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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Louise May (nee: Lampman) Larivee E-Mail Communications w. Douglas Lloyd Buchholz in March through to April 2010:

I was not ASKING the Governor of Vermont, nor was I asking the office of the Attorney General of Vermont either.

I was ASKING Louise May (nee: Lampman) Larivee

All I got was...Nothing but...
1. Deception
2. Excuses
3. Unsubstantiated "Stories"

and...if she or they were allegedly and supposedly "tricked" by Jeffrey Benay into going to this event led by inherited "Chief-For-Life" April St. Francis-Merrill's "protest of whining, bitching and complaining" and so on...then why didn't Louise Lampman-Larivee (and her family members) simply not just turn around and leave the premises, once they got there? Why didn't they object vocally (or in the media) to "appearing" as if they were in support of the St. Francis family, if alleged...as Louise Lampman-Larivee has stated "that the Lampman's were and are NOT in support of April St. Francis-Merrill at all?"

Again, all one needs to do is "review all of the historical records" and the answer's are readily available.

Yet again, there are a lot of questions , and not enough answers...


Talk is cheap.

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