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Sunday, April 18, 2010

March 26 to 28, 2010 Abenaki For Justice (Just-For-Us) Blog Posting's ~ Luke Andrew Willard's Threat's and Intimidation Email ~ Recent Nulhegan Recent Temper-Tantrum Posting's:

Anonymous said...

Yeah, he's such a good genealogist that he pinned the WRONG FATHER of one the Vermont alleged and reinvented chiefs (Luke Andrew Willard) and still has it posted. I wonder how long he spent doing the wrong guy's genealogy. LOL, Way to go, Trout, Salmon, Mark, Doug, whoever you are.
A. Stevens
March 26, 2010 5:12 PM

Karen Mica said...
Hmm, it is rather contradictory for a person to go to so much time and trouble to uncover and expose the "truth" if one is also covering it up if and when it does not suit a particular end. That seems like a peculiar way of doing things and is in opposition to the statement put forth that the truth will be uncovered and told... well, is it going to be told in it’s entirety, or only in a selective version?
This is simply looking like just one more colonial cover up and "white washing" of the facts to me.
If someone is deliberately covering up native in a genealogy, any native and I don`t care if it`s Cherokee, Pima or Cheyenne, it`s still a cover up and is dishonest, no matter how you look at that!
March 26, 2010 8:30 PM

Anonymous said...
Shouldn't that error be taken down or corrected by Douglas? Besides, if you're going to post someone's genealogy without their permission and against their wishes, shouldn't it at least be correct? Just my two arrows...March 27, 2010 6:57 AM

Anonymous said...
For all of you that claim Salmon is doctoring the genealogies being posted - show where it is wrong or doctored and show the proof of it. Just because you say something is happening does not make it so. He is human and as such he can make mistakes, but, I know for a fact he will correct any
research work he himself did if you can prove he made an error! He is also posting genealogies provided to him by others - if they are incorrect it is because the compiler made research errors - this is not something he has any control over! However, I think he would be willing to make note of these
errors as well as long as you can PROVE your claim.
March 27, 2010 9:44 AM

Karen Mica said...
anonymous said:
....if they are incorrect it is because the compiler made research errors - this is not something he has any control over!

However, I think he would be willing to make note of these errors as well as long as you can PROVE your claim....

Objection! If they are incorrect and the blogger has no control over it, then the blogger has no business plastering them on the inter net! Period. End of story.

And are you "seriously" telling me, that it then becomes the responsibility of the person who has had their genealogy "erroneous" and deliberately used, for nothing more then to make some idiotic point, are then expected to have to argue and "PROVE" these errors for the amusement of the public!

Are you kidding me!

How about this...let the Abenakis sort out who their own people are. There is no great mystery in who is and who is not an Abenaki descendant for us here and there is simply no reason, good or otherwise to be using any person...or their personal information as a weapon against them like this.

We already know who the pretenders are....do you think for even one minute that we need any help to figure that out!
March 27, 2010 11:42 AM

Anonymous said...
No - I'm suggesting if people are gonna bitch about errors on Salmon's blog - don't insinuate with vague references, man up and state exactly what the

error is and show why you are certain it is wrong! That's the way to CORRECT errors. To do anything else is just playing "he said - she said" like a bunch of gossiping teens.
March 27, 2010 3:21 PM

Karen Mica said...
Anonymous has left a new comment;

To Anon: I don't have permission from anybody to discuss the details of their personal business but I've seen the genealogy on Trout's site. I know the alleged and reinvented chief and I knew the chief's father....the guy listed isn't him - no ifs, ands, or buts about it.

I agree with Karen that it never should've been thrown up there in the first place and I have no doubt that steps are being taken right now to deal with that.

Perhaps that's why they've (Douglas Buchholz) been so quiet. But hey, what do I know? I don't think Trout (refering Douglas Buchholz) is trying to cover anything up...I think he's just getting bad information from a bad person...
March 27, 2010 3:44 PM

Karen Mica said...
Perhaps if you had gone to Luke himself and gotten that information instead of posting erroneous or simply blatantly false information, to begin with, maybe you wouldn`t be having these problems now. Would you?
And keep in mind a tribal genealogy is "held in trust" by those who have seen them and did any work on them.
And I really do think that another thing should be factored into this whole genealogy situation being done on a personal web site deal. When someone is posting on sites like Roots Web or Ancestry etc, it is with the understanding by everyone there, that this is the accepted topic of discussion, thats why people go there.
But when you are putting a person`s entire genealogy on a personal site, and without their consent, even if that is being cloaked as "a public service" for no other reason then to cause harm, harass, defame, and with "Malicious Intent" cause emotional stress to any person and or, the entire family of this person for these singular reasons...
then I do believe a good Attorney would have a field day with it..,particularly concerning those legal terms such as " to cause harm" and with "malicious intent" which of course, as we all know, is the only reason this "other" blog even exists.
I have an ex sister in law who is the office manager for the largest and most publicized Law Firm in
New England, so if any of you who have endured this particular form of abuse would like to contact me via Private e mail, please do.
I would have no problem asking her for advice on how to best put an end to this kind of "public harassment" for any of you.
March 27, 2010 4:46 PM

