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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Genealogy Part 18 of So-Called "Chief" "Retired Chief" "Senior Advisor" "Reactivated Retired Chief" Howard Franklin Knight Jr.'s Genealogical History:

Orange County Court. June Term 1954. Page 297. No. 9208 Peter P. Plant and Fred A. Jones (N.H.). Marion C. Knight v. Howard F. Knight (Divorce)
BE IT REMEMBERED, that on the 25th day of November, A.D. 1953, Marion C. Knight of Thetford in the County of Orange and State of Vermont, filed in the office of the Clerk of the County Court within and the County of Orange, her libel for divorce against Howard F. Knight then of Rockingham, in the County of Windham and State of Vermont, setting forth therein, in substance, that on the 29th day of May A.D. 1937 at Derby in the County of Orleans and State of Vermont she was lawfully joined in marriage with the said Howard F. Knight by Rev. W.H. May, a Minister of Gospel, then and there duly authorized to solemnize marriage under the laws of the State of Vermont; that the maiden name of the said libellant was Marion Corabelle Cook; and alleging as the cause for divorce, adultry, and praying that for said cause the Court would grant her a bill of divorce from the said Howard F. Knight, all as more fully and at large appears by said original libel for divorce now on file herein. Said cause being duly entered and docketed in said Court, the same is continued to the present term thereof, begun and held at Chelsea on the first Tuesday in June, A.D. 1954, when the libellant comes with her attorneys, Peter P. Plante, Esq. and Fred A. Jones, Esq. of Lebanon, N.H. to prosecute and the libellee enters into a stipulation with said libellant and makes no contest herein and hearing is had on June 2, 1954. Said cause was continued for entry to June 10, 1954.
WHEREUPON, it appearing by plenary proof that the residence of the libellant is in this County and the facts set forst as to adultry are true, it is hereby ordered  adjudged and decreed that the said libellant have a bill of divorce from the said libelle, and the Court makes written order in the words and figures following:
"The above entitled cause came on for hearing before the Orange County Court at Chelsea on June 2, 1954. Present, Holden, P.J., Tilson and Allen, JJ. The libellant appeared in person and by Frederick A. Jones, Esq., by leave of the Court previously granted. The libellee Howard F. Knight did not appear in peson nor by attorney although the record indicates he has counsel of record.
Upon consideration of the evidence received in the cause, it is hereby ORDERED ADJUDGED AND DECREED
1. A divorce is granted to the libellant (Marion Corabelle nee: Cook - Knight) on the ground the libellee (Howard Franklin Knight, Sr.) has committed adultry, Decree nisi.
2. The care and custody of the minor children of the parties, to wit, Howard F. Knight, Jr., Cora M. Knight and Ida J. Knight is decreed to the libellant Marion C. Knight.
3. Exclusive possession and ownership of the farm and buildings of the partiies siutated in Thetford, together with the furniture, furnishings and all the farm equipment, including the 1946 Willeys Jeep automobile, is granted to the libellant, Marion C. Knight, exclusive of the natural rights of the libellee, Howard F. Knight.
4. The libellee, Howard F. Knight, shall have the right to see the minor children of said parties on every other Saturday, and this right shall include his right to take the children with him for the day, or any of them, but they are to be returned to the home premises by sxi o'clock in the evening.
5. The libellee, Howard F. Knight, shall pay to the libellant, Marion C. Knight for the support of said minor children, the sum of Twenty Dollars per week.
Dated at Chelsea in the County of Orange and the State of Vermont this 2nd day of July, A.D. 1954. James S. Holden, Harry F. Tilson, L. B. Allen, Judges, Orange County Court, June Term, 1954"
Decree nisi granted June 10, 1954
Decree absolute ordered to be issued December 10, 1954
A true record. Attest, Ernest H. Kennedy, Deputy Clerk.
Sheffield, Caledonia County, Vermont Copy of Certificate of Death for Abbie Priscilla (nee: Caswell) Tanner. Abbie died September 04, 1969 in Sheffield, Caledonia County, Vermont. She was "White" and age 68. She was born October 02, 1900 to George Albert Cawell and Ada Melvina (nee: Bigelow) Geer - Caswell. Her husband was Gerald Tanner.
August 21, 1956 New York Ship Passenger List John Gilbody 24 1/2 School Street Hanover, New Hampshire 892569 ENGLAND - Marion Gilbody Address as above, 892569 VERMONT. Franconia (Ship's name) arriving at port of New York on the 21st of April, 1956.
Death Certificate for Maurice Jay Caswell, son of George Albert Caswell and Ada Melvina (nee: Bigelow) Geer - Caswell who died July 14, 1957 in Coventry, Orleans County, Vermont at the age of 52 year, 3 years and 11 days. He was indentified as "Cau." or another word for "White." He was born on April 03, 1905 in Lyndon, Caledonia County, Vermont.
Certificate of Death Record, State of New Hampshire for Franklin Warren Knight who died Septemeber 14, 1959 in Claremont, Sullivan County, New Hampshire at the age of 76 years. HIs usual residence was North Charlestown, N.H. He was identified as "White." He was born November 17, 1882 to "unknown" mother and father. Actually, they were George Warren Knight and Sarah Viola (nee: Dean). Frank W. Knight's wife was "Susan" (did he remarry after Edith nee: Fortier - Manchester?) of North Charlestown, N.H. Informant was Mrs. Susan Knight.
Texas Department of Health Bureau of Vital Statistics. Cycle: 01 through 99 1966 Births. Page 1890. Franklin Warren Knight II 015 April 29 (1966) M (Male) Mother: Minnie Florence (nee: Davidson) . Father: Howard Franklin Knight JR.
Nashua Telegraph newspaper article Page 06,  dated September 17, 1966 regarding Ida Jane (nee: Knight) and marriage to Lewis J. Theos, Jr. Derry (N.H.) - Miss Ida Jane Knight, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Howard F. Knight of 13 Terrace street, Nashua, became the bride of Lewis J. Theos, Jr. son of Mr. and Mrs. Lewis J. Theos of Londonderry, in a double ring ceremony at Derry Village. The bride wor a street length sheath of white lace over bridal satin fasioned with round neck and long sleeves. Her shoulder length veil was caught to a Dior bow. She wore a corsage of pinkheart roses and white glamelias. Mrs. James Kevilik of Derry wore a dress of yellow embossed cotton with matching accessories and a corsage of yellow roses and purpe glamelias. James Kelvlik was best man. The bride is a graduate of Nashua High school and the bridegroom attended Pinkerton Academy and graduated from Alverne High school, Hudson. Both are employed at Electronic Plastics in Derry. After a trip to Vermont, they will reside on Hardy rd, Londonderry.
Copy of Death Certificate for Ethel Mae Knight. She died October 10, 1966 in St. Johnsbury, Caledonia County, Vermont. She was the daughter of George Knight and Lillian (nee: Nichols), having been born on February 03, 1896 in Everett, Massachusetts. Her Color or Race was identified as "White." The informant on the certificate was Ethel Mae Knight's cousin, Mrs. Dexter Grant of Lyndonville, Vermont.
Exhibit # 17 regarding Howard Franklin Knight Jr., of the Arthur J. Marchand Corporate Protest Hearing dated January 26, 1993. This is the application form for membership into the Eastern Woodlands Band of the Abenaki Nation (Pisowakamigw Wobanakiak, Inc.) created by Richard "Blackhorse" Phillips, etc. LINK: http://reinventedvermontabenaki.blogspot.com/2010/02/eastern-woodlands-band-of-abenaki.html

