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Friday, March 5, 2010

Genealogy Part 22 of So-Called "Chief" "Retired Chief" "Senior Advisor" "Reactivated Retired Chief" Howard Franklin Knight Jr.'s Genealogical History:

Genforum.com Posting of March 09, 2009 by Wanda Lea nee:L Martinez - Mitchell regarding the Waterman Family Genealogy Forum. "Thank you for the answer. Does it tell in that book or the next book Her kids? My mother was her first by her second marriage, Marion Waterman (m) a Cook first and 2 girls, Evelyn and Marion Corabell then (m) a Jenkins and had 3 girls with my mother being the first of those three. If the books were written in '42 my mother and her sisters should all be in one of the books since they were born way before '42. My Brother was in '43 so I guess he wouldn't be in there. I am going to have to buy those books.
Ancestry.com document regarding Madalene Alicia (nee: Jenkins) and her husband's relatives.
Madalene Alicia (nee: Jenkins) born on July 05, 1924 in Thetford, Vermont. She married to Howard Franklin Knight, Sr. after his divorce to Marion Corabelle (nee: Cook).
Lyndon, Caledonia County, Vermont letter from Assistant Town Clerk dated October 13, 2009 to Douglas Lloyd Buchholz regarding the genealogical research of the Knight ancestry in that Vermont Township.
Cemetery Record regarding Page 96 of Ellen Marie (nee: Nichols) and John Nichols, George H. Knight, his wife Lillian (nee: Nichols) Knight, and their daughter Ethel May (nee: Knight)
Cemetery Record regarding Page 239 regarding Viola S. Knight, George W. Knight and Sarah V. Dean Knight of Section No. 23, Lot No. 16
Lorrinda A. (nee: Thomas) Snelling
Born: February 11, 1838 (twin) Sheffield, Caledonia County, Vermont
She married: February 11, 1856 Sheffield, Caledonia County, Vermont
to: Orrin H. Snelling, son of Charles Geen Snelling and Polly (nee: Harris)
She died: August 04, 1925 Norwich, Windsor County, Vermont
Her twin sister
Lucinda A. (nee: Thomas) Snelling
Born: February 11, 1838 (twin) Sheffield, Caledonia County, Vermont
She married: February 11, 1838 Sheffield, Caledonia County, Vermont
to: George W. Snelling, son of Charles Green Snelling and Polly (nee: Harris)
She died: April 04, 1913 Bradford, Orange County, Vermont
As one can see for themselves
Charles Francis True, Jr.
HowardFranklin Knight, Jr.

Lorrinda A. (nee: Thomas) and her husband Orrin H. Snelling
Wilbur Carlton Snelling, son of Orrin H. Snelling and Lorrinda A. (nee: Thomas) Snelling.
Wilbur C. Snelling was born on September 08, 1861 Wheelock, Caledonia County, Vermont
He married Florence Ester (nee: Ball) ca. 1902
He died on December 20, 1939 Wheelock, Caledonia County, Vermont 

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