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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

More Documentation on the Cowasuck of North American, Inc. i.e. Paul Pouliot's Group:

Band Matriarch:
"Fire Woman"
Jacqueline A. Emerton (born Nov 14, 1927)
44 Sycamore Street
Somerville, Massachusetts 02143
(617) 623-7302
 Council Chief:
"Spirit Hawk"
Paul W. Pouliot (born July 02, 1947)
160 Dailey Drive
Franklin, MA 02038-2951
(508) 528-7629
 Council Sub-Chief:
Philip L. Martin (born April 09, 1927)
41 Lancaster Avenue
West Springfield, Massachusetts 01089
(413) 739-3622
 Tribal Judge & Genealogist:
"Looking Glass"
Raymond P. Lussier (born April 07, 1943)
810 Newport Avenue, Apt. 2
South Attleboro, Massachusetts 02703
(508) 761-5237
 Quebec Representative:
Roland Demers (born October 03, 1935)
2575 Rainbault
Sherbrooke, PQ Canada J1J 2J8
(819) 565-7832
 West Coast Matriarch:
Doris A. Nickles (born May 21, 1924)
P.O. Box 2044
Placerville, California 95667
(916) 622-3804
 West Coast Representative:
Paul Tamburro (born January 20, 1956)
2406 S. 38th Street
Yakima, Washington State 98903
(509) 965-8836

COWASS North America Incorporated
Paul W. Pouliot
160 Dailey Drive
Franklin, Massachusetts 02038-2951
(508) 528-7629
Raymond P. Lussier
810 Newport Avenue, Apt. 2
South Attleboro, Massachusetts 02703
(508) 761-5237
Linda A. Pouliot
160 Dailey Drive
Franklin, Massachusetts 02038
(508) 528-7629

Per the yellow "Post-It" Note: "this is a "Leadership List of Pouliot's Council-I believe it's when he was just getting organized. (No date on papers)."
Spiritual Advisors:
Christine "Spirit" Parrett (born January 13, 1941)
P.O. Box 401
Otis, Massachusetts 01253

"Bear Paws"
David W. Parrett (born January 24, 1943)
P.O. Box 401
Otis, Massachusetts 01253
(413) 229-8787 (Work)

Legal Advisor:
Roger Desharnais (born May 8, 1942)
75 Town Street
Lawrence, Massachusetts 01841
(508) 689-0766

Historian (adopted member):
Ester C. Kelty (born May 14, 1918
243 Broad Street
Claremont, New Hampshire 05030
(603) 542-9051

Rene Blanchette (born November 02, 1923)
50 Benefit Street
Methuen, Massachusetts 01844
(508) 688-2394

Richard G. Carter (born February 12, 1926
165 Airport Parkway
Burlington, Vermont 05403
(802) 658-5403

Leo P. Pouliot (born August 27, 1920)
160 Dailey Drive
Franklin, Massachusetts 02038
(508) 528-7629

Arthur W. Seymour (Retired Chief) (born July 27, 1920)
36 Walnut Street
Burlington, Vermont 05401
(802) 658-4266

Bernedette Smits (born December 08, 1919)
35 Milk Street
Blackstone, Massachusetts 01504
(508) 883-0734

Martha (St. Laurent) Iozzo (born January 31, 1920)
104 Mahon Circle
Medway, Massachusetts 02053
(508) 533-6063

Beatrice F. Williams (born May 26, 1931)
288 West River Road
Uxbridge, Massachusetts 01569
(508) 278-6033

