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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Olidahozi Posting of February 04, 2010 by Jeanne Lincoln-Kent, etc:

--- On Thu, 2/4/10, Jeanne Kent wrote:
From: Jeanne Kent
Subject: [Olidahozi] Re: [Abenaki_news_issues]
Fwd: Got this from a post on Facebook by Dara Wiseman...and man am I p/o'd !
To: Abenaki_news_issues@yahoogroups.com
Date: Thursday, February 4, 2010, 10:18 PM

Kwai, Lorraine Carrington
No, you don't want to share your personal information with him. It will be all over the internet like so much other information he has published without permission. He knows no bounds of decency. And you are correct, he does NOT know what people have for information. For some reason he feels we should all send our information to him. Why? He holds no office. He has no authority to recognize or not. He is a private citizen who does not know how to mind his own business. His web site borders on racial hatred against the Abenaki. He has been asked to leave groups and sites because he is "exhausting" and generally has difficulty staying on topic. Although he claims to be trying to expose the "alleged" Abenaki, he has published birth records, marriage records, divorce records, and divorce decrees, the number of times people have been married, all their names, their childrens names, phone numbers, email addresses, home addresses, affiliations, that some people were illigitimate (even though it had nothing to do with heritage) and stuff about tax problems, etc. (A real field day for those looking for identity thefts.) Most had nothing to do with whether a person is or is not Abenaki. It is pure slander and harassment by those guiding him. But what he apparently does not know and has not been told, is that there is much more to the backlash over Recognition then heritage and genealogy. The Canadian Abenaki wanted to build a casino and the Canadian government turned them down because they were too close to Quebec. There was rumor that they were looking to invest on this side of the border. Obviously, if they do that, they are not going to want to share it with any of us poor US Abenaki. And since the word "casino" has been used to incite the governor of VT into running scared, he isn't looking above him to see what might hit him in the back of the head. NH on the other hand, has been playing footsies with Paul Pouliot for years. Now that he has moved to NH, it will be interesting to see who dishes who there. Mmmmmm. The plot thickens.
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On Feb 4, 2010, at 9:28 PM, Lorraine Carrington wrote:

Kwai all:
Hmmm, I have seen and read this man's writings in the past. Personally, I find him exhausting. He knows nothing about me and my records. So how does he know who can prove what and how etc.? He is most welcomed to visit me anytime and look at all my birth, death, marriage, cemetery, census, family lore, family pictures, war records and much more if he wishes. How can he speak for everyone...he has no knowledge of what we have for records. Furthermore, the Abenaki didnt leave much of a paper trail. Therefore, family lore and pictures are a big asset. I have commented enough.
Lorraine Carrington

On 2/4/10, Jeanne Kent wrote:
Begin forwarded message:
From: "Not Just Another Clone" (Mike Price)
Date: February 4, 2010 5:13:02 PM EST
To: rkent3661@charter. net
Subject: Got this from a post on Facebook by Dara Wiseman (Frederick M. Wiseman's daughter-in-law) ...and man am I p/o'd !

Letter to the Editor - Qualified to be called Abenaki (Caledonian-Record) by Douglas Lloyd Buchholz
I have to laugh....
No.. really, I do have to laugh some more....

