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Friday, September 3, 2010

January 18, 1995 Darrell Larocque "Security Report" to Homer St. Francis ~ September 02, 2010 "NEW" Vermont Commission On Native American Affairs Appointee's:

Review the "LINK" given below, regarding the document previously placed on this blog, concerning the "Security Report" which was dated January 18, 1995 from Darrell R. Larocque of Charlotte, North Carolina to "Grand Chief" Homer St. Francis, Sr. of Swanton, Vermont.

LINK: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_hqC5V9v2WXg/S3EO3v2CdEI/AAAAAAAAC2w/-yBx9zxY_z8/s1600-h/Darrell+Larocque+Jan+18+1995.jpg

This document was a mere five (5) days AFTER Paul Wilson Pouliot created his "Letter-of-Intent-to-Petition-for-Federal-Acknowledgment" dated January 13, 1995 and received by the OFA (Office of Federal Acknowledgment) on January 23, 1995 in Washington, D.C.

What caused the late (now deceased) Darrell R. Larocque to create this so-called "Security Report" to his "Grand Chief" Homer Walter St. Francis, Sr. (also now deceased)?

It probably begins and ends with North Carolina Senator "Jesse Alexander Helms, Jr." (who is also now deceased as of July 04, 2008) of whom Darrell Larocque was regularly in communication with. How else would Darrell Larocque become so suddenly aware of what Paul Wilson Pouliot was politically doing (a mere five days earlier from this "Security Report" to Homer St. Francis, Sr.)? Perhaps it was merely Darrell R. Larocque obtaining and reviewing Paul Wilson Pouliot's "Newsletter" of that time period (?) but I don't think so. I think it was moreso about Homer St. Francis' inflated ego-power-and control issue's, as to who was "Abenaki" and who he concluded wasn't. 

One question that comes to mind....where was the so-called UNITY amongst all these alleged and reinvented "Abenakis" of Vermont, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts in early 1995? Apparently the "Unity Meeting" of mid-July 1994 at Littleton, New Hampshire was merely an illusory endeavor, because these incorporate Presidents/ "Chiefs" "Grand Chiefs", etc. were simply working with their "inflated EGO'S", their "hunger for POWER", and their "thirst for CONTROL of other people", who also claimed or claim to be "Abenakis" within New England.

Kind of reminds of me the movie "Highlander", with the character Connor McCleod repeating the line, "There Can Only Be One"; except at the end, in an Wannabe "Abenaki" version, it would be "Grand Chief" Homer Walter St. Francis or "Chief" Paul Pouliot (etc) who would be saying "There-Can-Only- Be-One-Abenaki-Chief", followed by their trying to cut everybody else' head's off! Humor aside, let's take a temporary look at some contemporary activity regarding these incorporated so-called "Abenaki" "Tribes" and or "Bands" shall we?

This morning I got several email notifications regarding Governor Douglas going to announce later today his selection for the Vermont Commission on Native American Affairs. After a long 4 year battle with the Vermont State Legislature, this NEWLY APPOINTED (but this Commission is NOT "New") Commission begins with an established authority, which is no longer illusory.

When Rep. Hinda Miller and Rep. Vincent Illuzzi began their Legislative campaign to distort and blantantly insult any legitimacy in this "recognition process" in Vermont, they made damned sure that the previously VT Gov. appointed Commission on Native American Affairs members (Judy Dow, Brad Barratt, Tim de la Bruere, Jeanne Brink....) were not going to be on their planned "reconstructed" "NEW" VCNAA. The VT VCNAA members afore-mentioned, right along with Chair Charles Lawrence Delaney Jr. too, were told to "go home" "your services, your thoughts, your merits, and your decisions are no longer needed". Of course, that didn't bother Mr. Delaney Jr. because he was politicianing for being an Assitant Judge to Chittenden County, I guess "on his name only" I also noticed he never used his moniker "Megeso" in his Campaign. I guess being putting on the "Abenaki" persona wasn't politically correct campaigning politically for being an Assistant Judge eh? So today, the notification was about the new Governor Appointee's to the "NEW" VCNAA. They are as follows:
Melody (nee: Walker) Brook of Jeffersonville, Vermont
She is a member of Roger "Longto" Sheehan's group calling itself today, the "El-Nu Abenaki Tribe". She is also a descendant of Charles Partlow of Alburg, Vermont whom Swanton's "St. Francis/Sokoki" group claims were "Indians" in the Civil War (1860's). The Office of Federal Acknowledgment shot that "theory" full of holes btw.