Potential Council Members:
1. Raymond C. Pease (born January 31, 1938
1786 Zia Road
Placeville, California 95567
(916) 626-8401
 2. Jean C. Catto (born April 08, 1942
20 Joanne Drive, Apt. 16
Ashland, Massachusetts 01721
(508) 881-7651
 3. William Martinneau (born July 29, 1942
621 Bedford Street
Abington, Massachusetts 02351
(617) 871-4621
 4. Thomas Snizek (born May 26, 1944)
2211 Riverside Avenue
Somerset, Massachusetts 02726
(508) 673-9051
 5. Lynn C. Sherman (born February 18, 1946
5172 Mt. Shasta Lane
Marrero, Louisiana 70072
(504) 347-6023
 6. Linda A. Pouliot (born February 17, 1947)
160 Dailey Drive
Franklin, Massachusetts 02038
(508) 528-7629
 7. Diane E. Munson (born April 15, 1947)
43C Memorial Drive
Weymouth, Massachusetts 02189
(617) 331-0408
 8. Paul M. Martin (born May 10, 1950)
4712 Overman Street
Virginia Beach, Virginia 23455
 9. Night Eyes Martin (born May 23, 1952)
836 Buckley Highway
Union, Connecticut 06076
(203) 684-2586
 10. Charles H. Willame (born May 30, 1952)
700 Windwood Drive
Tiverton, Rhode Island 02878
 11. Albert Barrett (born January 06, 1956)
11 Ray Hill Road
Franklin, Massachusetts 02038
(508) 528-0094
 12. Jeffery W. Nickles (born June 20, 1963)
4684 Patterson Drive
Diamond Springs, California 95619
(916) 622-6138
FRANKLIN, MA 02038-2951
(508) 528-7629
 Cowasuck Band Tribal Statement
At the national unity meeting held at Highgate, Vermont on May 07, 1994, the Cowasuck Band of the Abenaki People as led and represented by Paul Pouliot, acknowledged Chief Homer St. Francis as our grand chief. This acknowledgement was made in a Coos-Cowasuck (Northeastern Woodlands) tribal declaration in 1992, copies of which were forwarded at that time to the Mississquoi tribal headquarters and were also made public to various regional tribal groups.
It was also agred at the meeting to review the national constitution to determine if the Cowasuck Band could accept the constitution as our national governing document. A FAX copy of the document was received by Paul Pouliot so that he and Raymond Lussier, the Cowasuck Band Tribal Judge, could review the document prior to the formal council meetings that were scheduled for this purpose.
Two Cowasuck Band Tribal Council meetings were held to discuss ongoing business and national unity issues. The first meeting was held on May 22, 1994 in Charlemont, Massachusetts and the second was on June 05, 1994 in Franklin, Massachusetts.
The constitution was reviewed and discussed. The consensus was that there were no adverse issues preventing our acceptance of the constitution. The general opinion was that the document needed to be revised to some extent to address the acknowledgement and acceptance of all the Abenaki Nation's individual tribal councils, bands, and groups.
Furthermore, the rights of individual tribal members and their representation by a tribal council of their choice needs to be resolved.
Telephone conversations were also made with several of our distant family groups to get their input to these issues. The directives given were to proceed with the unity negotiations using our best judgement on these matters.
Overall, the consensus was to go forward, to negotiate the unity of all our bands, councils, and tribal groups into one Nation of Abenaki People, and to secure the mutual acknowledgement and autonomy between all of them and the Cowasuck Band Tribal Council.
We of the Cowasuck Band of the Abenaki People look foward to our mutual acknowledgement as one People united as the Abenaki Nation.
It was agreed to make this written statement and to proceed to the next national unity meeting which is scheduled to be held in Littleton, New Hampshire during the Abenaki gathering on July 16-17, 1994.
This Tribal Statement was made and signed by: Paul W. Pouliot, Cowasuck Band Tribal Council Chief and Speaker on June 27, 1994.
Ray - This is a personal letter to you and for you only, human being to human being!
A council meeting of our people was held at mid-day at the gathering site in Littleton, N.H. to discuss the unity issues. I explained about the continued discussions, agreements, and meetings to unite all of us into one nation. I will remind you that both of us were directed by our council to negotiate the unity for all our people, not just the ones you got "new" cards for.
I told them of our tribal statement to acknowledge our acceptance and willingness to pursue the unity of our people, and the copies which were submitted to the tribal representatives.
I (and I think some of the others) entered into the meeting with every intention to negotiate, in good faith, an agreement of unity. I was not prepared for the deceit and deception that was used to get me there for other purposes. He (Homer St. Francis Sr.) never did intend to accept me, and the smudging incident was conveniently magnified and heightened as a reason to break off the talks. No explanations or apologies were needed. Things were moving too fast, he is in very poor health, he needed time to maintain control, and I was considered too great a threat. He needed me to set an example for the rest of you. To "card-me" as some form of reprimand, and to dismiss me as an outsider because did not have the right card was also "insulting" and uncalled for considering that this meeting was intended to bring unity between groups that were not already under his total authority. Is this the government and nation of our people? Who do you think will be able to make the changes? Do you really think that you will be on the "inside" to change the constitution, or to see the rolls, finances, or any of the inner workings of the group? The reallity was in your faces when he carded me. I could see the shock and fear in most of you. Yes, anything you say, please don't take my "card."
I could and should have expected this type of conduct from my past experiences with these people. What was of more concern to me and the rest of us was your role in this affair before, during, and after the meeting, badgering our people on their loyalty! Your integrity as tribal judge, elder, and above all, a human being, are in doubt. you led my family and friends into this dangerous and life threatening situation, for what? has your gratification for power and authority gone to your head? How many head-dresses can you wear? Chief, sub-chief, judge...
