must put it down on paper to make sure no one will misinterpret our words and goals set out in this accord.
Within this accord we give our word both verbally and on paper to work on the concerns of our people in a united effort to bring forth a centralized governing body which will be a true for of individualized democracy.
We the undersigned, understand there are many who feel they represent the people, as chiefs. We do not deny this as being a factual statement, but all we state in this accord is they do not represent the entire Abenaki people. We invite these individuals to come and sign their names to this accord being the representatives of their people, for with their strength and ours we can become a stronger entity to deal with.
With this accord we also recognize the existence of the governmental entities which now rule in coexistence with our own. We respect their laws and will obey said laws until they conflict with our own which were given to us by our creators. With this signing we take notice of their political existence with the aspect they in turn do the same to our form of governing. We will not deliberately break their laws which do not conflict with those of our creators. We will follow their standards while we are in their jurisdiction, as we expect them to do the same in ours. This form of mutual recognition is what we offer to the Provincial, State, and Federal governing bodies, with full understanding, if we break any of their laws which do not contradict the laws of the creators, then we will expect the punishment which comes with such action and be tried in their courts of law. We in turn will do the same with those of their citizens who break our laws on Abenaki land. We the undersigned agree to this coexistence with the foreign governments which are no in our ancestral lands.
The United Bands of the Abenaki People who will be signing the accord will make our government as strong and knowledgeable of the creators laws/taboos. With this in mind our government will be four parts. In one, the Peoples council shall sit as executive, legislative, judicial, and spiritual, all for of these aspects will be carried out as one embodiment to govern our people, which will bring forth a constitution which will benefit all our people and which will unite our people under one law, laws which they the people will help decide on and who will willfully follow the laws  which we bring forth with this accord will be directed by the creators.
We the undersigned, being representatives of our different groups or bands bring about this accord to unite our people as a United Abenaki People. With our signatures we respect the identity of each and every group or band which signs this accord all others who do not sign will not be denied acknowledgment, but they will not be allowed to sit on the peoples council without first accepting this accord with their signatures.

NOTE: The creator/writer of this particular 3-Page "Abenaki Unification Accord, has yet to be ascertained. Apparently, whomever it was that typed this up, forget to mention or acknowledge that these "Abenaki" groups or bands, had already created corporations "under state laws", therefore, contrary to the delusion that these "Abenaki" groups or bands were separate from the Federal and or State Governmental entities which now rule in coexistence "with our own" and that these groups or bands of alleged and reinvented "Abenakis" will respect their laws....again, someone is simply fooling their one operative brain cell left functioning, if they simply cannot realize that these supposed "Abenaki" groups or bands are "sovereign" since their incorporating under Federal and or State laws.
G.C. HW. ST. F
Grand Chief Homer W. St. Francis Sr.
August 17, 1994
P.O. BOX 276
(802) 868-2559 or 868-7146
(802) 868-5118 FAX #
Whereas, throughout pre-recorded, and recorded history, it is an indisputed fact that the ABENAKI NATION and its people have always been spread across a large land mass of the Northeastern part of the North American continent, throughout the many eons of time, and
Whereas, an artificial boundary was set across the ancient ABENAKI TERRITORY by the European colonies, thereby resulting in the splitting of our brothers and sisters, and their clans and bands, young and old, in their Ancient territory onto two, sides of the said artificially imposed line that has made our people to become known as an International Aboriginal Nation, and
Whereas, the forceably seperated bands and clans and people of the SOVEREIGN ABENAKI NATION on both sides of the artificially imposed division known as the U.S. - Canadian border have now, in the year 1994, allied themselves together under the reborn Supreme Council of the Republic of the SOVEREIGN ABENAKI NATION INTERNATIONAL, and under the leadership of its newly elected Grand Chief, Homer St. Francis Sr., and
Whereas, the new unity has come about for the first time in joint Solemn Council and agreement since 1712 and 1713, and it clearly is of foremost importance and necessity that the new unity prevails to prevent, from this day forward, any further encroachments, environmental degradations, illegal acts and activities and acts of genocide against our Nation, our land, and its people by non-natives and "wanna-bes", within and without outside our ANCIENT ABENAKI TERRITORY, and
Whereas, it is the clear and full intent and purpose of the SOVEREIGN REPUBLIC OF THE ABENAKI NATION INTERNATIONAL that ALL eligible ABORIGINAL AND ABENAKI COUNCILS within our ancient territory shall receive their rightful and proper recognition; and
Whereas, brotherhood, friendship, cooperation and trade between all ABORIGINAL PEOPLE and their democratically elected councils within the ANCIENT ABENAKI TERRITORY is in the best interests of the SOVEREIGN ABENAKI NATION and all those who are of ABORIGINAL ANCESTRY.
Therefore be it resolved, that the SUPREME COUNCIL of the Republic of the SOVEREIGN ABENAKI NATION INTERNATIONAL, in SOLEMN SUPREME COUNCIL ASSEMBLED IN ANCIENT ABENAKI TERRITORY, and in SOLEMN AGREEMENT, in brotherhood, friendship and cooperation does hereby recognized as brothers and sisters, the UNIFIED ALLIED COUNCILS and their freely elected leaders, as members councils within the REPUBLIC OF THE SOVEREIGN ABENAKI NATION INTERNATIONAL, and
Be it further resolved, that the SUPREME COUNCIL OF THE REPUBLIC OF THE SOVEREIGN ABENAKI NATION INTERNATIONAL shall render any all requested aid and/ or assistance to the member councils that it can render within the constraints of its abilities to do so, and the same shall be applicable from the member council and between the said member councils to each other and also to the Supreme Council, to include 10% of the yearly net income of each of the member councils to the Supreme Council, and
Be it also resolved, that by the signatures and seals attached hereon, this date, this document does become a permanent and binding agreement between the said councils, and
Therefore, be it finally resolved, that by the signatures and/or seals, or both, attached hereon, this document does hereby become further, a permanent and binding Resolution and Agreement of Recognition, brotherhood, friendship, cooperation and trade between the signatory councils, and it is activated by the signatures and/or seals of the Grand Chief or his official representatives, and the freely elected and recognized leaders of the Allied Councils hereby and hereon attached, and witness to same upon signing and or sealing this day.
DATED THIS 20TH day of August 1994, in Evansville, Ancient Abenaki Territory, Vermont.
Supreme Council-Rep. of the Sovereign Abenaki Nation, Interm