Shirly (nee: Hook) Therrien of Braintree, Vermont
She is an associate with Todd Hebert. In this blog I have mentioned her name before. She was or still is allied with Nancy (nee: Millette) Doucet. The following information has been placed on this blog previously:
0157824 12/23/2008 Koasek Traditional Band of the Koas Abenaki Nation. John Prescott – Nancy Millette – Shirley Hook. Tradename.
We also know that her 'business partner' Todd Hebert was and still is allied with and associated with Mr. Ralph Swett, so-called "Chief" of the Clan of the Hawk group.
Recently, this came to me via mail:
Todd Hebert has been invested/ appointed with the Title of "Ambassador of Unity". As Todd Hebert has rejoined the Clan of the Hawk (yeah, he's on Clan of the Hawk Incorporation Papers too, and that was BEFORE he allied with Nancy Millette-Doucet and Luke Andrew Willard), he has agreed to be the leader at present for the Northeast Wind Council (another B.S. "Council" created- out-of-thin-air in-August-1994, by a bunch of "New" Indianist dubious questionable people of very unlikely Abenaki ancestry) and to increase its’ membership from eight members to more than 20 members in the Northeast Wind Council. He will be working to bring great unity to the Abenaki community here in Vermont and elsewhere. Our goal is to promote unity among all bands so that everyone has a voice in the affairs of the native community here in Vermont, and all of New England. A great lot of work has gone into this and Todd Hebert has taken over the job of bringing in as many groups as possible. The Northeast Wind Council is promoting unity for all groups and natives so that we can all work together in a positive mode and bring a unified voice that will be heard everywhere needed and also foster a feeling of family so that we an all come together and work for everyone. Congratulations to all of these appointments to the Clan of the Hawk and related Bands.
Chief Lone Cloud (Ralph Skinner Swett aka Chief Spirit Water) And Clan of The Hawk Tribal Council
Dawn Macie of Rutland, Vermont
She was and or still is in association with Luke Andrew Willard (his father is either Mr. Sackett or Mr. Pike, but when he was born his mother gave him her name, and did not list the father of Luke, her son). She was and or is a "trustee"/Registrar/ member of the Nulhegan Coosuk group/inc. Dawn Macie currently, according to her MYSPACE.COM webpage, states that she provides technical assistance and management to Luke A. Willard and his friend/Band partner. Her mother was Nancy L. Cote, who was a former member of Ralph Swett (Chief Spirit Water a.k.a. Chief Lone Cloud)'s group Clan of the Hawk, that was created by Howard Franklin Knight Jr. and Raymond "Looking Glass" Lussier ca. August 1994 or shortly thereafter.

Takara Matthews (Takara Cynda Matthews) of Richmond, Vermont
She is the daughter of Carollee nee: Reynolds and mother of Wanibaugh Namih8sat Cook. I have also written quite a few commentaries about this young woman who is also a descendant of Charles Partlow's sister, Elizabeth Jane (nee: Partlow) Covey in this blog previously. Takara (a.k.a. "T.K.") was a member of Swanton's St. Francis/Sokoki group led by April (nee: St. Francis) Merrill previous but she relocated to the Nancy Millette-Doucet group and does have associations with the El-Nu group as well which is led by Roger "LOngto" Sheehan.

Charlene McManis of Worcester, Vermont
She was on the Vermont Commission on Native American Affairs previously. On numerous occasions she has stated vocally that "she will support "Missisquoi" i.e. April (nee: St. Francis) Merrill 100% percent no matter what it takes to gain State Recognition" while she sat on that Commission, even if it meant going against all the other members of that VCNAA. Charlene McManis, Grande Ronde, 53, of Worcester served in the U.S. Navy for 8 years and has resided in Vermont for the past 21 years. She has been active in community service in the Central Vermont community, particularly in schools, where she has consulted in theater, taught bead work, served as a dance instructor and created after-school and breakfast programs. Charlene McManis served for four years on the Board of Directors for the Dawnland Indian Center (Judy Dow, Skip Bernier and Rick Hunt also served on the Dawnland Indian Center as well). Charlene McManis is currently employed as a technical assistant for Lost Nation theater and as a cartoonist for Indian Country Today.