The guns, knives, and threats were real. They were however, not from some invisible enemy, they were from within. We were all put at risk by accidentally being killed by "friendly fire." My son was confronted by a boy who said he knew that he was Paul Pouliot's son, he pulled a large knife on him. He challenged him on the issue of which band we came from. He bragged that he was better than everyone else becaue he was the more Abenaki - he was "Missisquoi." Security warned me (with a warm and friendly smile and hand shake) that they would "take care of me" if I got too close (to him) before I left...but don't worry we won't hurt your family! Ray - teach them early to kill their own people? Remember the "Great Law!"
It is far more important to me that I am a human being first, then the father of my family, and last of all - speaker for my people. Think about this Ray (Lussier) - I have never done any thing against the councils, leaders, members, you, or any of our People. I have helped all that I could and have been patient to take no action against my enemies for that is not my right.
To "throw me out" of the nation! What nation? My birth right! Are you going to be a party to the killing of me? It is not important what you or others think you are doing to hurt me, to put me "out-of-business?" What is this power thing? If you do not have it, you never will. Leadership comes from within, you can not take it by force because you will always be weak inside.
So I ask you - what have you and the others done? By Sunday night the POW WOW circuit was already talking about the Abenaki troubles and by this weekend the word will have spread all over the country. This will only add more wood to the fires of hate and back-stabbing against us which never seem to be put out. The rest of the native community already thinks the New England groups are crazy. Too many loud mouth "chiefs" and phony "medicine men"! What more humiliation can be done to us? It may sound corny but, the Creator will deal with all of this, him, and you too. The false councils will all fall! The false councils will all fall! You know it and see it already, open your eyes.
Ray, the council will consider your actions as leaving "our council" and your positions unless we hear differently from you. I am sorry for you and the others. Take all that worship "the card", this is "the cleansing." We will go on in the traditional manner and path that is in our hearts and spirits for we are at peace within.
These are my words to you man to man, I am not angry with you, I hope that we will always be at peace between us. We all wish you the best, we will pray for you in this your time. Signed Paul 7/19/94 (July 19, 1994) Faxed on July 30, 1994 Saturday at 10:05 ID: (Blank) TEL NO: (Blank) #072 P02
An emergency council meeting and business meeting of the Coos-Cowasuck Band and Cowass North America, Inc. was called by the Council Chief and President Paul Pouliot, Sub0Chief Philip Martin, and Treasurer and Secretary Linda Pouliot on July 17, 1994 at about mid-day, in the town of Littleton, New Hampshire, at the Abenaki peoples gathering.
In attendance were two corporate officers and trustees, family representatives, elders, and council members that represented and spoke for 17 of the 28 voting council members and two of the three corporate officers. The Pouliot, Martin, Barrette, Blanchette, Sherman, Willame, Martin (voting for Parrett), Pouliot (voting for Nickles, Pease, Tamburro) members were represented. Consensus was made that the meeting could be called to order.
The meeting was started with a purification ceremony. Paul Pouliot did a pipe and prayer asking for help and guidance for our council and people.
The meeting was called due to the "hostile" take-over efforts of the council and corporation by Raymond Lussier, and other parties.
Paul Pouliot explained that the Coos-Cowasuck Band, as led by him, was actively seeking peace and unity with the other Abenaki groups. Meetings and tribal statements were made in good faith to this effort. A unity meeting was called for all parties on July 16, 1994, in Littleton, New Hampshire, at approximately sunset. Paul Pouliot and Raymond Lussier were representing our council. By the actions of Homer St. Francis, Paul Pouliot was thrown out of the unity meeting. Paul left peacefully because of the danger imposed by the other representatives and attendees that were armed with shot guns and pistols.
Ray stayed and represented his own interests. Following the meeting Ray declared to our band members at the gathering that he was now the chief of our band and that he wanted to know if they were going to be loyal to him or Paul Pouliot and that he would get them membership cards from the other band.
Each person spoke about Ray's actions and things that they heard. The consensus was that the unity efforts were a deception to take over our band, corportation, monies, and other resources. The actions of the other parties to make Ray the chief of our band and corporation are an unauthorized and illegal act of aggression.
The consensus was to protect our council, band, and corporation by removing Ray from any position of authority. His position as corporate Clerk was terminated immediately and his position as a council member or tribal judge will be resolved at a future tribal meeting, pending further investigation. His guilt in this situation has however been clearly demonstrated to several council members by his words and actions to them.
We discussed the overall situation at the gathering. Many concerns were made about the fact that Homer St. Francis' people were heavily armed with guns and knives, and that threats of violence were made by these people to the Pouliot family on two occasions. The consensus was to avoid any further or possible contact with these people and to leave the site as soon as possible. For the safety of our people we will need to resolve this matter before we meet with them in the future or if at all.
