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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Genealogy Part 20 of So-Called "Chief" "Retired Chief" "Senior Advisor" "Reactivated Retired Chief" Howard Franklin Knight Jr.'s Genealogical History:

Page 1: State of Vermont, Orleans County. Howard Knight vs. Minnie Knight nee: Davidson. Orleans Family Court: Docket # 133-9-95 OsDm. FINDINGS, DECREE AND ORDERS. Orleans Family Clerk's Office, Constance Daigle, Clerk. "The Orleans Family Court hereby issues the following findings with regard to the above captioned matter as follows:
1. Notice, residence, and marriage are proven, as well as the factual circumstane that the parties have lived seperate and apart, within the meaning of the statute, for a period in excess of six consecutive months, and that reputation of marital relations is not reasonably probable.
2. That the parties are the adoptive parents of one minor child, Matthew Knight, age 7.
3. That a property agreement, hereby incorporated herein by reference, has been entered into by both of the parties knowingly and voluntarily.
4. As to Mr. Knight, he makes the property agreement referred to in Paragraph 2 with the advice and assistance of his attorney.
5. The parties are entering into the agreement knowing the effects of the agreement upon them.
6. The Court recognizes that both parties love the child, that they have both served as the adoptive parents of the child when the biological parents, that is, the primary parents, given their circumstances, were incapable of serving as the minor child's parents.
7. A continuing relationship between the minor child and both of the parties is to the child's benefit.
8. While both parties have affection and bond with the child, and have.....
Page 02: .....served as his parents, Howard Knight has provided a more stable, that is, more consistent, parenting role and function for the child through the years, and it is in the best interests of the child to have his primary legal and physical custody entrusted to Howard Knight, subject to the right of Mrs. Minnie Knight nee: Davidson to see and visit child, and have the child with her visit, at all reasonable times and places as may be agreed by the parties.
9. Mrs. Minnie Knight has been absent from the State at a seperate residence during the predominate part of the last two years.
10. Most recently, Mrs. Minnie Knight had to go to Texas to attend to family matters, bringing the minor child with her for a visit with relations.
11. Vermont is the home state of the minor child and shall continue to exercise jurisdiction in the matter of the child's future interests.
Based ont he findings, the Court makes the following order:
1. A decree of divorce is granted, to become effective June 17, 1997.
2. The court orders the parties to abide by the property agreement entered into on the date of the final divorce hearing, March 19, 1997, and incorporated herein by reference.
3. Minnie Knight shall have until June 17, 1997, to vacate the premises and obtain a seperate residence.
4. Primary physical and legal custody of the minor child shall be entrusted to Howard Knight, subject to the right of Minnie Knight nee: Davidson to see and visit the child and to have the child with her for visits at all....
Page 03: ....reasonable times and places as may be agreed to by the parties.
5. If any propsed visit by Minnie Knight nee: Davidson is to take place outside the State of Vermont, Minnie Knight nee: Davidson will secure Howard Knight's written consent to this in advance of any visit, and a written consent shall specifiy the date upon which the child is to be returned to Howard Knight.
6. Minnie Knight nee: Davidson shall promptly return the child to Howard Knight's primary custody at the end of every scheduled visit.
7. Neither party shall permit the child to miss any scheduled school days for any reason, except for illness with medical verification. Whoever has the child must make sure the child attends school.
8. Minnie Knight nee: Davidson shall have the right to access the child's medical and educational records and shall be notified by Howard Knight, at Minnie Knight nee: Davidson's last known address, of any substantial changes or developments adversely affecting the child, such as health or educational problems or victimization of any crime.
9. It is Howard Knight's obligation to assure that the child, consistent with his best interests, has a positive relationship with Minnie Knight nee: Davidson on an ongoing basis.
10. Any dispute between the parties regarding the interests of Matthew Knight shall be submitted to mediation prior to a return to court.
This Order is Dated March 27th, 1997, at the Orleans Family Court, Newport, Vermont.
Presiding Judge Walter Morris.