Walter Watso
Assoc. [crossed out] Grand Chief-Walter Watso

Chief Tribal Judge Michael A. Delaney
Chief Tribal Judge-Michael A. Delaney
Sovereign Republic of the Abenaki Nation International

Howard F. Knight, Jr. (AKA Rushing Water)
Howard F. Knight Jr. (aka Rushing Water)
Chief Spokesman, CNA

Cindy J. Shover (aka Loon Caller)
Cindy J. Shover (aka Loon Caller)
Assoc. Spokesman

Charles Labor (AKA Light Feather)
Charles Labor (aka Light Feather)
Judge-of Cowasuck of N.A.
Grand Council of the Allied Bands of Southern New England:

Ray Lussier Looking Glass
Ray Lussier (aka Looking Glass)
Chief Spokesman, Massachusetts

Willam Martineau - Long Step
William Martineau (AKA Long Step)
Assoc. Spokesman

Sherbrooke Aboriginal Community Council:

Roland Demers AKA (Wisdom Listener)
Roland Demers Chief Spokesman
Sherbrooke Community Council

Michel Moisan
Assoc. Chief - Michel Moisan


Pierre H. Richards
Pierre Heroux Richards
CHief Spokesman S.A.C.C.

Claude Jean
Associate Spokesman, sacc

A. Greyhawk Milano
Ray Milano chief Spokesman-Athens Council
AL (Greyhawk) Milano

Margurite Soft Spoken One Decker
Associate Spokesman-Athens Council
Margurite Soft Spoken One Decker


Newton Washburn
Chief Spokesman, Council of N.H.

Nancy Cruger -Lyons-Doucet
Assoc. Spokesman, Council of N.H.

The above two [Newton Washburn and Nancy Cruger] had three wtinesses: Philip J. Thibault, Roland Demers and Charles Labor

Wayne E. Hall A.K.A. Mountain Cougar
N.H. Ambassador

Chief Spokesman-ESCA
Assoc. Spokesman, ESCA

Edward Verge/ Little Wolf
Ambassador Abenaki Nation N.E. Vt.