Nominations for a new clerk were opened and Albert Barrette was nominated. A consensus was made and he was approved as the new corporate Clerk. A filing of the change of officers will be made with the Massachusetts Secretary of State immediately.
The consensus was made that we should continue as we were prior to the unity efforts, in a traditional manner. We will protect our council, people, band, and resources from these raiders as best we can. We will plan on a major cultural, spiritual, counsil and business meeting in October to resolve any outstanding problems and issues. Those elders and council members not in attendance will be notified about this meeting and actions taken.
All votes and actions were taken by traditional tribal unanimous consensus. The above is a true statement of the meeting minutes. Signed Paul Pouliot
Confidential-For Your Information Only-Update on Tribal Unrest-8/3/94
Last night I got a hand written FAX transmission, dated 8/1/94, from Philip Martin. It stated that an emergency council meeting was held in Mansfield, MA on July 30, 1994, and he was elected to the position of the Franklin, MA based Band. It went on to state that, "Grand Chief Homer St. Francis would except (sic) me as the spokesman for the Franklin Band in order to save it for the people and the Allied Abenaki Nation of Southern New England." It was signed by Philip L. Martin aka Gray Fox, with a copy to Ray Lussier.
Furthermore, I received two letters (dated 7/20/94) today from Howard Knight. The summary of these ridiculous and autocratic letters is that some group called the "grand council" has taken against us (me) such that they do not recognize us (me) and that he (Knight) is taking our "band" and headquarters back to Vermont. Ray Lussier has been ordered to get all tribal records, members' personal records, property, etc from me to return to Howard Frankin Knight. What does this do for Philip L. Martin and Raymond Lussier?
I am saddened and sick of their foolish and ridiculous games. We have honestly and sincerely attempted to create peace and unity among our People. In return we were, and continue to be deceived about the intentions of these people. It is my belief that Phil was coerced to believe that he had to act (now) to save us from the enemy. As it appears now, they (Knight) planned on taking everything back anyway, once the "heat" was off his backside from the Federal Government and he wasn't going to go to prison related to the shinanigans and scheming by Homer St. Francis and Howard Knight himself regarding the Sherri Devee-Labat Child Custody situation in Eldorado County, California (more documents on that later.....)
As a result of this lates action (by Phil) I called or attempted to call each of our Council and Elders. I was able to find out that 20 of the 28 voting members of our Council were neither invited to any meeting or otherwise had any knowledge of what Ray and Phil were doing.
It is my impression that they believe their authority over our Council comes from a "higher" source. I will remind you that Howard Knight retired, quit, and left our Council twice, that there has never been any proof or legitimacy given to show that he or any "grand council" was ever elected or would have any weight of authority. I have repeatedly tried to find out who is on this grand council. Kinght claims to have chiefs, judges, and other tribal leaders. Reality is that Knight appointed himself chief and got a handful of his close friends to make up the membership in this "grand" clique. The Homer St. Francis and Howard Knight groups have no more authority over us than we do over them. No matter how loud we shout and carry on neither group is superior to the other.
Since I and you (collectively or individually) were not a part of any grand council, meeting, election, or any other action it would seem that there is absolutely no validity to Howard Knight, his authority, the grand council, their actions, and this whole stupid situation. No tribal law or democratic process was used by them.
I am sorry to have (sic) write this letter but I feel that it is very important for you to be informed so that (sic) are not the victim of rumors and ridicule. We do not have to do anything at this time other than some re-organizational matters and to fill some lost positions. Nothing has changed other than we have lost some good friends and leaders in this ridiculous battle for supremacy and power over our Council and People.
My message to you is to hang in there with me. I (and you) have done nothing wrong, they have. I'm the one they are after, none of you will be hurt unless you let them get to you. They are trying to confuse you into saying or doing something against your will. If someone calls, tell them that our Council business is our own affair not theirs. They have no right to have your personal family records unless you want to give them to them. Tell them to call me if they have a problem with our existence, we do have our own rights to be who we are, and organized as our own Council - a democratic Council of free and independent Abenaki People.
If any member of our Council want to succumb to these "bullies" so be it, go join them. The existence of "a nation" is in our minds only, no federal or state government has backed this concept of our sovereignty or supremacy over one another, remember we are all equal!
We may lose some members, but we are getting stronger in the process and we are going forward in a more focused and positive manner. I can tell you that the "greater" Native community of this country is watching what is going on with our struggle and they are not pleased with the games that being played against us by these people. Please be patient, this will work out in time. Paul
Signed by Paul Pouliot

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