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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

September to December 1994 Alnobak News - Volume 94 Issue 5 ~ Security Report to Grand Chief Homer St. Francis Dated January 18, 1995:

Documents 1 through 11: ALNOBAK Newsletter by the COWASS NORTH AMERICA, Inc. led by Paul Wilson Pouliot, who was and is this Inc.'s President/ "Chief".

Document 12: The Newsletter itself, contains all the mentioned names, etc. which are mentioned in the late Darrell R. Larocque "Security Recort" to so-called "Grand Chief" Homer Walter St. Francis, Sr.
Obviously, Darrell R. Larocque stated that Howard F. Knight, Jr. was NOT a Made-In-Abenaki-Territory "Chief" because of course, Howard F. Knight, Jr. was a part of their so-called "Grand-Council", of which which Paul Wilson Pouliot was NOT invited to, or was allowed to participate in.
Obviously, the late (deceased) Darrell R. Larocque, as "Head of Security" and a "Diplomatic Ambassador" to the late "Chief" Homer St. Francis, Sr. USED Paul Wilson Pouliot's ALNOBAK Newsletter, picking it apart for details and names mentioned therein.
What is interesting is the statement that the late Darrell R. Larocque stated in this "Security Report", in that, (quoting from this very document) "Our Unity Document MUST remain intact in order to counter attack."
As one will soon discover, the late so-called "Chief" and/ or "Grand Chief" Homer W. St. Francis, Sr. was what I would term, "the Whitey Bulger of Swanton, Vermont" and Darrell R. Larocque was Homer's "Capo" or "contractor".

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