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Monday, March 1, 2010

Genealogy Part 15 of So-Called "Chief" "Retired Chief" "Senior Advisor" "Reactivated Retired Chief" Howard Franklin Knight Jr.'s Genealogical History:

Death Record Card for George Knight, son of George Warren Knight and Sarah Viola (nee: Dean). George Knight died March 19, 1933 at the age of 60 yrs. 5 months and 17 days, in Waterbury, Washington County, Vermont. He was born September 30, 1872 in Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada. His wife was Lilian (nee: Nichols) and they married in June 1894. They had at least one child, a daughter, Anna B. Knight who married to Charles Bowles.
Page 334 of the 1933 Danville Town Directory
Frank Knight-father of household
George Knight, employed in St. Johnsbury, Vermont-living with father
Howard Knight, employed in lab-living with father
Birth Record Card for Elmer George Geer, born August 15, 1933 in St. Johnsbury, Caledonia County, Vermont to Harry Gilbert Geer and Vera Dare (nee: Little) of Lyndonville, Caledonia County, Vermont.
Birth Record Certificate for Elmer George Geer dated August 15, 1933 at the Brightlook Hospital in St. Johnsbury, Caledonia County, Vermont to Harry Gilbert Geer and Vera Dare (nee: Little). Both parents are identified as "White."
Marriage Record Card in Danville, Caledonia County, Vermont for Edith (nee: Fortier) Manchester to Frank W. Knight dated December 26, 1933. She was "White" and 56 years old. This was her 2nd marriage. She was born in Waterville, Vermont to Henry Fortier and Maria (nee: Benor).
Marriage Record Card in Danville, Caledonia County, Vermont dated December 26, 1933 for Frank W. Knight to Edith (nee: Fortier) Manchester. Frank W. Knight was identified as being "White" and 52 years old. It was his 2nd marriage. His occupation was a Laborer. He was born in Lyndon, Vermont to George Warren Knight and Sarah Viola (nee: Dean).
Birth Record Card from Sutton, Caledonia County, Vermont for Beverly Deen Tanner dated June 20, 1934. Beverly was the daughter of Gerald H. Tanner and Abbie Priscilla (nee: Caswell). Both parents were identified as "White."
Marriage Record Certificate of Derby, Orleans County, Vermont for Howard Franklin Knight Sr. of Hanover, Grafton County, New Hampshire, Color: "White" Occupation: Porter. It was his first marriage. He was born in St. Johnsbury, Caledonia County, Vermont. Age: 24 years.
Father's name: Frank W. Knight who was born in Lyndonville, Caledonia County, Vermont.
Mother's name: Ida N. Gear (Ida May nee: Geer) who was born in Barnston, Quebec, Canada
Howard Franklin Knight married to Marion Corabelle (nee: Cook) of Hanover, Grafton County, New Hampshire. Color: "White" Occupation: Maid. This was her first marriage. She was born in Norwich, Windsor County, Vermont. Age: 18 years
Father's name: Homer A. Cook who was born in Norwich, Windsor County, Vermont
Mother's name: Marion J. Waterman who was born in Norwich, Windsor County, Vermont
"I, the expectant Groom or Bride named in the foregoing declaration, hereby certify that the information given is correct to the best of my knowledge and belief." Signed: Howard F. Knight.
Marriage Record Certificate-2nd Section, for Howard Franklin Knight Sr. and Marion Corabelle (nee: Cook). State of Vermont, Orleans County, at Derby in said County, this 29th day of May, A.D. 1937 personally appeared the within named Howard F. Knight and made oath to the truth of the facts stated in the foregoing declaration of intention of marriage by____subscribed. Before me George Buxton, Notary Public.
No. 12 Office of Town or City Clerk. Derby, Vermont May 28, 1937. I hereby Certify that the within named Howard F. Knight this day applied for a certificate of marriage, and that a true copy of the within license and declaration of marriage is duly filed in this office. Signed: George Buxton, (Town or City Clerk).
I hereby Certify that the within described Howard F. Knight and Marion Corabelle Cook were joined in marriage by me in accordance with the laws of the State of Vermont, at Derby this First day of June A.D. 1937. Attest W. H. May. Denomination of Clergyman: Methodist Episcopal. Residence: Derby, Vermont. Returned for record June 5, 1937, and duly recorded. Signed: Geo. Buxton. (Town or City Clerk).
Marriage Record Cetificate-Section 3, for Howard Franklin Knight and Marion Corabelle (nee: Cook). To any Justice of the Peace within and for the County of Orleans, or to any Minister of the Gospel residing in this State and ordained or otherwise regularly authorized by the published laws or discipline of the General Conference or Convention of his denominatin: GREETING: WHEREAS, Howard F. Knight of Hanover, N.H. has exhibited to me a marriage license issued by the town clerk, of the Town of Derby, in said District, declaring his intention to enter into marriage with Marion C. Cook, of Hanover, N.H., and WHEREAS, said marriage license, disclosed the fact that all legal requirements have been complied with, and there is no legal reason why said marriage should not be consummated and WHEREAS, said marriage license bears the date of May 29, 1937 NOW THEREFORE, by virtue of the authority in me vested under Section 3517 of the General Laws of Vermont, as amended by No. 51 of the Acts of 1925, I hereby authorize you to solemnize said marriage at such time or place, prior to June 3, 1937 as shall seem suitable to said contracting parties. IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I hereunto affix the seal of said Court, and subscribe my name, at Newport City, in said District, this 29th day of May A.D. 1937 C. E. Bishop, Judge of Orleans Municiple Court.
1938 Danville, Caledonia County, Vermont Town Directory. Howard F. Knight (before marrying Marion Corabelle nee: Cook), residing with his father Franklin Warren Knight.

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