The reason I am placing this divorce record on this blog is because NO ONE, neither adoptive parent, Howard Franklin Knight, Jr. nor his wife Minnie, nor the Judicial Judge in the matter NOT ONCE mentioned that the parties were of "Abenaki" "Cowasuck" or "Indian" Descent. Why not? IF these two parents of their grandson, were claiming as they have been in other documents in other events and situations, why weren't they claiming they were Cowasuck, from the Clan of this and the Clan of that, Chief this and Senior Advisor of the that?
Page 04: Also, Divorce Decree signed by: Assitant Judge, Bob Topshe and Assitant Judge, Bill Gildling.
Northern New England. Cowasuck (Coos) Band Pisowakamigw Wobanakiak. Sovereign Abenaki Nation - Algonquin Confederation.
Family Last Name:_______Date of Application:_______FIle/Page#________
I hereby apply for citizenship in the NORTHERN NEW ENGLAND COWASUCK (COOS) BAND PISOWAKAMIGW WOBANAKIAK of the Sovereign Abenaki Nation - Algonquin Confederation. I certify that I am a Native or Indigenous Person of North America or a Descendant of sane who was. I understand that my application will be carefully reviewed, along with supporting documents, and approved by the proper Tribal Authorities.
I also understand, also, that if I am accepted, I will, if required, relinguish my citizenship in any other Band.Tribe of Indigenous Peoples, except Inter-Tribal and other Native Peoples councils, and that my failure to do so will constitute automatic forfeiture of any and all rights acquired because of my citizenship in the NORTHERN NEW ENGLAND COWASUCK (COOS) BAND PISOWAKAMIGW WOBANAKIAK of the Sovereign Abenaki Nation-Algonquin Confederation, as provided in the Bylaws thereof.
Please list additional children on an additional form and note File/Page# .
NOTE: Mothers/Fathers shall retain custody of all Children's Tribal Identification Cards until a child is 12 years old, at which time a child shall be issued their own personal identification.
ALL APPLICANTS MUST SUBMIT CLEAR AND CONVINCING PROOF OF LINEAGE TO A NATIVE AMERICAN ANCESTORS TO TIRBAL AUTHORITIES. SUCH AS: Genealogical reports, birth certificates, baptism certificates, licensed passports, family Bibles, family pictures, B.I.A. Cards, or other Itner-Tribal/ Council recognition, etc.
Page 2 of Tribal Application form Northern New England. Cowasuck (Coos) Band Pisowakamigw Wobanakiak. Sovereign Abenaki Nation - Algonquin Confederation. APPLICATION FOR CITIZENSHIP
Territorial Headquarters- Grand Council. Cowasuck of North America. National Federation of the Sovereign Republic of the Abenaki Nation. R.F.D. #2, Box 530-A, Newport, VT. 05855-9011 (802)334-5306.
Dated 27 August 1997 (August 27, 1997)
To: Joe Bruchac - Storyteller
P.O. Box 308 - Middle Grove Rd.
Greenfield Center, N.Y. 12833
Dear Mr. Bruchac;
Enclosed, as promised, is the complete copy of the booklet by Mariella Squire as you requested. She repeatedly steps over the line and she persists in her lies and half truths, plus plagerism and deceit when she doesn't get her way.
It is clear that she will not quit until a way can be devised to end her rampage, as a so-called Abenaki. It is clear that she, her sister Ann Squire, and the odd-balls of the Women's Hoop are trying to destroy all of us, at any costs; and these books are the way they will attempt to publish the failed effort the book you stopped from being published last year.
If I can help in any way, feel free to call upon me; and you are always welcome in my lodge.
Sincerely + Respectfully, Chief Howard F. Knight Jr.
COWASUCK OF NORTH AMERICA. National Federation of the Sovereign Republic of the Abenaki Nation. P.O. Box 12, Newport, VT. 05855.
Dated 15 April 1999 (April 15, 1999)
To Whom It Concerns
Cowasuck of North America,
Tribal Council and all Members;
Effective as of 2400 hours (12:00 a.m.) (midnight), this date, I, Chief Howard F. Knight, Jr., Tribal Council Chief, do hereby step-back as an active leader of the Council (The Council Chief), Associate Chief E. (Emmerson) B. (Bidwell) Garfield will step in as the Council Chief immediately.
I step aside as the Tribal Chief due to my health.
I retain all other offices that I hold, and will continue to serve as the Tribal Genealogist and Historian, and as a permanent member of the Council and the Board of Directors (Incorporation).
Respectfully, Chief Howard F. Knight, Jr.
COWASUCK OF NORTH AMERICA. National Federation of the Sovereign Republic of the Abenaki Nation. P.O. Box 12, Newport, VT. 05855.
Dated 12 August 2000 (August 12, 2000)
To Whom it Concerns:
As of this date I hereby resign as Chief and as C.E.O. (Chief Executive Officer) of the Cowasuck of North America, Inc.
I will no longer be concerned with any Abenaki Band and/ or functions. I regret that I over the years have dishonored or brought shame upon the Abenaki People.
Respectfully yours,
Howard F. Knight, Jr.
1608 Alderbrook Road
Newport, VT. 05855
Conventry, Orleans County, Vermont Certificate of Marriage for Howard Franklin Knight, Jr. born May 31, 1941 who resided at 1608 Alderbrook Rd. in Newport, VT 05855. Usual place of residence was Conventry, Vermont. He was born in the State of Connecticut, to Howard F. Knight, Sr. and Marion Corabelle (nee: Cook).
The Bride was Ana Cojuhar (nee: Lomei) Coblai who was born December 14, 1955 in Tiraspol, Moldova, Russia to Varfo Lomei and Tatiana (nee: "unknown") Lomei, both of Moldova. Both Howard Franklin Knight, Jr. and Ana Cojuhar (nee: Lomei) Coblai married March 06, 2003 in Derby, Orleans County, Vermont.

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