Anonymous said...
As a service to many people targeted by Douglas Lloyd Buchholz, would you ask your ex sister in law what can be done, and post the response here?
March 27, 2010 6:09 PM

Karen Mica said...
I certainly will! I will try to talk to her this weekend if possible.
March 27, 2010 6:22 PM

Anonymous said...
Why are you threatening this man with judicial harm?..., when all he is doing is putting out documentary facts. This is a genealogy that Mr. Buchholtz received regarding Mr. Willard from another Abenaki. And, since the records are obviously on the blog of this man, the records are in public
preview to the Abenaki community.
Therefore, the argument that you people are making, is not seeking the truth. If you truely are people of Abenaki descent, wouldn't you want the truth to be known? One has nothing to hide, if they are telling the truth!
Mr. Buchholtz probably would welcome a challenge, but it seems no one wants to counter him with what facts you say you have? Again, who is this Chief Willard's father? If Douglas has this wrong, show me the proof he is wrong??? Or can you???
March 27, 2010 9:46 PM
Karen Mica said...
There ya go, that's how rumors get started. Let me clarify a couple of points for you, first no one is threatening Doug with "judicial harm" I am simply going to ask a few questions for people who obviously feel that their personal lives have been violated "beyond a reasonable" measure and want to know if there is legal recourse. This is no threat, this is simply an inquiry, at this point.
Documentary facts?
Then I assume that he has signed and dated releases from all the people agreeing to be in staring roles, or any part of this documentary of his?
This is how it is, Doug has attacked or plans to attack, pretty much everybody.
Most of his "informants" have already seen their names as such, up on his blog. Which of them, do you suppose is eager for a repeat? And personally, my own opinion, it appears that his "helpers" are not Abenakis ( or very bad ones ) and care not, one way or another what the outcome of his blog is, or if people are emotionally distressed, upset or even seriously hurt over this (refering to Douglas Buchholz and this blog) "documentary" business. For instance, what if someone were to become so upset that they did permanent bodily injury to themselves? Or their family.

Apparently, unbeknownst to a lot of Vermonters, etc., people don't realize that in New England, supposedly (so the rumor goes...) there is like...this...umm.. suicidal "Jim Jones/ Jonesville Tribal" thing or some sort "Manson Family Cult" kind-of-dynamic going on in N'dakinna, of "Wanna-be Abenakis, who apparently are running around Vermont, etc., calling themselves the "St. Francis-Sokoki, Nulhegan-Coosuk/ Old Phillips Band, Elnu and Koasek Trad. Band of the Koas Abenaki Nation" (sshhh...allegedly Abenaki "Secret Societies"/ Tribes/ Bands)....and if these people get "too upset" (by apparently merely seeing, reading and reviewing their genealogical-social histories and historical records on this very blog) there is quite a worry and concern that these people will do permanent bodily injury to themselves or their families. 

So PLEASE don't LOOK or READ what is on this blog. I wouldn't want anyone to slit their wrist(s) or take a bullet, because allegedly these Alleged and Reinvented Vermont and New Hampshire Abenaki people were/ are too "sensitive," "emotionally distressed" or "upset" about what one reads or examines on this blog.


Or does anyone care about that? Does he? I don`t think any of these people do, seems like actually hurting others is fun and games for some folks, sick as that sounds to normal people. So watch for their names turning up on his (refering to Douglas Lloyd Buchholz, meaning me and this blog) "documentary" as well, and do yourself a favor...just avoid them too. And I will say again, if you want any information on or about Luke Willard, then ask him.
And just out of curiosity, why are "assuming" that it was Luke's father that is at issue here?
March 27, 2010 11:25 PM

Anonymous (Jeanne Kent?) said...

Douglas Lloyd Bucholz's blog has violated invasion of privacy laws, and in some cases, slander and defamation laws. A lawyer's office has already looked at his blog and said so. The problem is MONEY. Most Abenaki people don't have any! A free lawyer is needed, or someone with money needs to come forward to help.
March 28, 2010 6:02 AM

And then Luke Andrew Willard emails me:

From: Luke Willard
Subject: Genealogy
To: "Salmon"
Date: Tuesday, March 30, 2010, 9:24 PM

Salmon (Douglas Lloyd Buchholz),
Take my children's information off of your damned website or there will be serious problems. My children are minors and I WILL NOT stand for this. I will see you put in prison where you belong if you don't take all my records down from your site. Skip Bernier gave you the hand written documents
from my aunt Janice... I know that. Where you came up with the other stuff is beyond me. It's all fake crap that has been created to advance your agenda and make me look bad. It isn't working.
You take my kids info off now, man. I'm not kidding.
Preying upon little ones? Are you that low? Leave my kids alone.

