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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Pages 73 to 77 of Raymond "Looking Glass" Lussier's Workup of Paul Wilson Pouliot's Ancestry:

This is the total 77 Page Genealogical Workup done by Raymond "Looking Glass" Lussier of Attleboro, Massachusetts on or before January 26, 1996 that Paul Pouliot himself had NO Native American ancestry whatsoever.

Does one not see that the late (deceased) Raymond P. Lussier of 810 Newport Avenue Apt #2 in South Attleboro, MA 02703 was in this document (that I have linked to in this post) as Paul Wilson Pouliot's group "Tribal Judge," "Clerk" and "Genealogist" per the November 28, 1993 so-called Coos-Cowasuck Band-Abenaki Nation-Tribal Leadership Approved document?

Now, WHY would the late (deceased) Raymond P. Lussier of Attleboro, Massachusetts send a "genealogical work-up" regarding Paul Wilson Pouliot's genealogy and obviously claim:
1. Father: French-Portugese-English.
2. Mother: 100% Irish=first (U.S.) born of Irish Immigrants.
3. Paul Wilson Pouliot has NO BLOODLINE NATIVE AMERICAN.
4. Paul Wilson Pouliot has NO BLOODLINE METIS (2nd Nations).
5. Paul Wilson Pouliot has one line to Africa.
Labbe lineage is St. Francis, Beauce - not St. Francis du Lac as claimed.

(Even if it were that some of Pouliot's ancestors were at St. Francis du Lac, Quebec, Canada, it DOES NOT mean that those ancestors were Abenaki or Indian).
Seems to me.......
Someone has been Playing

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