Emerson B. Garfield (aka Spirit Bear)
Emerson B. Garfield (aka Spirit Bear)
Cowasuck/Coos Band

John Lawyer AKA Grey Wolf
John Lawyer aka Grey Wolf
St. Francis/ Sokoki Band

Roger Lucas (AKA Lightfoot)
Roger Lucas (aka Lightfoot)
Cowasuck/ Coos Band

Brian Lemois (AKA Spirit Wolf)
Brian Lemois (aka Spirit Wolf)
Cowasuck Band

Darrell R. Larocque
Darrell R. Larocque (aka Big Bear Claw)
St. Francis Band St. Francis/ Sokoki

Melody Nunn AKA Wolf Walker
Melody Nunn (aka Stands Tall Woman) (aka Wolf Walker)
Cowasuck/Coos Band
Witness E.B.G. (Emerson Bidwell Garfield)

Philip Thibault
Philip Thibault (aka Souring Eagle)
St. Francis/Sokoki Band

Ina E. Delaney
Ina E. Delaney (aka Snow Cat)
St. Francis/Sokoki Band

Philip L. Martin
Phil Martin (aka Grey Fox)
Cowasuck/Coos Band-Mass.

Allen Cornell
Sokoki Band
Harry C. Shover
Harry Shover
Cowasuck/Coos Band.

Nancy Lemois (Spring Flower)
Nancy Lemois (aka Spring Flower)
Cowasuck Band

Phenix Hearn
Caroline "Phenix" Hearn
St. Francis/Sokoki Band

R. Hart
R. Hart
Lon Eagle/Snake
Wassakeag Band
Signed, Sealed and dated, this 20th day of August 1994, in Evansville, Ancient Abenaki Territory, Northeastern North America.

My Response:
Why Evansville, Orleans County, Vermont? The answer is Ralph Skinner Swett and the property where Clan of Hawk, Inc. holds its "pow-wow" and events every year. Ralph Skinner Swett agreed to have the Unity (Resolution-Agreement) done where everybody could gather at a Pow-Wow, sign this document. All it was, was "incorporation's" under state-sanction, under the laws of the state, coming together, with their "followers"/solicited "memberships" to witness such a thing. I even referred to this August 1994 Unification of Incorporation's that made the late "Chief" Homer St. Francis Sr. turn into a "Grand Chief" before on this blog. LINK: http://reinventedvermontabenaki.blogspot.com/2009/10/ralph-skinner-swett-and-clan-of-hawk.html
Later, some of these Incorporation's revoked the title of "Grand Chief" to Homer's  and gave that "Grand Chief" "Crown and Throne" to Walter Watso, instead. If Walter Watso couldn't be an "authentic" Chief in his home community of Odanak, by gosh the man could go to Sherbrooke and the United States, and be a "Chief" and then "Grand Chief" of the Abenaki. Plus he could stop by Nancy Milette-Cruger-Lyons-Doucet's place in Bethlehem and sign Artist Certificates and more "important" papers making everyone and their grandmother's "Abenaki" Ambassador's, just like Homer St. Francis Sr.
So, this is how "Cowasuck" "Clan of the Hawk Inc." "Chief" Ralph Skinner Swett got started back in the day. It was all about $$$$, Status, Ego, Power and Control with all of these people claiming to be Abenakis and Abenaki Chiefs, Grand Chiefs, Sub Chiefs, etc. Howard Franklin Knight, Jr. "cooked up the idea" to call the new Incorporation "Clan of the Hawk" because he was pissed off at Paul Wilson Pouliot (then down in Worcester, MA with his "Tribal Headquarters" "Office of the Tribal Council" and his "The Red Hawk Lodge" shenanigans of early 1993) because Pouliot would not give back the Corporation paperwork regarding Abenaki Nation of Vermont. So, to "play games", Howard Knight Jr. and Ralph Swett decided to "do a number on Pouliot" by creating Cowasuck of North America, Inc. in April of 1993 which was two months after Pouliot had created an Incorporation down in Worcester County, Massachusetts called COWASS NORTH AMERICA, Inc. Pouliot claimed to be of the Red Hawk Clan, so in turn Ralph Swett called his Corporation "Clan of the Hawk, Inc." None of these people were legitimately connected to a legitimately historical Abenaki Cowasuck Missisquoi or other Abenaki Tribe. What all these people were connected to, were mere Corporations that had inference's to using the word Abenaki in them, so as to imply that these people, these groups, these organizations actually represented Abenaki People connected to Abenaki Community. Which was as far from the truth, as one could get.

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