Luke Willard


From: Douglas Lloyd Buchholz
To: Luke Willard
Sent: Tue, March 30, 2010 10:44:28 PM
Subject: Re: Genealogy
Mr. Luke Andrew Willard,

Do not communicate with me further in any way whatsoever Luke Willard. The records on my blog are a matter of public record, in Vermont, and within the Abenaki Community as well. Your demands and threats mean nothing to me. Skip Bernier did not provide me with these documents whatsoever. That is your assumptions Mr. Willard. Perhaps Mr. Bernier gave these particular documents to someone else within the Abenaki Community(?), who evaluated my blog(?), and thereafter thought wise to share with me these documents pertaining to an alleged and reinvented
Vermont "Abenaki" Chief. Again, these documents have been obviously in the public/ "Abenaki Community" floating around in other people's possession for some time now, way before I ever received such documentations in the mail.

I heard tell, that Ralph Swett got possession of your "tribes" records stored in some "unpaid for" Storage Unit in Orleans County, Vermont? Maybe Ralph Swett sent these documents to me? Vital Records from 1909 to 2008 are online and a matter of Public Record. These records are not certified; they are not usable for "identity theft" or otherwise meant to harm anyone.

If you have a problem with me, I strongly suggest that you have your attorney send communication(s), and due review of such communication(s), my attorney will address the matter with me, and with your attorney and you.

I will forward this communication to the Vermont State Police and the local Police Department here, and also to my attorney forthwith. This is all I will say to you Mr. Luke Andrew Willard. Thank you for your concern, yet I will not remove the documents off from the site, without a Court Order to do so.
Douglas Lloyd Buchholz

Re: Genealogy
Tuesday, March 30, 2010 11:45 PM
From: "Luke Willard" firstnationslw@yahoo.com
To: "Douglas Lloyd Buchholz"

Then a court order, it shall be. You are the lowest form of life... a truly heartless individual that cares not about anyone but yourself. I wish I wasn't Abenaki, because I never would have met the likes of you. I will defend my family and I will see you in court.

P.S. Ralph didn't purchase any Nulhegan records... I have them safe and sound.

Luke Willard
From the www.facebook.com page entitled:


(Luke Willard)
"The people of Vermont knows who the Abenakis are. A thousand scholars, ten thousand legislators, and a dozen bills will never change that."
Yesterday at 6:17pm

Patricia Horskins-Johnson
How can they NOT recognize the Abenaki ? We ARE Here...
Yesterday at 7:11pm

Amanda Myer
I am so tired of people questioning my authenticity... I grew up on rez in Canada. Let us pray all nations of people will be recognized. It is ridiculous!
12 hours ago

Alan "Kinlon Mkazas" Largy
We are who we are, we know who we are and no matter how much people in government try to take that away, they never will be able to strip us of our pride and history. And again, no matter what the government says, we'll keep handing down our stories, traditions, and where we came from to our children, grandchildren... Our tribe will survive no matter what.
10 hours ago

(Luke Willard)
It isn't over yet. We still have some arrows in the quiver.
6 hours ago
(Luke Willard)
Evil things happened in Montpelier, Vermont today (Friday, April 16, 2010). What can you expect from a legislature that made it a "priority" to protect the feelings of transvestites? Soon, you will be able to marry your dog and your sister at the same time...but Vermont Abenakis will NEVER be recognized....FORCING our artisans to be criminals for selling their crafts as “Abenaki Made”. Shame upon these “lawmakers”.
Fri at 9:39pm

These groups of alleged and reinvented Abenaki (and Mohawk) remind me of a child who is asking for a glass of Soda Pop (which isn't appropriate for a child anyway....yet the child will keep asking and demanding it anyway)....is handed a glass of milk instead....the child takes the milk, looks at it and in a fit of rage....throws the glass/ cup to the floor and proceeds to destroy anything in that child's area....and then stomps away in a thrash-about temper-tantrum of a pout, because the child didn't get what the child wanted/ demanded. If the child can't have what the child wants, the child becomes destructive.

What does a person's sexuality (i.e. homosexuality, heterosexuality, or being a transvestite have anything to do with Abenaki Recognition in Vermont?....sounds like "malicious homophobic hatefulness" to my thinking....Mr. Professor Frederick M. Wiseman of Swanton, Vermont also retrospectively-speaking also made this comparative on Vermont Public Radio as well)

Carollee Reynolds
Well we Mohabinaki were always outlaws and always fighting, why change now?
10 hours ago

Mohawk + Abenaki = Mohabinaki?

(Luke Willard)
That's right.
5 hours ago

SOURCE URL: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/pages/Newport-VT/ABENAKI-NATION-AT-NULHEGANMEMPHREMAGOG/465071390300?v=wall&ref=ts

(I also noticed Willard's homophobic hateful idiocy on a couple other sites as well)
Mr. Luke Willard subsequently REMOVED his particular posted tirade tantrum.

Another Response to Luke Willard's diatribe on facebook.com....

LINK: http://vtnativejournal.wordpress.com Article entitled: Who’s hateful now, Luke?

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