Document 01: Exhibit #17 Page 01. Application for Enfranchisement/ Membership/ Citizenship by Howard Franklin Knight Jr. "OK by Chief Richard Phillips SWN" of the Eastern Woodlands Band Of The Abenaki Nation (Pisowakamigw Wobanakiak).

I hereby apply for membership in the Eastern Woodlands Band of the Abenaki Nation. I certify that I am an Indian or a Descendants of an Indian who is indigenous to the North American Continent. I understand that my application will be carefully reviewed and must be approved by the Tribal Council. I understand that if I am Accepted, I must relinquish my membership in any other Band or Tribe of Indians, and that my failure to do so will constitute an automatic forfeiture of any and all rights acquired because of my membership in the Eastern Woodlands Band of the Abenaki Nation as provided in the By-Laws thereof. Signature of Applicant: Howard F. Knight Jr. RFD.#1, Box 15 in Thetford Center, Vermont 05075. Birthdate: 31 May 1941 Phone: None.

Name of Indian Relative: Ida May GEAR. Band: Odenak Reservation Band No: Pierreville, Que., Canada Relationship: Grandmother.

Children Under 18 Years Old: Franklin Warren Knight III Age: 15 Date of Birth April 29, 1966; Roberta Rene Knight Age: 13 Date of Birth: September 16, 1968; Sheila Marie Knight Age: 13 Date of Birth: September 16, 1968. (Roberta and Sheila Knight were twins, born in Germany).

Was "Ida May Gear" (grandmother to Howard F. Knight Jr., wife of Franklin Warren Knight. Married on November 26, 1903, mother to Howard Franklin Knight Sr.) actually born or from Odanak, Quebec, Canada? The birth records for her four children, Thelma Jane b. 1906 East Burke; George Warren b. 1910 Lyndon Center; Howard Franklin b. 1912 St. Johnsbury; and Steward/ Stuart Gibson b. 1914 St. Johnsbury pretty much indicate that their mother Ida M. Geer/ Gear was born in Barnston, Quebec, Canada (just above Holland, Orleans County, Vermont) to Elmer Geer and Ada M. Bigelow.

