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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

February 19, 2010 10:33 AM Abenaki Pride: Setting The Record Straight Blog ~ MY RESPONSE:

LINK: http://abenakipride.blogspot.com/2009/06/regarding-first-50-posts.html#comments
February 19, 2010 10:33 AM Anonymous said...
Douglas Lloyd Buchholz traveled all the way from Washington State seeking an "Indian card" from the ALLEGED AND REINVENTED Abenaki Missisquoi Tribe in Swanton, Vt which is merely an Incorporation, operating under state of Vermont/ New Hampshire Laws. By the way it is FACTUALLY documented that BEFORE I relocated to Vermont I ALREADY had the 1st Membership Card. He got a card, then it was revoked due to his lack of genealogy (Again this is FACTUALLY NOT CORRECT, and such a statement doesn't explain why Homer St. Francis Sr. signed the 2nd Membeship Card, because if my families ancestral genealogy wasn't adequate enough for obtaining the 1st Card, then why was the 2nd Card issued?) and his self admitted "judicial history" (my "judicial history" was retrospectively 20+ years ago and non-conviction data. BTW Homer Walter St. Francis Sr was convicted of a FELONY in the State of Vermont and alot of folks in Swanton Vermont etc have "judicial histories" so what is the point here?). Since then, he has had a personal vendetta against the Abenaki. (No, I do not have a personal vendetta against any legitimately documented Abenaki groups or persons).

He has been certified by the Social Security Administration as mentally ill (alot of alleged and reinvented Abenaki in Vermont and New Hampshire are seemingly "mentally ill" too). So severely mentally ill that he is unable to work (I am not so mentally ill that I am unable to discern when the State of Vermont and or New Hampshire is being lied to by a bunch of wannabe Abenaki groups and their Inc. "Chief's" etc. Again, what is the point of bringing up my disabitlity as it pertains to the documents on this blog, etc?). Thus his perceptions, opinions, perverse judgements and theories are suspect and lack credibility (Oh?....Really? I think that the documents on this blog, my perceptions, opinions, judgements and theories are supported by the factual historical and genealogical records placed on this blog, quite nicely in fact....that all my personalities agree with me). He is not a good historian of fact and lacks clarity in his thoughts and writings (Geesh, thats not what other people have determined after their review and evaluation of the contents of this blog....and these people are Federally and State Recognized legitimate Native People and Non-Native People as well). His mind is confused, listening to many voices and impulsively following which one is the loudest. (I am not confused whatsoever; obviously whoever posted this little commentary diatribe on Abenaki Pride: Setting The Record Straight blog, is obviously the one who is confused, malicious, hateful, and perhaps so seemingly severely mentally disabled, that they can not discern the TRUTH from the LIES and DISTORTIONS they seemingly have been telling themselves & told to anyone, including State Politicians, who would stupidly BELIEVE their "stories" over the years, they are Abenaki, because they have a 1600's "native" ancestor, and that their families, for the previous 100 to 200 years have had no familial connection to a bonefide legitimate historical Abenaki or Native Community, inside or outside of Vermont or New Hampshire!). It isn't about being "Indian" or "Native American" or "Indigenous" nor "Acadian" either.

Being free from the responsibilities of a job, a family, a home or any committed relationships, has given him unlimited time to gather information and to infiltrate (now that word "infiltrate" is an interesting word to use) the Abenaki community. He built "friendships" based on (and those alleged "friendships" were maintained by those persons and or people based on their own lies towards me) lies and used people (I never "used" my friends) to fulfill his fantasy (the only persons who are in a fantasy world are those that assume their from the "Abenaki Nation" merely because they Incorporated under State Law and then believe they are "Sovoreign" and/ or part of the Abenaki Nation, yet have NO connection to bonefide legitimate historical Abenaki/ Native Community...and I don't mean going to Weekend Pow-Wow's all summer long either!) of destroying the Abenaki community ("destroying the Abenaki community" is what they would like to believe and have everyone else believe right along with them. Yet how can I destroy the abenaki community when it factually DOES NOT EXIST in the first place? A single human being (me) whose seemingly mentally ill and on SSDI can destroy the alleged and reinvented Abenaki Nation/ Abenaki community? Really? Am I that powerful? Let's THINK about this for a minute....
I am not Superman and have memory loss about my supposed mysterious inter-planetary super powers out to unwittingly destroy the Abenaki Metropolis I guess supposedly those "teachings" were never given during the ride while enroute in the Crystal Ark from the Pleiades Star System! Maybe I'm allegedly from the lost tribe of Atlantis or Lost Tribe of Isreal and I need to use these supposed super powers for World Peace before the End Times eh?! Maybe if I smile alot all this b.s. these alleged and reinvented Abenakis have done, will just "poof" disappear (?) thus no one in the Legislature's will be the wiser for what has been going on, historically or genealogically as it pertains to these alleged and reinvented Abenakis of Vermont/ N.H.? These people will try and distract everyone by attempting to address allegedly who I am, my disbility, my past "judicial history," and anything else they think of, just so people do not "see" who these people are for what they are. Which is Thieves and Liards against the Abenaki ancestors and their descendants. They are attempting to re-write and over-write the Abenaki historical record in N'dakinna. This isn't about correcting false historically recorded history, because they are showing and providing NOTHING except documentation related to their Incorporation papers! This claim that allegedly "I have a fantasy to destroy the Abenaki community" is just plain totally absurd and indicates that whoever assumes this, has a mental illness themselves!). His ego may allow him to think that what he is doing gives him power and control, but he will accomplish nothing except to destroy himself.

I do conclude that if anyone has "power, ego and control" issues, that it is those, like whoever posted this idiotic posting on this "other" blog. I am not stupid or blind to what people post out there on the internet about my person. I do receive notification(s) of new commentary on various old and new sites.

At least when I post something on the internet, I use and identify myself by using my full legal name. I do not "hide" using the cloak "anonymous." I have NEVER said or implied that there were not legitimately documented contemporary Abenaki People and Abenaki descendants having resided in Vermont/New Hampshire, nor have I inferred that they no longer reside in these two states. Because it is from these legitimately documented Abenaki people, that I have received some of these documents that pertain to these other various alleged and reinvented Abenaki groups and or persons.

These obvious "attacks" against my person simply inform my person (and other persons), that these groups and or persons of alleged and reinvented Abenaki ancestries, are not who they purport to be, and that they are simply attempting/ threatening (judicially) to shut me up and shut me down (meaning this blog). They are afraid of their own genealogical truthful histories from coming out to be reviewed and evaluated by anyone, namely those persons who they are seeking Official State Recognition from, yet more importantly, the general public. Most certainly, these groups and or their membership/citizen persons do not want the Inc. historical histories from being exposed.

Sadly, these
alleged and reinvented
 have no ability to stop
from coming out 

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