Nathan Elwin Pero of West Fairlee, Vermont
I have previously posted on this blog about this man as well. Nathan E. Pero (Nathan Elwin Pero is the son of Elwin Merle Pero and Alberta Lorraine Preston). He was born August 22, 1949 in Thetford, Orange County, Vermont. It was ALLEGEDLY Elwin "Joe" Elwin Pero who became friends with Howard F. Knight Jr. AFTER Howard Knight and his wife Minnie relocated to Thetford, Vermont in 1979 according to the obituary of Minnie Davidson Knight on August 01, 2006. ALLEGEDLY, "Chief" Elwin "Joe" Merle Pero of the alleged Nolka/Deer Clan who was allegedly chosen as Chief in the Spring of 1947, and was the first to organize alleged Abenaki People in the Coos/Koas area under his leadership and the leadership of alleged Council members such as E. Paige, R. Reginald A. Pero, A. Agnes? Pero, and Associate Chief M. Stone.

In allegedly 1980, the alleged Tolba/Turtle Clan and the Knight familiy allegedly joined the other alleged Clans of Nolka/Deer, Awasos/Bear, Molsem/Wolf and others of the Coos Band, and Howard Franklin Knight Jr. was allegedly elected as Associate Chief in allegedly December 1980. Then in allegedly April of 1981, the alleged Coos Band under alleged Chief Elwin "Joe" Merle Pero and alleged Associate Chief Howard Franklin Knight Jr. merged with the Eastern Woodlands Band under alleged Chief Richard "Black Horse" Phillips and Associate Chief Emerson Garfield, to form the Northeast Woodlands-Coos Band. In 1985 allegedly, following the death of alleged Chief Elwin Merle Pero on October 13, 1983 in Thetford Center, Orange County, Vermont and the alleged stepping down of Chief Richard Black Horse Phillips, Howard Franklin Knight Jr. allegedly became "Chief" of the Northeast Woodland's-Coos Band.
N-30389-0 04/07/2009 Cowasuck of North America, Inc. Howard F. Knight Jr. Officers: (Officer5) Nathan Pero, (Officer6) Matthew R. Knight, (Officer7) Morris Pero.*

Luke Andrew Willard of Brownington, Vermont
There is NOTHING worthwhile to say about this man, that hasn't been said already on this blog, but maybe later I will think of something....

Anyone can go into the "googlesearchengine" line on this blog and type in his name and find out just what a distortionist the man seemingly is. Also check out the nedoba.org website regarding this man's alleged and reinvented Abenaki/ Mohawk supposed ancestry.

Frederick W. Wiseman of Newport, Vermont

This is the son of Frederick Matthew Wiseman and Diane C. (nee: Peel). It can be surmised that Fred W. Wiseman is a member of and advocate for April Ann (nee: St. Francis) Merrill and the "St. Francis-Sokoki" so-called "Abenaki" group up in Swanton, Franklin County, Vermont....the same as can be strongly surmised about his son Fred Jr. One can be assured that "the apple doesn't fall far from the rotten tree." It might appear to be RED on the outside (which btw is really "thin", but it's all thick and WHITE on the inside! So go ahead Vermont and New Hampshire, take a bite of those rotten "Abenaki" apples and see what happens when you give these "apples" an inch of "legitimacy"/ "recognition" and then they begin to demand mile of this and or that!


So what do all of these people have in common with each other and to the alleged and reinvented "Abenakis" of Vermont and New Hampshire you may inquire?

Well, if you have studied the contents of this blog based on this particular posting, you would already know that answer. Yet, the answer is that they all advocate and are members of these created and self-promoting incorporations in Vermont claiming to be "Abenaki Tribes" and or "Abenaki Bands" seeking State Recognition from the State of Vermont, based on dubious questionable connections and research by either John Moody and or Frederick Matthew Wiseman PhD.

LINK: http://www.nedoba.org/topic_wiseman.html

In the following postings I will now show and provide the documentation entitled, "Decolonizing the Abenaki....." of which nedoba.org "addresses" on that site. Professional researchers, Ph.d's and the common Vermonter (including Native People's need to be able to evaluate this material first hand and come to their own conclusions about Mr. Frederick M. Wiseman's "copyrighted" paper "Decolonizing the Abenakis, a Methodology for Detecting Vermont Tribal Identity". Plus a sideline into Donald Warren Stevens Jr.'s communications with myself, and with Nancy Millette-Doucet in 2009 when he was actively on the Vermont Commission on Native American Affairs as Chairman.

Following the posting on this blog of the above mentioned material, I will begin showing the doucmentation that the Office of Federal Acknowledgement published entitled, "Summary under the Criteria for the Proposed Finding on (against) the St. Francis/Sokoki Band of Abenakis of Vermont, dated November 09, 1995. After that, I will show and provide the "Summary under the Criteria and Evidence for Final Determination against Federal Acknowledgment of the St. Francis/Sokoki Band of Abenakis of Vermont" dated and Approved June 22, 2007.

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