Hunting For My Abenaki Roots
We have found this name in public records spelled every way imaginable, including but not limited to: Battist, Battis, Battiste, Baptiste, Bettis, Battice, Batis, Battise, Battease, Batease, Battese and more.
Second-family lore] Handed down through the generations of our family, Joseph Battist was the son of John Battist of Canada.
One branch of the family says we are French because Joseph and Ira spoke French. Another branch of the family claims John was a Mounty, yet another said he was a sheriff or a constable in the Montreal region of Canada. (One can see how the term Indian Ranger, could, down through the years be construed as a Mounty or a law officer of sorts.)
A distant cousin says his side of the family claimed that John left a wife and family in Canada and came to Vermont to settle to marry again and possibly again. There may be some truth to this as my Joseph had in his household in a census record, one *Betsey Battease (Elizabeth), his half-sister.
Third-family tradition] was that we had Indian ancestors, but until recently we had no idea from where. After, over 35 years of hunting, John Battist, Abenaki, of St Francis, Indian Ranger Co. 1780-81 Rev War, just may be MY John. The strange thing is my grandfather Archie Batease, looked like a Native and not a Frenchman as the family claimed. There are other traits in our family that, looking back now, would indicate Native ancestors as well. For one, my cousin loves to cane and weave chair seats, and he is very good at it. I use to like to try and make baskets out of sweet grass. We both love nature and things close to the earth. We have an eye for artistic beauty. We collect stones and rocks and other items close to the earth. I use to love to pan rivers when I was young and able to do so. My cousin loves to hike on mountain trails. Perhaps our souls are trying to find our roots. An uncle was obscessed with finding arrowheads and artifacts along the Battenkill River. All strange habits without explanation, other than we just loved to do it. Perhaps the strangest thing of all in circumstances is that my home today, is located on ground of an old Indian Settlement called Annaquasacook, near the Battenkill River, just over the Vermont Border in New York State. I dont know the tribes, but I assume probably one of the Iroquois.
Fourth-my connection]
Joseph Battist (Battease)son of John Battist and ???
Note: I have no knowledge of siblings for Joseph, nor of his mother.
b. Mar 1809 Burlington, VT (**once source 1804-09 St John PQ) d. 16 Jun 1897 Weston, VT Married more than once I believe.
Marriage In My Line: Joseph Battist m. Laura J. Westcott (dau. of Job and ***Sarah {Manley}Westcott). Date: 12 July 1844 Hubbardton, VT This would put Joseph's age at about 35 years old. (Another reason to believe he may have married before Laura) Later I will mention why I think he may have been married after Laura as well.
His name is spelled BATTIST on his marriage record, but his children went by spellings "Battease/Batease". Joseph and Laura had 10 children: Luthera Battease, George Wallace Battease, John T. Battease, Joseph Andrew Battease, Judah R. Battease, Sarah Ida Battease, Ira Bethuel Batease, Caroline M. Battease, Charles Henry Batease and Martha J. Batease.
I descend through their 7th child:
Ira Bethuel Batease b. 11 May 1858 Tinmouth, VT d. 05 Nay 1930 Well, VT m. 19 Nov 1878 VT Sallie (Sarah) Lovisa Wescott dau of ***Barlow G. and ****Lucy {Smith) Westcott) (They had 9 children)(They were also first cousins)
Their son Archie G. Batease was my maternal grandfather. *Betsey Battease, is listed as Joseph's half-sister in the census. She married Nathan Wescott, a cousin Westcott of the others. **Joseph was listed with another wife in a VT census and his place of birth was listed as St John, Canada. I am assuming this was my Joseph since most of the children's names were the same. This wife died and I have the particulars packed away in my attic. ***Sarah Manley's mother Silence Phillips, may have been Abenaki.
****Barlow G. Westcott was the brother of Laura J. Westcott, mentioned above.
*****Lucy Smith, wife of Barlow G. Westcott, was said to be of Native blood as well. I never could find her link. Lucy's father was Samuel Smith. Notation: The John that died in northern Vermont at the age of 102 (age 99 another source) is probably the one and same John Battist, Joseph's father. I must dig that record out for the proper dates.
And finally-another Battist Connection to Abenaki
"Bennett Bates And Wife Connected to Battist"
Charles Henry Batease [Joseph, John Battist] was born 1863 in Tinmouth, VT b. 1863 in Tinmouth, VT d. 17 Dec 1907 Lake George, NY (killed by a falling tree). He married Mary A. Bates, [daughter of Bennett Bates and Hannah Parker] m. 04 Sep 1884 in Wells, Vermont They had 7 children. BENNETT BATES, was believed to be Abenaki.
Lorraine Carrington
1295 State Route 313
Cambridge, New York 12816
Jeesh, it wasn't difficult at all to find out Lorraine Carrington's COULD HAVE BEEN'S, MIGHT HAVE BEEN'S etc. regarding her alleged Abenaki Ancestor(s).
I am still laughing....at the absurdities of this Olidahozi Posting. So much for "clearing" your Yahoo Group Jeanne Kent. I am still "there". Try, try, and try again. "Cynicism" doesn't even begin to describe what I am feeling. I will address Paul Wilson Pouliots "Abenaki Community Under Attack" article later.....since I am presently "exhausted"

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