Document 02: Exhibit #17 Page 02. Eastern Woodlands Band Of The Abenaki Nation (Pisowakamigw Wobanakiak) Card numbers 302, 303, 304,305,306,307. Recognition For Clan Recognition:__________ a belt of wampum. We, the undersigned members of the Eastern Woodlands Band of the Abenaki Nation (Pisowakamigw Wobanakiak), an Indian Tribal Corporation Incorporated under the laws of the State of Vermont, do hereby petition the Tribal Council for recognition as a Clan pursuant to the provisions of Article VI (6), Section 4 of the Tribal By-Laws, as amended, and we have chosen: Howard F. Knight Jr. (Chief Rushing Water) #302. (Name of person selected as Clan Chief) to serve as our Clan Chief and representative on the Tribal Council.
Signature: ~ Birth: ~ Place of Residence: ~ Band Card No:
Cora May (nee: Knight) Webre 7 July 1945 Gramerey, Louisiana Card No. 314.
Belle Lee Kimball Webre Gramerey, Louisiana Card No. 317.
Virginia Batchelder Webre Gramerey, Louisiana Card No. 318.
Ida Jane (nee: Knight) Theos 17 june 1948 Hudson, New Hampshire Card No. 319.
Richard Theos Hudson, New Hampshire Card No. 320.
Timothy Theos Hudson, New Hampshire Card No. 321.
Debra Ann (nee: Knight) Scott Natick, Massachusetts Card No. 311.
Gary Stuart Scott Natick, Massachusetts Card No. 313.
Stuart (G. Knight) Jr. Natick, Massachusetts Card No. 310
Minnie F. (nee: Davidson) Knight 20 Dec 1946 Thetford Center, VT Card No. 303.
Franklin W. Knight II 29 April 1966 Thetford Center, VT Card No. 304.
Roberta R. Knight 16 Sept 1968 Thetford Center, VT Card No. 305.
Sheila M. Knight 16 Sept 1968 Thetford Center, VT Card No. 306.
Dorothy Davis (Dot) Brookline, N.H. Card No. 315.
John William Davis 1964 Brookline, N.H. Card No. 316.
Stuart (Gibson Knight) Sr. 22 Sept 1914 Holliston, Mass. Card No. 308.
Kenneth Knight 1965 Holliston, Mass. Card No. 312.
Rose Marie Knight Holliston, Mass. Card No. 309.
Howard F. Knight Sr. 18 Aug 1912 Goffstown, N.H. Card No. 307.
CLAN TOTEM: Rushing Water in Moonlight (Name of Clan)

This Application for Membership by Howard F. Knight Jr. MUST have been filled out in the year 1981, since Franklin W. Knight II was born in April 1966. If Howard Jr. and Minnie's son was born in 1966 and was 15 years old at the time of this document being created, then the time frame for this Application would be in 1981. Later, in Exhibit #33 Howard F. Knight Jr. states that, "he joined the Coos Tribal Band and took my seat on the Tribal Council as a Clan Chief representing my family Clan, in about June or July of 1980". If that were the case, then Franklin Warren Knight II, would have been 14 years and 2 months of age at the time of this Application being filled out by Howard F. Knight Jr., thereby Howard's son would not have been 15 years old.

So, NOW that one has seen and reviewed the Vital Record Documents from 1846 onward through time and pertaining to Ida May (nee: Geer) Knight and her ancestors, and their descendants, DOES ANYONE SEE ANY CONNECTION TO Odanak, or to Pierreville, Quebec, Canada? Does anyone FIND any indication of her being Abenaki, identified or identifying on any level shape or form as such?
When Howard Franklin Knight Jr. came to Vermont "from wherever" Texas he began to "reinvent and re-create himself" based on LIES, DISTORTIONS, DECEPTION, and DECEIT. He knows it, I know it, and now we all know it.

Betting dollars to donuts, Howard Franklin Knight, Jr. was and is lying about his alleged Native Abenaki Cowasuck connection(s) that NEVER existed in the first place! How much more "stories" coming from Howard Franklin Knight, Jr. are just fraudulant made-up "stories" that he self-created over the years since 1979-1980?! I do wonder.

Since Howard F. Knight Jr. was "rubbing elbows" with the likes of the late (deceased) Homer St. Francis, Walter Watso, Darrell Larocque, Raymond Looking Glass Lussier, Robert H. Maynard, David Decoteau dit Hill, Brian Chenevert, and of course Nancy Lee (nee: Millette) Cruger - Lyons - Doucet.....

My mother always said, "You are the company that you keep..." so if Howard Knight Jr. has documentarily been shown to have lied, not once, not twice, but more than can be counted, regarding what he's said in the past regarding the Abenaki/Cowasuck.....well what does that make anyone whose "rubbed elbows" with him?!

Thieves and Liars, Deceiver's and Manipulator's know no shame or guilt!

If Howard Franklin Knight, Jr. was and is willing to LIE and DISTORT his own grandmother Ida May (nee: Geer) Knight's historical and genealogical history, WHAT ELSE HAS HOWARD F. KNIGHT JR been willing to lie about?!

Yet, ONWARD must this blog go, to show and provide the further documentary evidence regarding Howard Franklin Knight's historical record of lying, deceiving, manipulating and insulting the very Abenaki People, Ancestors and descendants alike with his b.s.

....and this includes so many more "players" of the Reinvented Vermont and New Hampshire so-called "Abenaki."

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